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Valley People Dyna-mite™


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J. Mills

December 19, 2015

Swiss army knife of dynamic proc

Like previous reviews, I am no longer porting out to my hardware Dyna-mites. Softube/UAD got it just right. It is so simple and intuitive to make Dyna-mites point up weak dynamics or level out the overly peaky. In addition, I used it to separate the kick and snare out of an all in one drum track from a band's club date. Just like the hardware unit can.

E. Ramazanoiglu

August 9, 2014

Nailed it

My hardware dynamites are now off in my rack...nuff said

Nice job!

J. Moreland

August 8, 2014

Aptly Named

I've actually recorded and mixed with most of the compressors UA makes plug-in versions of and happily use theirs instead of the real things (because they sound that good). But I've never used the Valley People Dyna-mite and God, what a sound I've been missing out on. This thing does for drums what nothing else they offer can. Kick, snare and toms pop in a way I just can't get with an 1176 (my previous go-to for that task). The attack of the drums are brought front and center and the extraneous noises stay in the background. Not pumping and breathing - popping and receding. Just awesome.

M. Ilbert

July 27, 2014

Loving it!

The best thing for getting lame drums to explode!!
And the gate works really well too.

Well done Softube and great UAD to get the Swedes on board :-)

B. Joseph

July 24, 2014

My new favorite compressor

This is truly a marvelous compressor. I have tried it, and loved it, on everything except vocals. I’ll be taking the final plunge and strapping the Dyna-mite across my vocal today. This compressor is a diverse and truly useful tool for my arsenal. Nothing but fun!

C. Mcdonald

July 24, 2014


I love using the Dyna-mite compressor on my Clavinet parts it really helps bring out the attack. The sound I get "pops" out and lets you hear the groove with the bass player.

F. Pilz

July 14, 2014

a wonderful gate/expander

As i´m mostly doing narration, the Dyna-mite does a wonderful job as a gate/expander.
Works really great and sounds very natural.
A bit expensive using the Dynamite ONLY as a gate, but playing around a bit will show, what else it could do for me :-)

C. Soulos

October 14, 2014

Always wanted one of these gems

It captures that late 70s LA sound I always liked.
Works on el pno and gtr too.

My only criticisms?

Not enough presets
Not enough tutorial


p. meeks

February 16, 2017

Valley people dynamite compressor is dynamite.

This dynamic processor is so smooth it is incredible. I have used it hundreds of times on many different tracks and it works absolutely great. It is very very quiet and does a Number of different jobs as it was designed to. I have used the Valley People Dyn-a-mite in hardware studios that do you not have plug-ins and this performs and sounds just like the those, it Uses very little DSP. I can put it in many tracks if needed, as I want. If you don't have it ..., better get it.

V. François

February 13, 2017

the (near) perfect/ exp/ gate

Need a huge change in your dynamic ? this is the best comp. Just lacking as the other UAD an external key or side chain

F. Batiste III

January 25, 2017

Trash, Control, or Expand

If you wanna fatten up a bass or synth, trash a drum loop for parallel compression, shorten or lengthen sustain, give this a try. Once you get used to the controls you will begin to see the power of this compressor/limiter.

L. Canham

December 26, 2016

This is great

Loving this, it's like an extreme dynamics shaper, that can work fairly transparently or super driven.

J. Orr

December 19, 2016

It simply works!

I'm using the Valley People Dyna-mite as a noise gate for recording videos and blogs. It's simple and works great.

M. Agren

December 15, 2016

Sounds great!!

G. Descoutieras

December 1, 2016

Porte bien son nom!

Excellent plugin qui apporte beaucoup de caractère a certaines pistes qui ont besoin de punch. J'utilise souvent pour donner aussi un effet de compression qui 'pompe'.

UAD User

November 22, 2016


If you are looking for color, Valley People Dyna-mite is for you. If you need ..

C. vonSneidern

July 5, 2016

Intense tool

Often I use this for gating drums; it seems to add a little "click" or impact to the sound as it opens, which is a good thing. The negative limiting is unique and should be tried for finding new sounds. I have a hardware unit of this, and I was happy to finally get the UAD-2 version for my system. The sounds you get are very useful and hardly subtle.

J. Wadman

February 29, 2016

new go to

Dyna-mite has really impressed me with it´s sound from warm to kickin´...I love it´s seperation as a gate on drum-tracks, and even more its way of handling of transients as a compressor.
somehow it let´s me work a bit more intuitive.By this I mean that I can work listening rather than having to use my eyes when mixing...
It sounds so good that I might just build a new midi controller just for this plug-in...
Thanks UA, great work!!

m. walker

January 16, 2016

Dynamite !

Had a coupon and Dyn-mite was on offer so took a chance on it. Wow ! Now my go to drum smasher. The gate is great too, doesn't sound too much like a gate if that makes sense. Good little thing, use it all the time.

K. Boaten

January 14, 2016

Valley People Dyna-mite™ Plug-In

For a guitarist who specialises in the acoustic guitar I couldn't have hoped for a better plugging. It brings out the percussive transients without making the guitar sound harsh. Love it

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