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Precision De-Esser

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L. Nissen

February 2, 2017

Great De-esser!

My new favorite De-esser. it de-esses very good :-)

G. Toman

February 1, 2017


As good as my other precision plugins. Great.

B. Cui

January 30, 2017

Nice bargain nice quality

I get this accidentally because I have $99 coupon and this is the only one I can buy without paying more :p ...
But I will say this is the best De-Esser. Versatile functions and transparent output! And I have other brand De-essers who cost me way much than this, again I get this for free, ironically, I use none of the other brands since I get this one!
Low price sometimes represents the best quality! Wanna thank UA so much for letting me get this!

D. Bravo Gonzalez

January 27, 2017

Transparent plugin

Very easy to use and nice plugin to Soften 'S'.


January 26, 2017

It does a nice job

I think the "precision" line is a decent set of tools, but overall, there are other brands and stock plugins that are just as effective. Nothing by Precision sounds bad, so you really can't go wrong. As far as de-essers, this does the job, though as I said there are very accessible stock plugs that function just as well. Wait for a voucher and a sale, and you'll have a great deal!

C. van Dijk

January 20, 2017

The precision de-esser is by far the best plugin de-esser I've ever worked with

The precision de-esser is by far the best plugin de-esser I've ever worked with! It is so much more subtle than other de-essing plugins I know and own - and it's look and feel make it a very untuitive tool that easily gives me the exact result I'm aiming for, without destroying the sound spectrum and character of the voice. It is deffinitely my new go to plugin for de-essing!

J. Hammond

January 19, 2017

Great De-esser

Sweet de-esser that saved a recent project where a few others had failed. Really natural sounding and simple to use, not much more to say but extremely useful and worth it.

M. Zak

January 6, 2017


It does work very well, I like the solo function. It does not look very good because its old but functionality is great.

N. Zande

December 28, 2016

Best De-esser of the UAD Plugin Series

In one word ! Crazy Plugin !

J. White

December 18, 2016


It's not a de-ettthher! Finally, software de-essing that allows for transparent sibilance taming.

R. balentine

December 12, 2016

De-Esser made easy

The Precision De-Esser worked great for me right away. I am currently mixing an album project and I was working on a vocal and it became apparent after going through all of my very nice UA eq's that what I needed was a de-esser. So, I hopped on the UA store and downloaded the Precision and in a total of about 15 minutes I was up and running. I was pleasantly pleased with the ease with which I got a good sound. I have always equated dialing in a de-esser with getting a tooth drilled at the dentist. A chore I do not relish. Now I have less reason for concern.
Thanks UA and Precision.

G. Hout

December 4, 2016

Just a good de-esser

Just does the job it needs to do. Takes very little tweaking and that is what you want: don't spent too much time fixing a little problem. Doesn't affect the rest of the vocal. A must have tool for me.

M. Meinekat

November 28, 2016

Smooth and decent work

The Precision De-Esser is a very smooth working tool for de-essing. It works great on vocal tracks. The effect is very decent and there are quite few artifacts. Great tool, I love it!

J. Ng

November 24, 2016

Much better than Logic Pro X's De-esser.

As title :)

M. Sylvin

November 20, 2016

Set it up..forget about it

Like all Precision-series Plugins. Incredibly easy to use and especially if you do not work with lots of different vocalists you just set it up, name & save the settings and basically forget about it. Perfect.

R. DeHart III

November 20, 2016

Very easy to get a good sound

This is actually one of the simplest de-essers to use and get a good sound. It's also one of the most transparent ones I've come across. I'm able to still get a nice bright ess sound but still soft and not ear piercing. Don't let the low cost of this plugin and the over-complicatedness of some of the competing de-essers fool you. This will likely retire my Waves de-esser completely.

n. lynn

November 18, 2016

precision de sser

Great plugin it sounds really good on anything i use it in every mix now to tighten up vocals before the compressor i love it and its great again thank you in advance Universal Audio....

K. James

November 17, 2016

Still getting it dialed in.

So far, so good. I'm still fine tuning it, but I love it so far.
I don't have much of a problem with sibilance in my voice over work, but
this unit really gives a nice bit of polish on the upper end.

R. Katuin

November 12, 2016

Outstanding plug-in!

Must have for vocals, but also great for Synths, Hihats, Cymbals and so on!

A. Garrett

November 10, 2016

Precision De-Esser from a vocalist's point of view.

My background is in performing classical vocal music as a soloist and I'm just getting into the recording side of music. Of the handful of plug-ins I've so far purchased, the Precision De-Esser strikes me as an excellent value. It effectively reduces the overly prominent leftovers from soft consonants, such as "S" and "SH" sounds, during a recorded solo performance or home studio work. I've learned how to accentuate consonants in performance to make the libretto understandable to my audience. Tools like the Precision De-Esser take an electronic approach to achieve a similar goal.

181-200 of 383 Results