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Customer Reviews

Sonnox Oxford Dynamic EQ

Overall Rating

141-160 of 160 Results

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H. Zhao

March 22, 2018



S. Keys

March 8, 2018

Très bon plug in

J’ai l’habitude d’utiliser les Equaliseurs dynamiques d’une autre marque pour les voix notamment sonnox fait tout à fait le job, sur les plosives.

N. Tachizaki

March 1, 2018

Good plugin.

Good plugin.
Thank you for developing a good plugin.

M. Ruckli

February 10, 2018

Love the interface

I love the simple ibterface, all what you need is avilable with one click. The only negative point for me, the power of my uad 2 solo go to limit. Good for Uad because i go to buy a new system. Perfect work, thank you uad team.

D. Morin

January 20, 2018

Precise and versatile

... and ease of use. It’s a real pro-audio tool. No questions asked!!!

K. Lučinskas

January 16, 2018

A versatile tool

This plugin is luxury, it is a versatile tool, it makes wonders and sounds very smooth.

M. Cartwright

January 13, 2018

good tool.

still learning it, but I can tell it will help for many different things. can almost act like a compressor/expander but its an eq. looking forward to using it more.


January 12, 2018

Lifesaver ?

I tried a demo of this EQ when a live recording had too much cymbal bleed into the vocal mics due to proximity. After watching a tutorial and experimenting it really helped out. Also, only had a stereo drum mix that did not have enough boom in the kick. I used the upward expander and had it pump up at 83 hz... did the trick... then I bought it !

A. de David-Beauregard

December 2, 2017

More than a Dynamic EQ

If you do not own a Dynamic EQ, I highly recommend you get this. You can EQ / Multi Comp / Comp / SideChain / DeEss. Absolutely brilliant for adding movement, correcting tone and carving space. Pricy yet spicy.

c. nagel

December 2, 2017

Now i hear a blast of silence in the gap of nothing!

Fine tuning on all tracks- i am so happy that bought this EQ. It´s a nother UA dream!

***** *


November 27, 2017

Excellent EQ

Really enjoy the overall fine control and use of this eq.

J. Yven

November 20, 2017


Very light in terms of delay in Protools. The new C4 ! Oxford sound quality (Sonox EQs are a must have in my opinion. ). Used in Broadcast projects.

R. Kremer

September 26, 2017

Great Tool

Fantastic Dynamic EQ :-)

E. Eagan

September 19, 2017

Surgical De-esser

My new go to for de-essing. Love it. Superb and transparent general eqing as well. A really nice addition to my eq arsenal that compliments the more character inspired API and Neve UAD plugins.

M. Perminov

September 17, 2017



n. cohen

September 15, 2017

Eq without eq

Love this one ! This is the first time I'm enjoying eq without compromise the result

D. Vales

September 11, 2017

The best EQ

this is the most awaited equalizer of the moment thanks uad

F. Wise

August 30, 2017

Modern Design

I'm new to UA but have been doing home recording for 3 decades (Cakewalk/Sonar). I've learned UA is big into recreating vintage high-end studio gear but I've never even been in a high-end studio so most of the hardware is foreign to me so I have nothing to compare it to. BUT when demoing many of the plugs I was very bummed to learn that most of the old hardware had little visual feedback, you had to use your ears - not with this one, at least not so much. This gives me that FabFilter Pro Q2 look and features plus adds compression to selected frequency ranges - brilliant! I'm glad I waited to invest in the world of UA Apollo as I see many of the newer plugs are more visual which takes advantage of the computer age. Well done and bring us more!

One suggestion - it would be nice to have the option of different sizes of the on-screen plugs, sometimes they are so small I can barely read the little text near the knobs, etc. Also, it would be nice to have the option of going deep into the plugs to see more full sized controls like the Waves HReveb which has a button for an expanded view. The bourgeoisie want More buttons!

U. Borjesson

August 29, 2017

Best De-Esser I have used.

The review title says it all! On top of that ypu can use this plug for 10 000 other situations too!

P. Allen

August 10, 2017

Dynamic EQ offloaded to DSP

Happy to have a dynamic EQ that doesn't eat up my computers processing power

141-160 of 160 Results

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