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Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor

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D. Carter

November 28, 2012


This is the first bad review I've ever givin UA. Felt like i was listening to a waves plugin or something. This is not what i expected from the best plugin makers in the world. I'm really disappointed. Doesn't hold up under pressure like all the other UA compressor plugs. Start's distorting way to easy and just doesnt sound good overall. Not gonna buy. Love the K Stereo though. Bought it. Can't live without it.

D. Odom

November 27, 2012

I would like to actually hear this done by UA

I didn't buy... I always demo first. Just not up to snuff with the rest of the UA plug ins. It looks great for sure.

J. Heil

November 27, 2012

know your roots.....

hey ua,

please remember and know your roots, this is not simply a business,
this is a VIRTUE.

write this onto your hearts and let your mind follow this path,
it is not a shame to take some steps into the wrong direction,
but it is the end of the road if you do never admit and change.

honestly yours
johannes heil

F. Castro

November 27, 2012

Fat and Warm

It's onw of those things that make everything in a chain sound better.. Changed Mastering forever in my studio

C. Dixson

November 26, 2012


I've had the opportunity to work with the original unit, I must say that this plugin is SO CLOSE that it's SCARY! It's very true to the signal that you send into it, but if used in a subtle way on the master fader, it gives this ever so slight "pump" to the music and almost brings it to life, You are able to hear the individual tracks "live, move and breathe! Must have!!

S. Moreau

November 26, 2012

bug in console display?

Prests & help menu does not appear in the console window as it shows in daw window.
Is that a bug ?

S. Moreau

November 26, 2012

bug in console display?

Prests & help menu does not appear in the console window as it shows in daw window.
Is that a bug ?

S. Frankfurt

November 25, 2012

Truly a must have in a saturated market.

The bottom line for is musicality. You will not regret this purchase. You know that visceral moment when you realize you need dynamic control for something, and your brain scans your options? I keep going here. It has not disappointed me for predictable applications; and it has surprised me silly on aggressive/creative ones.

J. Tom

November 25, 2012

why bx

this might be a better plug if uad made it. bx is is becoming involved in uad territory. if i need bx ill go there 4 other reasons not for hardware plugs.

G. Yacobacci

November 24, 2012

Overall Excellent Plug In

This plug in is amazing, more than a compressor but a tool that can be used to add that missing element to any track when mixing ITB. Alter the depth, color & tone of any audio file. Whether it sounds like the 7K hardware version or not it is very good for what it does. I agree that UAD should have handled the modeling, I am not a BW fan but this one sounds good.

K. Mclellan

November 24, 2012


Have only been using the plug in for a few days now seems to glue the master mix tighten clarify the bottom end ,tried on drum buss and guitar/ bass seems to give the sound more oomph.

N. Guerrieri

November 23, 2012

All one needs

A serious piece of gear. Every section delivers what's expected. Cream from the optical, credibility from the discrete. You can easily tailor the behavior to hit the pocket. The transformer switch is the icing on the cake. Somehow it seems impossible to get similar results using other comps. It's designed with a mindset that includes all that's good in vintage units with the demands of today's sound. Every project I open I can't resist replacing most of the compressors with this one. Specially on vox, drums and "music" bus. One of your best emulations so far.

V. Borda

November 20, 2012

Prepare to be Impressed!

Congratulations to UA on a stunning piece of audio goodness. Simply a beautiful, majestic, flexible plugin. Both compression stages do their fantastic stuff to perfection. Suggest that if you are demo'ing for mastering, try both the stereo and dual mono modes. The optical stage is less aggressive, the discrete makes things feel big. The nickel/steel/iron option is likewise three different levels of satisfaction. Beautiful piece of gear - easy to fall in love with it!

U. Borjesson

November 20, 2012

A new beast!

I usually use the 4K Bus or the P-Bus compressor, sometimes I need to go for an API2500....

The Shadow Hills when I tried it on a tricky mastering and none of the other stuff did really do it, it was good before but something was missing in this particular project....

With the Shadow Hills it just was there, with the Mastering Medium PGM preset and some tweaking I got what I needed, so now I have a new compressor in my setup...

I should say do NOT try it if you don't have the cash:-):-)

The 2 different compressors working as a team in one box and the different output settings (like the Steel:-)) and the 90Hz high pass, well start play it, is a wonderful tool for making well balanced music!

P. Moshay

November 19, 2012

Another Level of Sonic Genius!

Thank You so much for making this plug-in (and hardware). Now that ive used this it's impossible to take it off the channels ive put it on, nothing else can do what this does.
Its a absolute monster on drums! And everything I've tried it on.
Not just compressing, but just running things thru it to color the sound in ways ive not heard a plug in do before.
This is a MUST for me and i highly recommend it..... But once you try it you'll need no convincing

F. Figueira

November 18, 2012


This is truly amazing.
Now we need this baby to the family:

You guys rock, well done.

K. Richards

November 18, 2012

Another Disappointment

Whats going on here?! What happened to the great emulations that you guys are known for?! Even in the demo it doesn't sound like the hardware. Very Disappointing....

L. Kruijssen

November 16, 2012

As all in their own way VERY USABLE!

Owning plenty of UAD plug-ins using them each extensively on each project I wanted this time to contribute with a little more than just words.

No saturation prior fooling whatsoever

Does it sound 100% like the original hardware? I don't own this specific piece of hardware, nor have I ever used it but based on the official promotion video from UA itself I clearly say no and agree there. The hardware briefly heard contains an overall different response within the lows to it, more depth, openness and for that has also accordingly a clear price tag to it. The mid and highs coming way closer, from a mix perspective yes great bang for buck. All known!

Than is for these reasons this plug-in not useful? Hell no!

J. Miguel

November 13, 2012


I am surprised here. I do not have the hardware but ... from the video UA post comparing hardware and software ... by no means they sound the same. It is too obvious!! I mean with that comparison you could trick someone with untrained ears ... but not a decent set of ears. How can UA claim they sound the same. I am surprised here, very surprised because that is a bad indication of quality ... UA has to clear this mess up, they cannot make such claims and then show clearly they are not true. The plug-in is great, but I don´t buy UA just for a great plugin, I buy UA to get the best there is ... and this is not it.

R. Masters

November 9, 2012

Not better or worse then the Neve 3309

I'm not going to buy this compressor because I already have the Neve 3309. Did a A&B and I was able to achieve the same results with the neve 3309. How many compressors do we need by the way? If you already have the 3309 there's no need for this comp. Very subtle differences between the Neve 3309, but not better or worse. I would say the both of them are equivalent.

Try and A&B the Neve 3309 next to this. Then ask your self if you should blow $300 on another compressor.

541-560 of 572 Results