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Customer Reviews

Pultec Passive EQ Collection

Overall Rating

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R. Roozbehani

April 2, 2014

Great eqs but..

agreed, great EQs but the image lead me to believe the plugin came as a rack, like the old version??

O. Cohen

April 2, 2014

The pultec collection is amazing

It's a prvilige to have them on my tracking Chanel's

B. Scrushy

March 29, 2014


Absolutely stellar, of course! Sounds warm and thick. I still like the legacy version for brighter shaping, but this series is perfect for adding some vintage or realistic tone to cold soft synths or drum samples!

A. Dalton

March 27, 2014

Great EQ

I love this EQ. You can add just the right amount of "air" to the top, sweeten the midrange in just the right way, create some really cool filter sounds, etc... It will sound good if not great on just about everything.

J. Knight

March 26, 2014

That Certain Something...

Want to sound great. Use great tools. This set of plugin is great.

None of the modern "all bells & whistles with infinite possibilities" stuff here. Just well designed sonic charecteristics when nulled and a well defined set of freq's that it controls.

Gives every track I use them on, especially acoustic guitar and vocals (but everything, really) that "classic" studio sound.

Like the hardware units I've used for the 40yrs I've been producing/composing/mixing, I couldn't live without these plugins in any modern mix that needs classic analog warmth and character.

S. Joly

March 26, 2014

excellent emulation

I have got an analog emulation of the pultec (A-design EM-PEQ2). The plug sounds very near, with more headroom and less distortion. Maybe the distortion of the EM-PEQ2 adds some very rich treble to the signal, but it may be undesirable on some audio

T. Hansen

March 25, 2014

Pultec - the one and only

Heard a lot about the Pultec, and since I've never worked with a real Pultec EQ, it's a bit difficult for me to draw any conclusions whether as to this version is spot-on, or just a nice try. I have however tried some of the other "based-upon" alternatives, and I must say that this UAD version just sounds better. I dont know if the real thing sounds like this or not, but I dont really care either, because this package delivers a really really good sound. It's amazingly easy to get a solid bottom-end without going over the top, and it's just as easy to isolate the high frequencies without getting too fizzy. This is a package, that'll get a lot of mileage in my setup!

T. Kufner

March 25, 2014

Equalize it

Ich nutze diese Eq-Collection innerhalb Cubase sowohl in den Kanalzügen, wie auch zur Einzelbearbeitung von Audiodateien innerhalb einer Produktion. Sehr schön lassen sich hiermit einzeln gewünschte Frequenzbereiche herausarbeitn und so in den Gesamtmix integrieren. Die Klangbereicherung ist wirklich überzeugend.

C. Huseyin

March 23, 2014

Dept across the Wide Spectrum

These units are very impressive. the depthe across the wide spectrum is something that both needs to be felt and heard.

The Filters are wide, deep and analog smooth - not dense and brittle or as hard-knee as some 'high end' software can be.

Thanks for the plug0ins UA. 5/5

O. Thompson

March 21, 2014

Amazing EQ!!!

I have to say that this is my favorite, go-to EQ (API being my second choice, Cambridge being my third, depending on the song). When mixing my wife's songs, it warms up her vocals, giving them presence and shine. I also like to place this EQ on the Master Buss (after either the Neve or Fairchild compressor) to help sculpt and glue my mix. Way to go UAD!!!

M. Beazley

March 20, 2014

More finely tuned

Even though I could not get this to work with Peak as Audio Units, this is a far more refined sounding version of the Pultec Pro. It's a shame you can't stack them all as one single plug in, which is what I was hoping for, an integrated unit. But, it does sound great, more sensitive and refined. You have to work a touch harder to get results, but it is more than worth it. The addition of an output level is incredibly welcome. So, pro's and cons, but excellent none the less. It sounds absolutely fantastic.

B. Grotto

March 19, 2014

Pultec Passive EQ collection

Great-sounding plugin eq. The best Pultec clone plug I've used to date. Brilliant for adding top end to overheads, air to vocals, sparkle to acoustic instruments. The bottom end isn't quite as meaty and thick as the real thing, but it's darn good nonetheless. My go-to brightener ITB.

N. Crockett

March 19, 2014

Absolutely amazing!

Another fantastic update from Universal Audio. This thing rocks! Try stacking four of these in row on your master without any gain to really hear the transformers work :)

M. Mckyes

March 18, 2014

save you money

it's really three separate plugins, too bad it does't pop up like the picture. i've been using the original pultec plug that comes with UAD2 and i can't tell the difference. all i really wanted was the high pass, so if i could get my money back i'd just continue to use my stock PT eq for low cut and the original pultec collection that came with my card.

S. Ha

March 16, 2014

beautiful sound~!

Seriously though, the Pultec is an incredible Eq
Pultec's unparalleled sound and control.
It's a original~!

J. Valentovich

March 15, 2014


I was mixing down a new CD went back to all songs I was using the legacy version and put the passive EQ in its place was blown away with the clarity and total vibe that this plugin brought to the mix totally worth the time to redo.

T. Stephane

March 2, 2014

More & More Again

More Better , More Precise , More Fat !!

Fantastique EQ

X. Phuong

March 2, 2014

Sound excellent

Sound smooth and bright...but if it in a rack is perfect!

P. Goodey

February 20, 2014

Pultec Passive EQ Collection

This is my first experience of UA, and I was intending being a bit selective about plug ins, as I have some great outboard already.
I got an Apollo Quad because it really suits our current scenario.
Did a test tracking using a miked guitar, with LA2A (plug in) on the way in.
On play back we used the Pultec EQ collection (bought via the voucher) in a few pre set scenarios.
Viola, in Cubase 7.5, that's ALL playback required.
We use the highest spec iMac , transmitting via Tbolt.
Cubase' s performance meter was static!
Very impressed A. With the sound quality. B. With the extra horsepower UAD will ultimately provide larger productions with. And C. It just looks so sexy, and doesn't absorb rack space.

Now, back to the store!!!

O. Khaki

February 17, 2014

it's best again

It is best that is universal audio as always their both Hardwar and plugs present performs best gain on the market can beat maybe they are not even we have to test yourself to see how good it is.

741-760 of 888 Results