Analog Classics Pro Bundle

Analog Classics Pro Bundle


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Analog Classics Pro Bundle

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J. Boydstun

November 13, 2014

It sounds the same...

The same as my thousands in hardware I used to have!! I got all the new collections of the classics and I honestly think they're do everything I always grabbed them for in the real world. Love this UA system. I missed letting my studio go when I retired, but now I have it all back, for a lot less...LOL

B. Maile

November 9, 2014

The Vocal Compressor

The easiest and one of the most beautiful way of compressing Vocals. Its natural and smooth sound is unbeatable.

D. Emmanuel

May 21, 2014

Great UA 610

The UA 610 gives a distinctive sound response that is in the top class of any tube preamp plug-in that is available.
The UA 610 TubePreamp plug-in has all the needed warmth that gives any sound going thru it a remarkable response.

M. Gair

April 24, 2014


a great product, whether it be for the bedroom studio or pro set up this is a valuable tool in your arsenal. The digital tide is turning!

S. Tib

April 15, 2014

1176 AE Great compressor on Bass and drums

Since I read that the daft punk used a lot the 1176 and LA2-A Hardware for their last Album Random access memory, I wanted to get the similar vibe with some air space and live feel on a disco track.
I used the 1176 AE mainly on bass and Drums, it adds some depth, warmth, space, air, a little bit of pleasant noise and space (similar to a natural subtle reverb or some analog hardware breath).
I wasn't really impressed by the the 1176 LN or SE but when I tried the 1176 AE, I understood why so many studio are using it. It just works so nicely I can only recommend you to test it and forget the LN and SE version.
On bass I combine it to the LA2-A + pulteq EQ-1A + Bx Saturator
On Drums, I combine it with the pulteq EQ-1A + Bx Saturator

T. Munck

April 5, 2014

Another home run for UA!

I got the 610B with my Apollo twin, and was pretty impressed with the plugin. It seemed to add very nice qualities to any recorded signal. But then I demoed the 610A and I'm still blown away by the euphonic sound!

The 610A is quickly becoming a must-have tool for my music projects. I cannot A/B against a real 610 hardware but IMHO these emulations are yet again a "level up" in modelled nonlinear audio processing. The Unison technology has vast potential and no doubt UA will introduce more sonic goodness as Unison pre plugins in the near future.

My only gripe with this plugin is the intense DSP cost (justifiable because of the sound, but still!). Hopefully (solid state?) upcoming pre emus will be possible with a smaller DSP footprint?

A. Joyce

March 30, 2014

Bangin PI but it doesn't drive like the hardware...

You can hear the color and it's a nice addition to any track but it certainly doesn't act like it's hardware counterpart when you drive it hard. Bit of a resource hog as well... I'm sure it will come in handy for something. This is one I should have test drove first... my bad.

K. Balazy

March 18, 2014

Having this technology at your fingertips is inspiring.

Amazing, the addition of the unison technology and the 610-B Tube Preamp to the Apollo interfaces has been yet another solidifying factor in continually making me know that going with Apollo for my interface was beyond worth it. Warm smooth beautiful, really a winner.

D. Schroader

March 14, 2014

Super usable & sonically interesting preamp "emulator"

I put "emulator" in the title but I don't really feel like I'm using an emulation when I pull this plugin up, it just feels and sounds natural's a natural extension of the simple but extremely competent preamp already installed in the apollos .. It's a different color and a usable one at that. I think vocals , bass ,piano , drum overhead , ac gtr, and even electric gtr all can benefit from what this plug does... And being able to switch the impedance of the pre opens even more doors for a sonic shift when tracking.
Only downsides I've encountered are extra high DSP usage and it's not the most usable or interesting plugin to use in a mix.. Seems to work better in conjunction with the preamp more so than as a stand alone plugin.

