Studer® A800 Multichannel Tape Recorder

Studer® A800 Multichannel Tape Recorder

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Studer® A800 Multichannel Tape Recorder

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B. Gotch

August 16, 2016


I love the way the studer glues tracks together and DRUMS OMG!!!!!

C. Albright

August 15, 2016

I thought that having Oxide was "good enough"

I initially thought that this was too expensive, and that having Oxide would be enough for my tape emulation needs. While Oxide does a great job of sounding like a tape machine, the studer is just way more adjustable and allows for a much larger sound palette. However, there is one caveat. I am glad I purchased it during Magnetic Tape month though, just because the normal price is more than i would comfortably spend. Im not a pro user, so I cant justify 3-500 bucks for bits, no matter how good they are. At 200 bucks, the studer is a no-brainer purchase. At full price, I would not have purchased it, but only on principle.

K. Barta

August 11, 2016

Worth every penny

I use Apollo mostly for composing and preproduction at the moment and put the Studer in the master bus. The mix is soooo much better with Studer, much more natural, analog sounding, punchy. I am pretty sure that after my experience with Apollo and the plugins in the last weeks, they will be a part of real production of our next CD this year. Studer is THE sound for me.

M. Spaans

August 7, 2016

Love it!!!

It 'tighten' up my 'in the box' mixes and gives them a natural feel. Love it!!! Going to buy oxide for individual tracks and busses to save some precious DSP on the sharc's.

C. Hawkins

August 7, 2016


It's Insane not to use it. As a former "Hit Factory" Using reel to reel and 499 2' inch tape in comparison this comes as close as you can get.

L. Zavala

July 28, 2016

This was a true reason to own a UAD device...

The studer 800A is among the best of the best with so many options and tape stocks to choose from. I cannot believe that Universal Audio doesn't have the same reputation as isotope's Ozone 7. I prefer the old-school soul way more and the warmer the better. I have no regrets with this plug in at all. It may be expensive but it makes my tracks sound very unique, which is what I'm going for :D

L. Hudson

July 22, 2016

just like tape without the fuss

Nice and close to the sound of tape, gives body and roundness to your audio and a little compression along the way.
I would not put one of these on every channel, as you would compress your entire mix too much, but for richness to instruments and vocals and possibly bass, it will give great results.
Anything a bit sterile sounding it will give some warmth back into the sound.
The beauty of this plugin is you dont need a team of technicians to constantly maintain it and keep it calibrated.
I love the sound of tape and this plugin comes very close to the real thing, without the fuss of maintenance.
Thanks UA for a great plugin.

C. Soto

July 20, 2016

The Tool for Work Unload

The Studeras the first insert in every track makes mixing much easier. All of a sudden, harsh or brittle top end gets smoothed out, lows sit together well among tracks, transients get clear and defined. In the end, less tweaking is needed to mix tracks. You can gang the channels together for a real-life like pass of multitrack tape recording, or you can even tweak and eq each channel individually. Time is saved, and that alone makes it worth buying.

D. Drake

July 19, 2016

Lay it on!

I put this on everything! I use it on the way in, on sends in the project, and I'd use it on the master bus if not for the Ampex.

J. De mendonca

July 14, 2016

really improves the sound

I do really like it, i fell a warm nice sound that help´s to avoid the ugli digital caracter of the ITB mixing

UAD User

July 7, 2016

Exceeded my expectations

I've tried almost every tape simulation out there. Many of them are nice and do a trick to the sound. However the Studer is in a league of its own. Throw it on every track. It doesn't add that "hiss" effect just for the fun of it. The effect is subtle, but enough to change an entire mix around with it on every track. Game changer.

J. Albritton

June 30, 2016

Great Plug! Film Placement

I used the Studer plugin for a record that was in the scene of a major film (The Butler) (death of MLK scene by Fantasia Barrino) and on the sound track a few years back..... I had to make the record fit a time period. This knocked it out the park. It was so authentic that the film guys kept double checking to make sure that it wasn't a sample that needed clearance.... and the film mixers raved at how good the stems were. Thanks for helping to get that placement/engineering credit

和. 糸川

June 17, 2016

StuderA800 厚みが出る

蓋を開けるとロー成分 ハイ成分の微調整も出来ます。
テープサチュエーションの効果は結構 分かりやすく出ます。

S. Armstrong

May 10, 2016


This is a great plugin. A subtle combination of saturation, compression and smoothing of harsh frequencies - at least that is what it sounds like to me (I have limited professional experience as a producer)
What really amazes it me is that ,so far, every source I have used on it has been improved by it and I always record through it now (unless recording guitar where I run out of resources when using it in the correct position in the chain (after the pre-preamp fx and amp model- I then use it next in chain on my daw)
It is resource hungry but well worth it.
So if you want a source fattening up and sweetening - but in a very natural sounding/discreet way (and who doesn't) I heartily recommend this plugin

UAD User

May 5, 2016

Very Good!


J. Perez

May 4, 2016

This Plugin Is AWESOME on the drum bus......

So far I've been trying this on everything and have found it to be extremely beneficial for drum busses or individual tracks. It doesn't sound bad by any stretch of the imagination on anything else I've tried it on; I just really, really like what it does for the drums. Nice, Fat and Clear.

UAD User

April 24, 2016

Oh Yeah

This plugin is perfect, I can not describe it. It helps to boost the whole sound.

m. wilson

April 22, 2016

nice warm does the job

not sure this is close to original never used one lol but this adds grit to any track

G. K.

April 19, 2016

Studer® A800 Multichannel Tape Recorder : very nice !

I like to use it in a very subtle way , and 'yes' , this is possible. You need to read the manual to get an idea how to use this PlugIn properly. 5Stars

R. Olivier

April 5, 2016

Chaosthetic Cosmos premastering

Sound engineer for CrossAngel:The album "Chaosthetic Cosmos" has been fully treated with UAD2 in 2014.
Neve 88RS channel strip for the mix then Studer A800, SPL TwinTube and Precision Equalizer for the premastering.
Effective tools that helped keep the analog sound throughout the project.Thanks!

181-200 of 494 Results