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Precision De-Esser

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S. Svishchev

May 8, 2017

The best Precision De-Esser

The best Precision De-Eaters I have so far. I use only the, special for Vocal, works gently and clean. Other De-Eaters I forgot.

Der Beste Precision De-Esser den ich bis jetzt habe.Ich verwende nur den, besonderes für Vocal ,arbeitet schonend und sauber.Andere De-Essers habe ich vergessen.

J. Ivarsson Björklund

May 3, 2017

Does what...

... it's supposed to without crushing the top end. Better than a few others out there!

T. Canady

May 2, 2017

Cant here the difference. Doesn't work.

It doesn't get rid of the sibilant noises like it claims.. I can separate it to hear it but when I try to pull it out, the plugin doesn't do that.. It only allows me to hear the frequency of

M. L

April 24, 2017

Best !

Best De-Esser on the market

UAD User

April 18, 2017

Use it!

I've been experimenting with several different De-Essers on my vocal tracks and have found the UA Precision De-Esser to work best in my mixes. It tamps down sibilance while still allowing the voice to sound natural and "present". It a "go-to" for me.

t. takamasa

March 17, 2017

natural De -esser

This plug in is working great for me!
Very useful tool...


March 15, 2017

Good plugin

It is very useful!!!

W. Khin

February 24, 2017

Good De-Esser

If you mix vocals, you MUST have this plugin, period :-)

R. Tsuji

February 14, 2017


Sound is really good. So natural。

e. birraux

February 13, 2017

A la hauteur de mes attentes

Impréssion vraiment satisfaisante, simple efficace et transparent, tout ce qu'on attend d'un de-esser.

y. kogashiwa

February 4, 2017

it's a feel so natural!

Sound is great!
natural & clear!
this is a my best DeEsser!!

y. kogashiwa

February 4, 2017

it's a feel so natural!

Sound is great!
natural & clear!
this is a my best DeEsser!!

L. Nissen

February 2, 2017

Great De-esser!

My new favorite De-esser. it de-esses very good :-)

G. Toman

February 1, 2017


As good as my other precision plugins. Great.

B. Cui

January 30, 2017

Nice bargain nice quality

I get this accidentally because I have $99 coupon and this is the only one I can buy without paying more :p ...
But I will say this is the best De-Esser. Versatile functions and transparent output! And I have other brand De-essers who cost me way much than this, again I get this for free, ironically, I use none of the other brands since I get this one!
Low price sometimes represents the best quality! Wanna thank UA so much for letting me get this!

D. Bravo Gonzalez

January 27, 2017

Transparent plugin

Very easy to use and nice plugin to Soften 'S'.

UAD User

January 26, 2017

It does a nice job

I think the "precision" line is a decent set of tools, but overall, there are other brands and stock plugins that are just as effective. Nothing by Precision sounds bad, so you really can't go wrong. As far as de-essers, this does the job, though as I said there are very accessible stock plugs that function just as well. Wait for a voucher and a sale, and you'll have a great deal!

C. van Dijk

January 20, 2017

The precision de-esser is by far the best plugin de-esser I've ever worked with

The precision de-esser is by far the best plugin de-esser I've ever worked with! It is so much more subtle than other de-essing plugins I know and own - and it's look and feel make it a very untuitive tool that easily gives me the exact result I'm aiming for, without destroying the sound spectrum and character of the voice. It is deffinitely my new go to plugin for de-essing!

J. Hammond

January 19, 2017

Great De-esser

Sweet de-esser that saved a recent project where a few others had failed. Really natural sounding and simple to use, not much more to say but extremely useful and worth it.

M. Zak

January 6, 2017


It does work very well, I like the solo function. It does not look very good because its old but functionality is great.

161-180 of 375 Results