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Customer Reviews

Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor

Overall Rating

581-585 of 585 Results

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G. Di

November 2, 2012

Very nice!

Demo version started 3h ago, first test on the master bus of a contemporary jazz (acoustic piano trio) session. Was good at first hearing! Same work: switching off the master bus and bouncing tracks.

Opening mastering session and starting work on, bounced audio seems to be glued: smooth and fat, highly defined and dynamic, at the same time!

My ears are saying: "great machine: 5 stars!"

Tested with:
MacBook Retina Mid 2012,
Cubase 6.5
Ua Apollo,
Dynaudio BM6A

C. Martins

November 2, 2012

Impossible to sound bad!

From the clearest and high fidelity sound to the dirtiest and agressive vibe...This plugin fills my day with confidence in the goals i want to achieve.Wonderful piece of gear gentlemen.UA, blind trust in your brand.

D. D

November 2, 2012

UAD strikes again

Wow amazing!! Again!!! #1 plugins of choice...

Looking forward to test it.

J. Williams

November 2, 2012

very very nice

A great addition to the UAD arsenal. Upon downloading I revisited the mixes I currently working on and the results are fantastic. I can tell you this unit is unique and will add "that" sound to your work with ease. For hip hop and rap it and a thick bulbous bottom end while solidifying the entire frequency range. Its very close to the hardware. Great Job!

C. Ross

November 1, 2012

Come out from the shadow

Hi all
I've used the hardware version on only a few projects (only purchased one a month ago) and used it mainly for mastering. The plug in is so close to the original, switching between both in the studio, in most cases it hard to tell the difference. I'm using it on the 14 day trial and no doubt Universal Audio will have an introductory price soon so someone like myself who travels a lot will have access to it on my apple laptop. I couldn't wait to try it on a track i mastered a couple of weeks ago where i had the hardware Manley Massive Passive into the Shadow Hill Compressor into a Ampex ATR102 out into the brickwall of a system 6000. Well I've done the same with the UAD-2 plugins and OMG... AMAZING. BUY IT!!

581-585 of 585 Results