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Analog Classics Pro Bundle


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Analog Classics Pro Bundle

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F. Gonzalez

September 5, 2012

The best vocal compressor. Period!

What can I say about this awesome plugin that doesn't being said before?, just insert it in any vocal channel and it does its magic, always in a great way.

I have also used it in classical music with great results.

Will never look back on this!

M. Zimolag

August 24, 2012

good for vocal

My first use of this plugin is the path of vocal
I'm very happy
delicate setting adds color that is difficult to describe

M. Rey

August 7, 2012

Major upgrade to my "bread & butters". The impact on my mixes were heard immediately. I use less vibe plugs overall as I'm dialing that in with all the options I have available in the 1176 collection. The AE is a great plug for EVERYTHING, just clean gain. The Rev A is great for adding warmth & heat & the LN Rev E is just your classic 1176 that grabs like we remember them. I want for nothing now that I have the 1176 collection in my arsenal. I feel like I can do an entire mix with them alone. The UAD Fairchild still gets some love & the excellent Softube FET gets used for parallels & backing tracks, but the heavy lifting duties, I know what I'm choosing first. Be careful with that demo button, once you hear them...

A. Theakston

August 7, 2012

I use this at work to smooth out speech on video interviews - it's such a lifesaver for that. Acts transparently (you don't get obvious pumping effects at moderate reduction levels) but still with a classy sounding body to the result.

Obviously couldn't be any easier to apply, just adjust Peak Reduction to taste, and the compressor acts program-independently so you can rein-in huge chunks of audio without a need to automate changes to not overcook any part of it. Set and forget!

Perhaps that makes me sound lazy, but with lots to get done in a day - it's a workhorse.

M. Ideses

July 31, 2012

At first it may seem that the 1176 collection is a set of small variations of the traditional 1176. But it is much more than that!
The 1176 Rev A compressor (silver face with the blue stripe) is a completely different version of the classic with an amazing presence of mid-high frequencies and harmonics. He makes his drum set to sound lively and colorful. I was completely in love with Rev A. Test it in their overs and room mics and you'll understand what I'm saying.
1176 The Rev D version is a smooth, excellent for low and mid-low frequencies.
The AE 1176 is very versatile and works well with almost anything. The AE replaced my traditional 1176.

R. Rodriguez

July 19, 2012

A very subtle compressor when compared to the 1176 in my opinion. Two knobs and a couple of switches, how much more minimalist can you get. Truly analog sound qualities. I Love this and all the UA plugins I own, I dont think im ever going to use a cracked plugin again.

B. Busch

June 15, 2012

I'm really please with these. They nail the TEXTURE of the various '76 boxes, which is important. The A has that nice gritty, yet present tone. I also love having the slow attack & 2:1 settings of the AE model. And the Rev E sounds pretty much like my hardware. Also points for offering the other multi-button settings! I'm a big fan of 4+8 on snare & vocals, since all buttons is often too much for me.

I did ding it a star. The input control feels too hot. I'm often running below 48, while my hardware will be near 30 for similar sounds. Not a sonic problem or a deal breaker, but it doesn't give you much room to dial in your sound at more subtle settings. I would've liked to see a more practical amount of usable headroom there.

M. Mccloskey

May 21, 2012

really nice- much more 'color' than the 1st version. Grabs a little faster too, if desired. The new pre-sets are good jumping off points, although usually a little extreme for my purposes. Easy to find one that's close and tweak from there.

K. Jones

April 29, 2012

Having been considering purchasing a 2-1176 previously I was keen to hear the new 1176 collection. I have been working on some childrens choirs recently and my other compressors just weren't doing it for me. Until I demo'd the 1176 (silver) plug. I have to say the sheen it added with minimal effort was most impressive. Having always been underwhelmed by the previous classic 1176 plugins, this was a pleasant surprise. I can highly recommend these new versions, so far good results with choirs and vocals. Recommended.

J. Nemitz

April 4, 2012

Just shot it out against all 1176 modeled plugins (you know the ones) ... I also rent a lot of these so i know what to expect.

These plugins are simply the best compressor plugins I've used to date. Like the hardware, your setup is as fast as ever and the tones are true to life. The blue stripe is absolutely a vocal monster. The AE sounds absolutely polished and the updated LN is exactly what you'd expect from a standard kit 1176. The types of tones available with these guys are going to shape the future of digital audio I'll be the first to admit.

