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Customer Reviews

Precision De-Esser

Overall Rating

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P. Vilhena

January 1, 2011

The best software de-esser I know of. After demoing, I even resisted buying for some time, like, compressor, rev and eqs are more important right. Well it was a relief after I got it cause it´s so quick to get good results compared to others! Recommend it.

D. Rosario

October 4, 2007

Why did you wait so long?!? This plug-in is nothing less than amazing. I've spent soooo much time with various multi-band compressors and notch filters to try to achieve this effect, and I've never attained the results I wanted. This plug-in instantly gives me the sound I need and lets me focus on the rest of the mix.

A. Wentz

September 29, 2007

Just when I REALLY needed a de-esser, I get an email from you guys. Another home run. The "precision" control of this thing is really far better than anything else I have ever used. How do you guys keep doing this? Well, a BIG thanks. And for $49!!! (Thanks for moving)

M. Curran

September 28, 2007

Perfect! After struggling with every other sofware de-esser out there, this is a godsend. Most of the time with the Waves de-esser, I was never able to get natural sounding results, often making the sibilance worse, or making the singer sound lispy on harder S's. UA really nailed it. If you record a lot of female singers, and you want to eq to get that nice airy top end, you're going to bring out the sibilance, so this is a must. Highly recommended!

381-384 of 384 Results