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Customer Reviews

Ampeg Heritage Bass Amp Bundle

Overall Rating

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G. Suarez

November 26, 2016

A must have!

Out of all the UA bass plug ins, the Ampeg B-15N has been the best one so far. It works great in rock DI and synth bass parts. It's warm and cuts through heavy mixes. It has made a difference on a lot songs of mine. Wait for the coupons and deals that UA offers to buy it.

C. Lee

November 25, 2016

Very versitile, warm and solid tone.

If you have to choose just one of the bass amp simulation software, this is it. You can make mordern, versitile, and trustworthy tones out of this svt-3 pro.

D. Rossall

November 25, 2016


This is an incredible replication! I use it on all my Bass tracks and if you add the Maag EQ, you get a very authentic bass tone. Love it.

F. Carcone

November 24, 2016


For the moment, I just used this one for sound design, but even there it sounds strong and very rich.
It's gonna be great with this monster...

M. Pratt

November 23, 2016


I absolutely love this plugin. As a bass player, I record sessions remotely from my studio. I've used several actual B15s over the years, and although they sounded quite different from each other (one had a replacement speaker, one was recently re-valved), this plugin captures the character of them perfectly - warm, thick, punchy with a heft to each note that I haven't heard from any plugin or DI.

The tone controls are simple but musical - they are quite broad bands, so no surgical precision notches here. They gently add warmth and bite to your tone. The bass knob surprised me with how much I can make the bass sound huge without getting boomy. I don't miss a mid control, which never sound good to me anyway. The two versions of the amp modelled are convenient - the 1964 model is brighter.

The amp itself is quite clean sounding (the B15s I played got dirty quickly) but you can easily get it sound crunchy or fluffy by opening the 'rack', turning up the input gain and the power soak. The rack also has a gate and LPF/HPF which are useful for slotting your bass into a mix. The gate comes in handy for invisibly removing the inevitably noise that creeps in as you boost the input gain.

The rack has a huge selection of mic and eq models, similar to the ones on the other Ampeg SVT plugins, although there are few new ones for the B15. For me there are a few too many - I would prefer a couple of options that sound great with a simpler interface, like the new Tweed Deluxe plugin. The audition buttons are a bit quirky.

I have the other UAD Ampeg SVT plugins and while they are useful for me, the B15 is in another class. I'm using it on almost all my bass parts at the moment, and when I play through it, I have a big smile on my face!

S. Morrisson

November 19, 2016

No amp, no problem!

Love the distortion you can get out of this amp sim, great for rock/hard rock. Tons of tones to choose from with all of the Mics/cabs combos. This took over any need for a bass amp for my needs!

R. Ledbetter

November 18, 2016

Beautiful sounding bass amplification

I dialed into the sound I wanted (and there are a lot of great tone options) and I can, experiment, play and record without worrying about the bass mix. Your playing is the only limiting factor.

j. osorno

November 17, 2016

the best

es increíble y versátil . parece que tuviera un hardware en mi rack

D. Giraud

November 17, 2016

Petit mais teigneux

Cette simulation d'ampli Ampeg est réussie car la simplicité et la fidélité sont au rendez-vous.
Au studio ( cela me permet de produire les bassistes avec une sacrée touche d'authenticité. Que ça soit pour de la prise ou du réamping, on a une couleur très rock, chaude et fuzzy.

H. Zwarts

November 16, 2016

its ok......

Not really a great plug in. sorry


November 16, 2016


The same sound of the original. I love it

S. Debontridder

November 16, 2016

Warm, authentic top quality plugin.

Fantastic emulation of a fantastic amp. Very suitable for modern rock productions.


November 15, 2016

Does as advertised

It does exactly what universal audio said it would and sounds incredible on synth bass as well


November 14, 2016

Synth bass

I use this as 1 of my distortion plug ins on my dnb and dubstep synth basslines to get that big grimey analogue nastiness the clubbers love to hear. Excellent

M. Neville

November 13, 2016

Pure Power

Best bass sound you can get from one vst, having 3 adds dimension and interest to my layered bass sounds,gives definition to the various parts.
To all the folks raving about the listed prices being cheaper than when they bought it, seems that when you buy a uad plugin the price goes down on your own personal list, before you moan about the price changes check the prices after you log out, I bought the V3 EQ rrp 299usd, now it is advertised on my list for 49usd, of course no one will get it for that price, just part of the 'UAD plugin pricing game' nothing sinister.

T. Johnson

November 13, 2016


I'm just demoing the plugin right now I owned an original and this plugin really captures the same tone and vibe!

R. Beld

November 11, 2016

Perfect Bass for sitting right in the mix

No hassle, just put it on your bass gtr, try a few presets and you're good to go, instant goodness!


November 10, 2016


I recently played on an ampeg on my US an ampeg preamp DI for live gigs ..... this plugin is just heaven for me... i cud just crank the knobs without even the neighbours knowing.... just too many flavours in one solid authentic emulation....

D. Shacallis

November 8, 2016


Love this plug in. Very close to the real thing. Using it on every bass track

C. Hickin

November 8, 2016

Best bass plugin ever.

Why break your back lugging a massive bass cab into the studio when this sounds as good.

741-760 of 1016 Results