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Customer Reviews

Pultec Passive EQ Collection

Overall Rating

761-780 of 887 Results

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M. De

February 13, 2014

pultec passive eq collection

A great sound! He gives a lot of color and life to my acoustic works.
I have used the EQP-1A on vocal tracks and in all my acoustic and classical guitars
I 'm truly satisfied!

B. Callaway

February 11, 2014

They keep getting better...

So glad that I took the plunge on this. An EQ may not be as sexy when budgeting, but this one is a necessity. The amp stage is modeled extremely well. You hear the tone imparted at different gain levels. Overall, one of the most musical sounding plugins I've ever used. A top 5 for sure.

B. Callaway

February 11, 2014

They keep getting better...

So glad that I took the plunge on this. An EQ may not be as sexy when budgeting, but this one is a necessity. The amp stage is modeled extremely well. You hear the tone imparted at different gain levels. Overall, one of the most musical sounding plugins I've ever used. A top 5 for sure.

C. Marquez

February 11, 2014


Great for depth and definition.
its my go to on vocals, drums and groups .
I recommend this to anyone who wants more precence in their mixes.

M. Lerager

February 4, 2014

Amazing sound

These plugins have made the sound of my mixes warmer and much more enjoyable, it's a subtle effect that takes the digital out of any cold electronic production and breathes life into it, i am very happy about these plugins

V. Stéphane

January 29, 2014

Superbe EQ

C'est vraiment une belle émulation du Pultec, qui apporte une chaleur et une couleur très intéressante sur tout type d'instrument. J'adore l'utiliser sur les voix...
Cette Eq apporte un petit plus par rapport à la 1ère version du Pultec avec des aigus nettement plus doux et l'ajout du potard gain et du cut off ne sont pas négligeable .

Très bon travail de UAD, je ne peux que la conseiller.

R. Elliott

January 27, 2014

Incredible Hulk

I find it hard to not use this plugin. I love to use the attenuation while boosting to really focus in on the frequency. The high end attenuation helps warm up a overly bright mix as well. At the same time, the high end doesn't seem to be harsh like other EQ's.

T. Seike

January 22, 2014



F. Henderson

January 22, 2014

OOOOhhh Goody!

I put this on every kick drum, bass, and vocal now. Sooooo happy with the sound.

L. Karlsson

January 16, 2014

Killer EQ

Three great filters, but it should exist as a rack as well, likte the picture.

S. Ghadaban

January 15, 2014

New Pultec EQ Collection

UAD enhanced this older plugin again like the LA-2As and 1176 collection. Sounds awsome for me! it contains one disadvantge compared to the older plugin before:
The first version is having the Mid-Band visible on one plug, this one you have to navigate between the two; three if you want to include the LP/HP. It'd be nice to have the option to have them all visible in one instance. I need now 3 insert slots in one channel to work with this plugin and the switching between the 3 slots is annoying.
Please offer us a version that contains all 2 or 3 eqs in one plugin like before.

R. Wydh

January 14, 2014

Cool Tool for many purpose

Like dem Pulten plugs
Very good for many purpose guitar drums perc Voc

C. Weingarten

January 13, 2014

Simply wonderful

enhances all of my material. This pultec unlike others, does not suck away the stereo image of your material or add mysterious mids. The punchiness and clarity of the track are well preserved. Highly recommended.

X. Marques

January 13, 2014

That bass definition...

That bass definition was what got me to get it! Even if you just put it on a track with no settings dialed in, you'll understand why this plugin is a beast!

O. Gale

January 12, 2014

Its a very good emulation

i never write reviews normally but the Pultec is great. Its worth the money if you're after an analogue EQ sound then you'll enjoy using it.

C. Johnson

January 11, 2014

Superiour EQ Bundle!!!

Holy Cow!

This is THE best EQ software we have ever used and believe me, we have soo many plugins that it have become funny. Always trying to find "that special one" and here it is. As we re lucky enough to have access to the hardware from time to time I can honestly say this bundle sounds soo cloße it's Scary :-)

Great Job UA! We Salute You.


S. Hope

January 11, 2014

Awesome character EQ

Just restating what most have said before. Great character, unique operation. Mine live on my busses for gentle sweetening. Also started trying the filter on my reverb sends though it's probably not the most efficient use of dsp! A big step up from the legacy versions. Just try them!

R. Jason

January 9, 2014

Allows greater flexibility

I've had many years of good fortune using the "legacy" version of the UA Pultec Plug-ins.
This new collection, IMO improves upon the former by a lowing a greater range of expression. Things are a bit less "touchy" when using the peak or cut functions, meaning more "leeway' between the #'s.
This is similar to the changes in the LA2A collection.

There is more transparency with the new Pultec collection, without loss of the warmth characteristics which inspire them to use it ion the first place.
5 Stars.

E. Prochon

January 9, 2014

Subtle but nice improvements

I'm quite pedantic when it comes to sound, subjecting new gear & plugins to a set of tests until I'm convinced that it can achieve the quality that I like. The legacy EQP1A has long been on my list of EQ plugins to use when mixing. Although the new version comes close to nulling with the legacy version, I still like the subtle differences. It produces a slightly less brittle sound when boosting bright sources and it's great for achieving a good bass sound. The extra filters are a bonus.

C. Stilwell

January 8, 2014

I am obsessed with these EQs.

I've been using BombFactory Pultec all over Venue boards and Pro Tools, and I thought that those were the real deal until I got the Pultec Legacy from UAD. I didn't think things could get any better, but this was noticeably better especially when cranking the boost past 6 and higher. My mixes seemed to sound much clearer when I started using this version of the Pultec instead of the BombFactory, like there was more room in the sound. I wouldn't know what the real Pultecs sound like, but this is far more preferable in every situation to the PuigTec in my opinion. Would recommend to every sound engineer of any skill, Pultec is a must have tool and this version is the best.

761-780 of 887 Results