Thermionic Culture Vulture

Thermionic Culture Vulture

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Thermionic Culture Vulture

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R. Ketchem

August 7, 2014

Not UAD's finest hour

From the silly promo video to the actual plug-in, this one is a disappointment. I've used the hardware for years and the plug-in manages to capture, maybe 40% of the magic. For $299, it's still a bargain, but I'm hoping for a sweeter version with future upgrades.

D. Matthies

July 21, 2014

Sounds awesome, uses an insane amount of DSP

This thing is really beautiful sounding and does what you would expect, but uses A LOT of DSP, enough that is should come with a disclaimer. I'm used to The ATR-102, which is a heavy DSP hitter, but this seems to use almost twice as much.

B. Finnie

July 9, 2014

Sounds nothing like the hardware.

As an avid UAD user and also an owner of the Vulture hardware unit I was excited to hear about this release. However, upon hearing the audio examples I was very disappointed. The distortion sounds nothing like the hardware, and the overdrive switch sounds like a cheap plug-in not even comparable to other dedicated distortion plug-ins already available for the same price. why pay 300 for a gain knob?

C. Bower

July 17, 2014

Dont Stack the Cards Please!

Come on, I realize you guys want good reviews, but as customers we want reliable reviews that we can trust. Please remove all the duplicate 4 and 5 star reviews for this product and others.

M. Compton

July 15, 2014

It's like sound toys decapitator only twice as expensive and 5 years later

I wanted to love it, really did.... I like it, but it doesn't live up to the characteristics of other similar plugins like Decapitator or camelphat. Pretty disappointing really, and at this price there is no way I will be a buyer.

-1 star for value
-1 star for lacking exciting or unique characteristics
-1 star because I think 3 stars is too much

J. Carmo

July 18, 2014

Culture Vulture Reviews

Please remove all the duplicate 4 and 5 star reviews for this product and others.
I have over 2500$ plugins from UA, i love your stuff, have Satellite DUO, Apollo Quad, LA-610 and gonna buy Octo core, but i want to continue trusting UA company. Even if im opinion about CV is very negative, it does not mean i am not satisfy with your products...i really love UA stuff, but after demo several times CV, i really think this plug IMHO is a mistake...but, everybody makes mistakes.

A. Puro

September 5, 2014

great sound but has some kinks...

This plug sounds great but unfortunately as of right now for DP users it causes massive glitchy/stuttering sounds when run at a buffer size of 512. Running it at 256 or 1024 is fine however.

G. Piazza

July 29, 2014

Please don't review based on DSP usage!

I do not yet own this plug-in or the hardware, nor have I demo'd it.

BUT, I have to chime in here on all the reviews complaining about too much DSP usage.

As most professional engineers know, the main point of having UAD cards is to facilitate unrestricted plug-in development. I.E. no compromises circuit emulation.

To me, it is a good thing that UA are developing plug-ins without concern for DSP usage.

Think about it - if you want 'efficient' plug-ins (that often sound so-so) then buy something else.

Eventually, UA will release UAD-3 cards, and we will be glad they did not compromise to save DSP.

Until I try CV, 4 stars for ignoring the 'too much DSP' blowback.

I. Babayoff

July 8, 2014

DSP consumption

I love your plugs, they are 85-100% of my Mixes. But... this one have way to much DSP consumption. so its not a real option for me no matter how good it sounds. Sorry.

P. Tavasoly

July 18, 2014

Thiz plugin is amazingly amazing !

Got in love with it at the first use !!! I mean WOW !¡!¡
I do not understand those guys who say it is not a good plug ....
Maybe you need to switch to better speakers or converters !
This thing is one on the most advanced modelings I have ever came across.
The sound is extreamly real. Injects life to everything I tried.
But I warn you ! You must have hi quality material to hear this baby correct.
It does do magic but can not make badly recorded material into gold.
It is not a home studio toy. It is hi end stuff. You need to be pro to use it.

THANS UA ... You nailed it just like always.... Love you !

J. Carmo

July 8, 2014

Can´t be true....Disaster

Please UA, tell me this is one mistake...
I never heard the hardware, but this plug sounds IMO very BAD.
I just saw the video and the distortion that this plug generates
is horrible IMO. Can´t belive that UA (The best in the market) have done this job...!!!

J. Carmo

July 25, 2014

UAD Culture Vulture vs HW

I have give already a bad review to the CV plugin because the type of distortion
this plugin delivers, is IMO very digital, not Warm/Tube like, but after watching the demo
of the original HW unit in a guitar and other stuff, my opinion is different. I really dont´t like the sound otf the HW because IMHO the saturation is not warm like other tube gear, but the emulation of UA is not so bad. If there are people who like the HW, i understand they like the UAD CV and they will be happy with this. I really love UA, but not this particular Plugin, but it depends also of personal taste...

S. Moritz

September 9, 2018

This Plugin pimped my Rockdrums

The drums sound punchier und dirtier, a real fun using it, it will make your music more exciting.

K. Michaud

July 16, 2018

Thanks UA!

After purchasing a new home studio setup, I was a little broke. So I knew I wanted this plugin but would have to wait a bit for it. It is worth every penny.

Warmth, distortion and some cool harmonic sweet spots, it’ll be hard NOT to have this running in all of my mixes moving forward!

M. Robinson

July 14, 2018

Magic on bass guitar

TCV has completely reshaped and improved my DI’d bass tracks. Highly recommend this plug for all manner of low end texturing; and if you just need some wild distortion, it’s all there.

P. Perfetto

July 2, 2018

amazing tones, and saturation!!

I really like this plugin, its super unique sounding. Really love the depth it brings to any sound or instruments.

F. Martinsen

June 30, 2018

Culture Vulture best distortion ever.

This plugin just blew my mind. I actually tried one of the first they ever made of the hardware unit. I cant hear the difference between plugin and hardware. The culture vulture is a must have for studio around the world to give punch, some extra grit and glue things together while keeping things separated in the mix.

j. persinger

June 15, 2018


I love it!

I. Batista

June 14, 2018

So musical!

If you’ve ever had the chance to drive a good guitar amp, those hamonics jumping out from the speakers and making the sound so beatiful and convincing, then you’ll love the Thermionic Culture Vulture pligin, it behaves just like the hardware, the distorsion can be so subtle or agressive, but always in a musical way.

S. L'Espérance

June 12, 2018

Rich harmonic tool.

Pretty cool on vocal, organs and drums. I love it but on a very low setting. As soon as you go too far you just crush the sound, might be cool also. I kinda have one setting for everthing and well, it works evertime in parallel and in inserts no worries it gives power and harmonic density in a second. A bit high priced but worth it.

21-40 of 136 Results