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Our all-inclusive Neve Bundle, featuring 13 authentic hardware emulations.

The Neve Complete Bundle for UAD-2 hardware and Apollo interfaces puts every color of the classic Neve sound within easy reach. Saving you hundreds of dollars versus buying these award-winning plug-ins individually, the Neve Complete Bundle is the only fully licensed and endorsed software emulations of some of Neve’s most revered hardware.

Track and mix with fully licensed and endorsed software emulations of Neve’s most revered hardware

Get modern Neve clarity and depth with the Neve 88RSTM channel strip

Use the Neve Preamp, Neve 1073® or 1084TM Preamp & EQ to add unparalleled sheen and bite to sources

Harness Unison technology to track “through” iconic Neve hardware

Sculpt mixes and instrument buses with classic Neve 1081TM and 31102TM EQs

Control dynamics and add tone with Neve's most famous diode‑bridge compressor/limiters, the 2254/E and 33609/C

Included Plug-Ins

Neve Dynamics Collection

Featuring the Neve 2254/E Limiter and Compressor and 33609/C Compressor plug‑ins, the Neve Dynamics Collection gives you end‑to‑end emulations of Neve's most cherished dynamics hardware. Vital to the original Neve 80 series consoles, the 2254/E's fat, creamy dynamics control was employed on thousands of classic hit records. Later, Neve introduced the rackmount 33609/C, sporting the same diode‑bridge topology as the 2254/E, but with more transparency and flexibility, making it popular for music production, mastering, post, and broadcast applications.

Neve 88RS Channel Strip Collection

The Neve 88 Series is a paragon of large-format analog console design, renowned for its startling depth, airiness, and clarity. Featuring Unison technology, the Neve 88RS Channel Strip Collection gives you all of the 88RS mic/line preamp’s impedance, gain stage “sweet spots,” and circuit behaviors that have made it the modern benchmark in analog preamp design. Now you can track through an authentic emulation of this modern masterpiece — complete with its famous mic/line preamp, cut filters, dynamics, four-band EQ, and post-fader output amplifier.

Neve 1073 Preamp & EQ Collection

The Neve 1073 Channel Amplifier is easily the most revered preamp and EQ circuit ever designed. Introduced in 1970, this hallowed class-A, transistor mic/line amp with EQ epitomizes the beautiful "Neve sound," with unparalleled clarity, sheen, and bite. The Neve 1073 Preamp & EQ Plug-In Collection lets you track through the only authentic end-to-end circuit emulation of this legendary piece of audio history. Featuring Unison technology, the Neve 1073 Preamp & EQ Plug-In Collection also features the Legacy Neve 1073 and 1073SE (“DSP-Lite”) EQs which are optimized for higher instance counts.

Neve 1084 Preamp & EQ

The engine powering a handful of rare Neve 80 series consoles, the Neve 1084 channel amplifier and EQ is a lusted-after audio masterpiece. Released on the heels of the famed Neve 1073, the 1084 was offered as an "upsell" module, utilizing the same class-A mic/line preamp found in the 1073 with the addition of three switchable EQ bands and narrow or wide Q settings. This potent combination offered producers a rainbow of colors, textures, and precision. The Neve 1084 Preamp & EQ plug-in impeccably emulates the luxurious analog character, warmth, and extended colors of this flagship 1970s British channel module.

Neve Preamp

The pinnacle of Neve preamp design is the classic 1073 module with EQ, but Neve also briefly produced the 1290TM module — a rare, preamp-only version of the 1073. The Neve Preamp plug-in gives you all the clarity, grit, and harmonically complex class‑A saturation of this amazing mic preamplifier in a simple, low DSP use, two-knob plug-in that’s perfect for UA Audio Interface owners. Just drop it into the Unison slot of your UA Audio Interface’s Console software to add instant character to vocals and acoustic guitars, or treat synths, drums, and bass with the complex, dynamic clipping behavior that can only come from Neve.

Neve 1081 / 1081SE Classic Console EQ

The Neve 1081 channel module was first produced in 1972 by Neve, and was used to provide the mic/line amp and EQ sections in consoles such as the Neve 8048TM. In fact, vintage 8048 consoles with 1081 modules are still in wide use today, and have been chosen by artists ranging from The Rolling Stones to The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Sonically, the 1081 provides more flexible EQ control than the 1073, making it a favorite for processing vocals.

