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Behind the Scenes — Apollo Artist Sessions Vol. XIV

Behind the Scenes — Apollo Artist Sessions Vol. XIV

Going Remote with Apollo X Interfaces with Fab Dupont & Monsieur Periné

Go behind the scenes with Grammy-winning producer Fab Dupont (Jennifer Lopez, David Crosby) as he details the most stunning Apollo Artist Session to date with Colombian superstars Monsieur Periné.

Learn how Dupont tackles the challenges of recording an outdoor acoustic performance — from coping with ambient noise to dealing with lengthy cable runs, poorly grounded power outlets, and incessant humidity.

Witness a pre-production rehearsal as Dupont and Monsieur Periné tweak the arrangement of their 2018 hit “Encanto Tropical” then watch as Dupont shows you how he uses UAD plug-ins to sculpt a live performance. For example, learn how to bolster a dull bass signal and add density using the Helios® Type 69 Preamp & EQ Collection and SPL® Twintube Processor. Or how the rich tube character of the V76 Preamplifier injects warmth to the cuatro and lead vocals. Finally, Dupont details how to create clarity and remove unwanted wind noise from background vocals by using extended high-pass filters on the Neve® 1073® Preamp & EQ Collection.

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