Analog Classics Pro Bundle

Analog Classics Pro Bundle


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Analog Classics Pro Bundle

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L. Wolfe

March 19, 2013

Great character - impossible to make it sound bad

I haven't used a hardware Pultec but if this plugin is even 1/4 as good it truly is the holy grail it's rumored to be. The top is open and airy, the phasey tube quality is warm and pleasant on guitar and voice. You can get very aggressive without sounding awful. The MEQ is a very useful addition for going from just character to a bit of sculpting.

G. Piazza

March 16, 2013

Good but more subtle than the 1176 updates

These are not the breakthrough plugins the new 1176 collection is. They are good, but the two early models are a bit dark, laggy and almost muddy. There is variety, but less useful variety than the 1176 collection.

The Silver is good, but it is not far from the earlier LA2a plugin. The differences are somwewhat subtle. A little thicker and a tad slower. The Limiter mode is better; more useful than the original plugin and more like the Hardware - this is the real winner.

I've only worked with the Silver hardware, so I can't comment on how the other two hardware units sound - probably dark, laggy and a tad muddy! They were early 50's units after all!

C. Soulos

February 25, 2013

Fat and Friendly

The is something going on at UAD that makes me a very happy little Vegemite.
I've always been envious what the hardware did to the sound that was falling short in the original digital LA2A plug in that these new releases reconciled without a glitch.
Thank you UAD

J. Moreland

February 23, 2013

Yowzah !!

Now that's a fine piece of vintage analog gear! Had a sax player send me a solo he'd played into a clip on mic plugged in to his mbox (well played, just very little fidelity or dimensionality). Then I downloaded the UAD2 v6.5 software and started that LA-2A collection demo. Wow, what a difference 10 years makes. With that "Silver" version pushed hard, I swear I can hear the output transformer, tubes and maybe even the faint crackle of a bad patch cable. In that (formerly) lifeless track I can hear the bell of the sax. A tight bottom end that wasn't there before. This LA-2A has a slightly aggressive edge, a bite that makes tracks not just sit in a mix, but sit up straight and pay attention! Don't get me started on what it does for vocals.

D. Coleman

February 17, 2013

Feels Like Home

Shockingly dead on to the hardware ! Warm , Friendly, and feels like home ! Can't get over how accurate it is based on years of using the hardware.

F. Fraikin

January 18, 2013

I was skeptical

But waow you guys did a great job on this one! This is a great buy! I have the original plug 1176 from UAD that I didn’t use that much.
This one is on a totally different league especially the rev A my favourite on vocals, bass, guitars, drums. I’m a happy owner of an original UREI and the way this one reacts is very close, in fact it’s like having a second (heuu many second ones lol ) at hand with a slightly different colour (which is good) it's so “real” good job UA I wish you could do the same with ShadowHills, I do have one (Hardware mastering compressor) that I use every single day and your emu is way too far from the original, bad advertisement for the hardware…in fact I am using the plug, but only as a recall "sheet" ;-)

O. Vehert

December 18, 2012

too much comp will kill you!!

when i use another 1176 plugin from another brand, i never reach this quality of emulation... less cpu and it will be perfect!!

K. Dudley

December 11, 2012

Most accurate plug yet!!

I have the actual hardware unit and these are scary close. I still prefer the hardware most of the time (not all) but just by a hair. At this point I use the hardware on the way in and use the plugin during mixing. Best of both worlds. For how low the price on these are its a no brainer. Best soft 1176 on the market

M. Gustafson

December 6, 2012

Best Yet!

You think you have a real 1176 sound out of other manufacturers plugins? Not even close. These are the reel deal. the price for 3 revisions of this workhorse may be the best part. You owe it to yourself to try them.

S. Hitchell

December 5, 2012

Authentic emulations to the core.

I very seldom find myself so engaged by software but with emulations like these it's hard to deny the unique tonality and characteristics software bring to the mixing equation. I'll still always be a bit of a push over when it comes to hardware units but with plugin's like these it's no wonder people are thinking inside the box.

With love from Echospace.
Stephen Hitchell

C. Cote

November 27, 2012

So many uses...

These compressors really do live up to the hype. Each compressor has a distinct sound, but they all work great on a variety of instruments. Recently, I used the AE with a 2:1 ratio on my drum buss, the Black Rev E on the guitar bus, and the Rev A on individual bass tracks. These comps really added punch, clarity and space to my tracks. Fantastic job on these compressors, they are outstanding! Thanks UA!

B. Rotella

November 21, 2012


Amazing!!! One of the best ever!! So impressed with the sound of these plugins... I can't express enough how real these are! Get them if you don't have them yet one of the best investments you will make!!

J. Manes

November 20, 2012

Great go to compressors

From drum subs, to Vx, go to digital plugs with analog feel and sound

J. Lardinois

November 10, 2012

The Real 1176LN.

There are a lot of misconceptions about this compressor. Rather, there are many misleading names.

Some people call it a compressor, some a leveler, some colorful, and some even names like transient shaper, or dynamics processor.

But really, it's one thing and one thing only... or best. A magical all-purpose limiter.

This limiter is at the top of my signal chain on every track, and the results are soul-shaking. Just put the attack and release 100% clockwise, 20:1 ratio, and set to 1-2dB gain reduction, with makeup as needed.

Enjoy your new-found mixing talent.

J. Laurendeau

November 6, 2012

1176's that sound like 1176's

These are definitely some serious emulations that really capture the essence of the 1176. The attack settings seem to react much more similarly to hardware 1176's (the old 1176ln plugin never did in my opinion)not to mention the distortion characteristics are really close to the real thing. You get three unique compressors in this package, and though they are all 1176's they all sound very different.

S. Beckham

October 11, 2012

Everyone should try a threesome!

They all have unique flavor, The price is right, and most of all you'll use them ALL THE TIME!
For in your face vocals, and slammin Drums....ALL BUTTONS IN!
Seven Beckham; A Moth Aglow

J. Martin

October 4, 2012


Amazing bundle, definitely my favourite software compressors. Because I think the original UAD 1176 plug is pretty decent, I was a little hesitant to even try the new versions because I didn't think that they would worth the time. Totally wrong, they use a ton of processing power, but are well worth it. So good in fact, I literally traded my EL8X Distressor for an 1176LN reissue!

Best UAD plugin, followed by the Studer and the EMT 140.

P. Mildenberg

September 20, 2012

As close as it get's

when i installed UAD's Pultec pro eq i really noticed the difference with other plugins that claimed to be something like the original Pultec eq.In the past when analog was king i used to work in a recording studio recording some of the most important hits that
populated the charts in my country Colombia and many other countries in the world.
at the time we used tu burn laquers as a final master of our mix i always liked to play with the pultec eq to correct poor eqs and give some weight to the mixes in question,it was allways a wonderfull tool to get results.Now days almost 30 years later i found the same feeling in UAD's Pultec Pro.its as close as it get's to analog feel in the digital domain.excellent tool to fix and warm up saggy mixes.

A. Medina

September 12, 2012

Amazing sound

It's work very well for me!!!......................

C. Bailey

September 9, 2012


Makes things sound how I want them to! This plugin is great!

41-60 of 2832 Results