Neve 31102 Classic Console EQ

Originally featured in the Neve 8068TM console, the 31102 EQ was used to mix one of the best-selling debut albums of all time, Appetite For Destruction by Guns-N-Roses. With its distinct filter shaping that falls somewhere between a 1073 and 1081, and its familiar Neve sheen and bite, the Neve 31102/SE EQ Powered Plug-In provides another step in the evolution of classic Neve EQs. Artists ranging from Primus and Metallica to My Morning Jacket have called on the distinct tone of the 31102 EQ in the studio.

Key Features

UA’s all-inclusive Neve Bundle, featuring eleven authentic hardware emulations

Unison mic preamp technology (Neve 88RS Channel Strip Collection, Neve 1073/1084 Preamp & EQ Collection, Neve Preamp)

Iconic Neve tone shaping with Neve 1081 and 31102 EQs

Legendary Neve compression and limiting with the Neve 33609 Compressor

Customer Reviews

Neve Complete Bundle

Overall Rating


A. Haqeem

April 10, 2024

Best emulation

i use this on everything, its so comparable to the hardware, it is amazing.

g. tedesco

April 3, 2024


As a voice over my attention is obviously mainly focused on the voice. I have a Neve 1073 hardware and several microphons that I pair with great satisfaction with different UA plugins. Finding new shades and new colors of the voice is possible with Neve products. This makes my voice more interesting to customers .

g. tedesco

April 3, 2024


As a voice over my attention is obviously mainly focused on the voice. I have a Neve 1073 hardware and several microphons that I pair with great satisfaction with different UA plugins. Finding new shades and new colors of the voice is possible with Neve products. This makes my voice more interesting to customers .

O. Junior

March 31, 2024

Million Dollar Sound

I must confess, I'm constantly experimenting with different channel strips, and while I can list a myriad of fascinating features in each that make them stand out for specific tasks, the truth is, I consistently have the same impression about the Neve 88RS: Everything passing through it sounds like a record! I can't quite put my finger on why, especially since it's such a clean and transparent console, but its preamp has the ability to make everything sound polished, smooth, and big in a way that makes it seem like the recorded material is of much higher quality than it actually is. The compressor is smooth and natural, EQ is not harsh at all, and the preamp is magical. I only wish to see it gain a UADx native version or even become an extension for Luna.

A. Dahlback

March 18, 2024

Sounds great but needs a new GUI

Nice but the GUI is very outdated. Needs a new version...

A. Niculescu

March 13, 2024

Loving this

I used it mainly on my drum tracks and mix bus. Adds the right touch for a perfect sound!

L. Leonard

February 29, 2024

Neve sound

Also great with big brother Neve1073.
1084 has a tweakable HF EQ.

T. T

February 26, 2024

Best of Best



February 20, 2024

Immediately liked it on my Drums bus !!

I immediately felt its accuracy in the highs, bringing nice musical EQ brightness on my Drums Bus and adopted it in my Mixing Template…

W. Meis

February 16, 2024

Its Neve

no more to say :-)

W. Meis

February 16, 2024

A must have

Just like some other great stuff its good to have in your toolbar.

V. Daglon

February 7, 2024

I love the Neve very much because I know what it can do great Preamp to a Mix by the way, but I have no access in using it because I do not own UAD Hardware as yet, but I am dying to have one.

k. yahya

February 6, 2024



S. Hebbard

February 2, 2024

An instant classic

A classic preamp and the best plugin version of it that I have ever used. Instantly adds a nice clean warmth to any track and I particularly like it on vocals and acoustic guitar. One of my favourite preamp plugins

L. Leonard

January 31, 2024

Good for drum buss

So stable.Glue it and add analog flaver on the Drums buss.

T. Malanskey

January 31, 2024

Introduction To The World Of Analog Gear

Haven't Got To Use It Yet, But I'm Sure It's Exactly What I Could Use

p. voltan

January 31, 2024


This combined with Ocean Way Studios brings to life hours of recordings gluing the feel of balance of the string section and being in a real space. excellent.

N. Jeremic

January 31, 2024

The sound of movies!

In short: THAT is the sound of film scores!

樹. 寺尾

January 30, 2024



樹. 寺尾

January 30, 2024