The ONLY difference I've ever noticed with certain hardware pieces is the dark character of some of the rentals i've used... not that it was a good thing. However, these are much warmer than any other plugs you can try so you simply won't have any harshness to worry about.

These are exciting times for young producers/mixers and a well deserved congrats for the developer.

E. Walker

August 24, 2011

The LA-2A is the most simple yet effective way of leveling vocals I have ever encountered! I use this daily.

C. Hilding

June 30, 2011

The LA2A is a legendary compressor/limiter with a very warm sound, and is absolutely fantastic for acoustic guitars, pianos and vocals or anything else where you want to warm up and fatten up the sound. Two knobs are all that's between you and deep, warm, gooey audio bliss.

D. Ralph

August 23, 2007

I gotta be careful with this one.
Did you hear that rumor about that guy who hates La2a's? Well here i am!
Yes it's true, i have always hated this piece of equipment, it's a horrible little box in my opinion.
As always though there is a however.
After hearing a shootout between this and the real one i can honestly say i hate this plugin just as much!
Which is a testement to UA for recreating it so "beautifully"

Jokes aside if you want the features of a La2a then this plug fills those boots almost to perfection.

100% recommended :P

T. Frisk

April 5, 2004

Am I first...? Well, the LA2 sounds fat. Use it mainly for drums and bass, and its a joy to use it every time.

Normally with computerized compressors they sounds bad when they working hard. But this is no the case with LA2 - it sounds good even when it is working hard. Behaves like a good hardware compressor.

This is my favourite compressor.

K. Hegyi

March 31, 2015

This is TOP STUFF but we need a PRO VERSION!!!








J. Toth

April 18, 2013

Great Sound But Lack Modern Plugin Features

These plugins sound great. They are without a doubt the most realistic software emulations of analog hardware compressors I've ever heard. However, like all UAD plugins, they really slow down my workflow in Pro Tools because they can be a bit tricky to set up with a mouse alone. Not being allowed to enter numeric values on the pots, no undo button, and no easy switching between the three models can really make it difficult to compare different settings. Being able to punch in a number on the pots and a feature to allow switching between the 3 different models with a click of a mouse would be welcome additions.

K. Dietz

December 14, 2013

Not much difference, to my ear...

I use the Pultec Pro Legacy plugin all the time- on vocals, acoustic guitar, piano...I did an A/B between the old and new Pultec plugins on these same sources, and I must admit, I hear only a very slight difference (new version seems to maintain the low mid character of the source material, old version seems to dip the low mids a little, giving it a slight perceivably brighter sound). Overall I find them so close that I'd rather continue using the Pultec Legacy and spend my money on a different plugin. They sound great, don't get me wrong, but for now I'm good with the Legacy Pultec.

M. Olsen

July 12, 2013

Not the trump I was hoping for...

The Pultec Pro (classic) has been the primary EQ in my mastering chain for several years. I just completed an A/B test. I like the smoothness and warmth of the new set (sans lo/hi-cut). But by comparison the new EQs jointly lack the punch of the original. In fact, I'm going to be sticking with the original for my mastering work. It's just not worth sacrificing the midrange punch I get through the original.

I anticipated this would be a no brainer upgrade for me like the 1176 and LA-2 compressors were, but it's simply not. I pray to my higher power that UA NEVER discontinues the older versions. Ultimately, it's probably good to have both versions, but for now, I'll spend my dough on something else.

D. Ralph

February 15, 2013

Very excellent

With these new versions i just jumped straight in and tried them at 96khz against my new UA hardware.
Closest to the hardware as far as attack and release goes, attack still a little sharp compared to hardware. Tone is beautiful, although it does tend to go a little thin at heavy compression.
More hifi, slower attack also i feel, not too keen TBH.
attack is closest to my hardware, release is dog slow, tone is muted but warm.
UA HW reissue.
I have to compare it to this purely because it is a real la2a, IMO these plugs are great but i prefer my HW for tone and compression character, it doesn't suck life when hit hard like the plugs can, im not talking huge but its noticeable.
would get if didnt have HW

P. Mygind

May 3, 2012

After using the "old" 1176 emulations, for some years now, I thought it was about time to get a hardware 1176. But after demoing the new 1176 Classic Limiter Plug-In Collection, there was no doubt: The new emulation sounded so good and added that extra "something" to my mixes. So I upgraded and cant see the need for a hardware unit at the moment. -Now I even got many good sounding software instances instead of just one hardware 1176.

61-80 of 2832 Results