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by A. Krylkov (4/21/2015):

I am using this EQ on my drums (snare) and guitars (distortion rhythm) for now, and it… Read more

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Neve® Complete Plug-In Bundle

Our All-Inclusive Neve® Bundle, Featuring 9 Authentic Hardware Emulations for Adding Legendary British Colour, Bite, and Punch.

The Neve Complete Bundle puts every colour of the classic Neve sound within easy reach, while saving you hundreds versus buying these award-winning plug-ins individually. For more than 40 years, Neve England has been regarded as one of the most respected names in audio recording equipment, among veterans of both the music and film industries. Universal Audio is proud to offer the most accurate — and notably, the only fully licensed and endorsed — software emulations of some of Neve’s most revered hardware products. From the big, open sound of the 88RS Channel Strip, to the unmistakable sound and clarity of the 1073 and 1081, the world of Neve is at your fingertips.

Neve 88RS

Neve® 88RS Channel Strip Plug-In

In 2001, Neve launched the 88 Series: a new, large-format analog console that represented the best of all Neve designs that came before it. Considered by many professionals to be the ultimate analog console, the 88R's open, musical sound and powerful dynamics features place it among the best-sounding audio consoles in history, at any price. Learn why legendary studios including Ocean Way, Abbey Road, AIR, The Village, Sony Pictures, 20th Century Fox and Skywalker Sound choose the 88 Series with Universal Audio's painstakingly emulated 88RS Channel Strip plug-in.

Neve 1073

Neve® 1073 Preamp & EQ Plug-In Collection

The Neve 1073 Channel Amplifier is easily the most revered preamp and EQ circuit ever designed. Introduced in 1970, this hallowed class-A, transistor mic/line amp with EQ epitomizes the beautiful "Neve sound," with unparalleled clarity, sheen, and bite. Now for the first time, you can track through the only authentic end-to-end circuit emulation of this legendary piece of audio history. The Neve 1073 Preamp & EQ Plug-In Collection also features the Legacy Neve 1073 and 1073SE (“DSP-Lite”) EQs which are optimized for higher instance counts.

Neve 1081

Neve® 1081 / 1081SE Classic Console EQ Plug-In

The Neve 1081 channel module was first produced in 1972 by Neve, and was used to provide the mic/line amp and EQ sections in consoles such as the Neve 8048. In fact, vintage 8048 consoles with 1081 modules are still in wide use today, and have been chosen by artists ranging from The Rolling Stones to The Red Hot Chili Peppers. Sonically, the 1081 provides more flexible EQ control than the 1073, making it a favorite for processing vocals. 

Neve 31102

Neve® 31102 / 31102SE Classic Console EQ Plug-In

Originally featured in the Neve 8068 console, the 31102 EQ was used to mix one of the best-selling debut albums of all time, Appetite For Destruction by Guns-N-Roses. With its distinct filter shaping that falls somewhere between a 1073 and 1081, and its familiar Neve sheen and bite, the Neve 31102/SE EQ Powered Plug-In provides another step in the evolution of classic Neve EQs. Artists ranging from Primus and Metallica to My Morning Jacket have called on the distinct tone of the 31102 EQ in the studio. UA's Powered Plug-In Neve 31102 EQ delivers the same sonic experience as its analog cousin with exacting detail.

Neve 88RS

Neve® 33609 / 33609SE Compressor Plug-In

Derived from the original Neve 2254 compressor, circa 1969, the 33609 stereo buss compressor/limiter utilizes a bridged-diode gain reduction circuit and many custom transformers for a uniquely "colourful" sound. The UAD Neve 33609 is the only Neve-sanctioned software recreation of the Neve 33609 (rev C). Every detail of the original unit is captured, to match the sonic results and musicality of its hardware counterpart with absolute precision. Essential for buss processing, drum groups, and even full mixes, the 33609 plug-in includes a DSP-optimized 33609SE which allows for higher instance counts.

Requires a UAD DSP Accelerator Card or Apollo Interface available from authorized dealers worldwide and the latest version of the UAD Powered Plug-In Software (available here).




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  • Neil Mclellan


    "The Neve 88RS Channel Strip is wicked — really proper ... If I had only this plug-in on every channel, I'd be good to go."

    Darrell Thorp

    (Beck, Radiohead, Charlotte Gainsbourg)

    "I love the Neve® 1081 Classic Console EQ Plug-In. It can be a subtle EQ if you just need to brighten something up a little bit. It can also be a really dirty EQ, if you really have to dig in and try to get some character.”

    John Fields

    (Switchfoot, P!nk)

    “To have unlimited channels of UAD Neve 31102 on a mix is a dream come true. It’s excellent on just about any source material.”

    Dylan "3-D" Dresdow

    (Black Eyed Peas, Michael Jackson, Usher)

    “I prefer the UAD Neve 1081 to the 1073 the majority of the time. It has more bite, and tends to cut through the track more.”

    Ryan Hewitt

    (Red Hot Chili Peppers)

    “The UAD Neve 31102 is my go-to drum EQ in my mixes...there's no other plug-in that can give me as meaty a kick drum sound as this one!”

  • John Powell

    (How to Train Your Dragon, The Bourne Supremacy)

    “The [UAD] Neve 1081 allows me to manipulate the upper frequencies which is essential for orchestral recordings.”

    Eddy Schreyer

    (Oasis Mastering, Prince))

    “I love the Neve 1081 EQ for its power and musical sound. "

    Aziz Ibrahim

    (Simply Red, The Stone Roses)

    "The Neve 33609 & Fairchild 670 compressor plug-ins are my favorites. They really seem to fix things for me."

