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Sonnox Oxford Dynamic EQ

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C. Ciechelski

October 17, 2018

Is it better than Ozone Izotope dynamic EQ?

I tried it and loved it but I was wondering if Ozone Izotope Dynamic EQ could not do the same job ?

C. Ciechelski

October 17, 2018

Is it better than Ozone Izotope dynamic EQ?

I tried it and loved it but I was wondering if Ozone Izotope Dynamic EQ could not do the same job ?

r. passuti

October 17, 2018

The "modeling sound" tool

Kind and transparent in every operation, but decisive. I could not do without it in mix, nor in mastering! perfect for modeling a sound without crippling it! very good!

K. Gilroy

October 5, 2018

Sonnox Oxford Dynamic EQ Keeping you mix frequencies intact!

Take a look at who designed it, Paul Frindle. In the world of audio, Paul Frindle is a legend. During his tenure at Solid State Logic, he was responsible for the channel electronics of the SSL G Series Console. He was also a part of the team that broke the “damnable black art” of digital conversion. He went on to cofound the (pre-dot=com) startup Oxford Digital Ltd. Their first contract was with Sony (who would eventually take over the company), developing the application design of Sony’s flagship digital mixing console. The result of this work was the OXF-R3, to this day regarded as the pinnacle of digital mixing consoles, not only in music, but also in film. Like everything Paul has worked on, as much of a landmark as the OXF-R3 was, it proved to be but merely a stepping stone. Where it was leading, however, could have been much different. Need more be said? Keep you mix frequencies intact! Another MUST HAVE from UAD!


October 4, 2018

Simply Amazing

This has quickly become my go to EQ. It is transparent and dynamically tames resonant frequencies without compromising the original tone. This is probably the best plugin I've purchased from UAD.

K. L

October 4, 2018

no waveform view is available at master bus from DAW to UA console & line input

personally this scenario is a big let down. so be aware of this before purchasing. UA will hopefully develop something that provides such a feature.

W. McMiller

October 1, 2018

Dream EQ come alive

This is the only product that has been able to tame my harsh whiny, nasally vocals. The spectral analysis is spot on. My only wish is the spectral analysis worked in real-time while recording. Also great for punch up the bass drums.

S. Lamb

July 6, 2018

Just yes

This is by far one of the most used plugins I own. Easy to use and makes a massive difference in the over all mix. Don’t expect to hear a crazy change in sound but add this to a few mix busses or instruments and you’ll hear clarity and spread.


July 1, 2018



J. Ka

June 28, 2018

Julius ka

So nice ;)

J. Bell

June 23, 2018

Spend the time with this one.

It's able to very complicated eq tasks both corrective and enhancing at once. Being able to separate the side chain freq from the EQ point both open up many possibilities, and can reanimate lifeless tracks or stems.

G. Hall

June 21, 2018

A must have

Now one of the most used plugin eq's I have. It's a solution waiting waiting happen. Excellent preset start points

A. Müller

June 17, 2018

Great eq-tool for different situations

Works great on my groupchannels and my masterchain. Everything under control now.

E. Oooka

June 13, 2018

Too natural processing power.

Gear that can handle the mastering work quickly without damaging the original sound, arranging the sound. I designed it for mastering for distribution, but I like it very much among UAD plugins.

P. Moshay

April 18, 2018

Once you get it under your skin, its incredibly powerful!

It takes some time to get used to this one, but once i did i realized that it was an entire toolbox of powerful tools in one plugin....... absolutely amazing!

T. Schreiber

April 6, 2018


Sorry, but i don´t undersand why the Sidechain isn´t working!
250 bucks for a non complete EQ, what a shame

H. Zhao

March 22, 2018



S. Keys

March 8, 2018

Très bon plug in

J’ai l’habitude d’utiliser les Equaliseurs dynamiques d’une autre marque pour les voix notamment sonnox fait tout à fait le job, sur les plosives.

N. Tachizaki

March 1, 2018

Good plugin.

Good plugin.
Thank you for developing a good plugin.

M. Ruckli

February 10, 2018

Love the interface

I love the simple ibterface, all what you need is avilable with one click. The only negative point for me, the power of my uad 2 solo go to limit. Good for Uad because i go to buy a new system. Perfect work, thank you uad team.

121-140 of 156 Results