    Neil Mclellan


    "One the last Prodigy album I used this [Neve 33609] plug-in across whole drum groups as well as the mix bus."

    Hector Delgado

    (Jay-Z, Ledisi)

    "The Neve 88RS has changed my sound completely. Now my drums have that bottom end sound that sits perfectly in the mix."

  • Mike Shipley

    (Allison Kraus, Maroon 5)

    “I love the 1081 EQ ... UA's Neve stuff is exceptional, because I can get that same top end. So clean & sweet."

    Jim Dalrymple

    (The Loop)

    "[I use] the Fairchild Compressor, Neve 1081, Neve 1073, LA-2A and the 1176 Compressor. They all give you something different."

    Ed Cherney

    (Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton)

    "Oh, the 33609 [plug-in] is great, I love it on lead vocals. It’s also an excellent buss limiter/compressor."

    Ted Perlman

    (Bob Dylan, Ike Turner)

    “The Neve 1081 is brilliant! ... and I don't want to be without it.”

    Ryan West

    (Kanye West)

    "I frequently grab the Neve 1073 plug-in for bass, kicks, snares & vocals because whatever I do, that EQ always sounds musical."

  • Geoff Sanoff

    (Pro Sound News)

    "[The Neve 88RS] plug-in completely won me over. The convenience of an all-in-one plug-in speaks for itself."

    David Isaac

    (Marcus Miller, Anita Baker)

    "I used the Neve 33609 on the remake of Stevie Wonder's of "Higher Ground" ... and it worked out great!"

    Ryan West


    "The UA [Neve] 88RS gives me the same butt-kicking power that I get from the console ... It's the sound I'd expect from a real Neve."

    Ariel Borujow

    (P-Diddy, TI, Black Eyed Peas)

    "I always reach for the Neve 33609 plug-in when i need to smooth out some backround vocals. Its just like the real thing!"

    Nathaniel Kunkel


    "[The 1073] was able to get the guitar to grind in a way that I could not get out of any other plug, much less another Neve."

  • Paul White

    (Sound On Sound)

    "Tonally, the Neve [31102] sounds warmer than the Helios [Type 69] and Harrison [32C] EQs, but that's part of its charm."

    (Computer Music)

    "The warmth of the [Neve 31102's] bottom end is full, fat and creamy."

    (Computer Music)

    "The mid-band bell curve is where the character of the unit [Neve 31102] lies... It bites in & cuts without leaving the sound thin."

    (Computer Music)

    "[The Neve 31102 top end] is airy and glistening, with no hint of the harshness that's found on a lot of digital EQs."

    Paul Vnuk, Jr.

    (Recording Magazine)

    "As you would expect from UA, each plug-in is visually and functionally accurate to its real world counterpart"

  • Jono Buchanan

    (Future Music UK)

    "It's now possible to turn your DAW into a full Neve console, for a fraction of the cost of a real desk."

    Eli Crews

    (Electronic Musician)

    "If you don’t already own a UAD system, UA is definitely making it harder to resist with each top-notch plug."

    Eli Crews

    (Electronic Musician)

    “[The Neve 88RS is] definitely the closest I’ve ever felt to manipulating large-format controls in the digital realm.”

    Mark Cousins

    (Music Tech UK)

    "The [Neve] 88RS' flexiblity, musicality,and low DSP requirements take the UAD system to a new level. 10 Stars."

    Paul White

    (Sound on Sound)

    "Once again Universal Audio have gone the extra mile to capture the authentic character of the real thing"

  • Bruce Aisher

    (Future Music UK)

    "UA have taken revered [Neve] hardware and modelled it to perfection to produce a killer bundle."

    Paul White

    (Sound On Sound)

    "[The Neve 1073 EQ plug-in has] all the bite, without breaking your skin, just like the original."

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Average Rating (792 Reviews)
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    Neve 1081, very good sound
    by A. Krylkov(Tuesday 21 April, 2015)

    I am using this EQ on my drums (snare) and guitars (distortion rhythm) for now, and it is just sound awesome. It is doing signal (hi mid frequencies) coloring, and it is a very musical EQ. Read More

    • 1 Star
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    • 5 Star
    This is a first.
    by K. Abildgaard(Thursday 16 April, 2015)

    I am usually no fan of channel strips but this one has taken me by surprise. There is something unexplainable about what it does to sound even when just passing through. I sometimes think it may be placebo, but I swear I can hear something nice and subtle going on. I use it on a lot of… Read More

    • 1 Star
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    • 4 Star
    • 5 Star
    by J. Edwards(Thursday 16 April, 2015)

    I have just started to use this plugin and I'm very impressed with its sound. Very smooth and warm eq! Read More

    • 1 Star
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    • 3 Star
    • 4 Star
    • 5 Star
    It's given a push by channel strip!
    by ヒ. ナカムラ(Wednesday 15 April, 2015)

    When recording, it's the best plug-in which should be inserted. A compressor isn't a just accessory! To have the wonderful effect, when recording with EQ, when you can insert yourself, the pleasure increases at the time of MIX! Read More

    • 1 Star
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    • 5 Star
    Neve 1073 on UAD
    by . (Tuesday 14 April, 2015)

    Really useful simulation. I can compare it to the real neve channel strip that I use and it helps when I mix and when I do multichannel recordings. The clarity is instantly recognizable. I have had a great experience with all the UAD plug-ins so far- the EMT 140, the various compressors that… Read More



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