C. \'max\'

March 13, 2014

THE 'sound' I remember, thank you

As an Apollo owner, I was VERY happy to receive 1/2 of the UA610preamps plugin: UA610'B'. About 10 years ago I had a small recording studio, primarily centered around my UA 2-610 pres. Everything went through those 1st. I was young, poor with an appetite 4 sonic excellence. But life's funny, I'd some life changes & found myself giving up my studio spot then selling most of my gear piece by piece, including my 2-610. Over the last 3 years Ive had the chance 2 build my little recording lab up to something fun again. 1st I bought a 710 & Solo card, last year I made a big splash with an Apollo. Though, IMHO, I never figured 2 afford a 610 again. Verdict: the 610B Plug sounds JUST as I recall, NAILED it! I'll track a TON with it via UAD console.

J. Mathews

March 10, 2014

Game Changer

Connect your Strat to the Apollo HIZ input and dial in just the right amount of gain from 610-B and you'll understand how much of a game changer this technology really is. I've put the 610 B as the first link in my chain and EVERYTHING got warmer , bigger and wider. It plays well with ANY plugin during mixing as well. A truly revolutionary step forward in digital technology. Well done UA.

P. Aitman

March 10, 2014

Superb product which adds massive value to an already excellent interface.

I was sceptical at just what this would add to the PRE's in the Apollo. However that was blown away once I inserted this into the Unison slot in the Console.
Superb Clarity and the ability to go from clean to mild overdrive on the input is superb. The impedance switching really does make a difference to the source.
Driving this plugin hard with an instrument input with a Telecaster then into OWS with a Re-Amp preset can get some great vintage style tones.
The EQ is deceptively simple but shapes the tone in all the right places.

E. Neeley

March 9, 2014

One of the best virtual hands on experiences I've had thous far....

This plugin clearly speaks for itself. One of the best plugins I've ever worked with. Has the feeling of a true analog strip,and sounds as good as the beach boys themselves says it does. I love the evolutionary status the UAD Plugins have brung to the table.. Hands down UAD , Hands down....

M. Whipple

March 9, 2014

organic acid test

I'm a synthesist who doubles on flute. I gave the 610-B a real acid test: used it on a soloed Logic instrument flute sample. The 610B came within a fraction of making me believe I had recorded an acoustic flute, not a sample. "Warmth" may be one of the most overused and ill-defined terms to describe sound, but I can think of no other word--other than "organic"-- to describe the magic of the 610B: turned something virtual into something virtually acoustic. Great sounding plug-in--THANKS!

J. Grefsrud

March 9, 2014

Great sound and innovation

This is a hybrid plugin/hardware-preamp, fantastic idea. The impedance actually changes in the analog world, when you flip the switch (if you have an Apollo and use it in console). Very cool. And the eq is so smooth, one of the best I've heard.
Just wish my Apollo would stop disabling plugins all the time..

J. Carmo

March 8, 2014

Sounds like the Hardware

I have LA-610MK2. When i first track with this plugin using my Apollo quad, i feel it sounds different than the hardware, but when i mixed it it was very near the hardware. Congratulations UA

J. Kucerik

March 8, 2014

Great sounding pre plugin

I'll be honest, I can't compare this plugin to the original hardware; however, I love what I hear, and how seamlessly it works with my Apollo in the preamp slot. Added smooth, warm character to my vocals. It's definitely replacing a couple hardware units I have.

T. Suliman

March 8, 2014


I instantly noticed the sound being in focus and having a 3-D quality. Warm and present. A great bargain. I can't wait for more preamp emulations!

R. Rutle

March 8, 2014

What a wonderful tool

This changes everything for me. I always load it up and see what it can do to a sound I plan to record.
I have a Fender Twin Amp with a drive channel, but it does not go that far when it comes to gain. So I load up either the A or the B version, depending on whichever I prefer for that sound. Push the 610 til I get the most wonderful compression that smoothes out a slightly harsh and incomplete guitar sound.
It's the kind of compression I have only experienced from an actual guitar amp, and have been hoping someone would be able to capture in a plug-in.
Here it is !
And the incredible fatness of the A-version eq, comes into use with this kind of amp too.
I love the way I can shape the sound for the better with this plug-in

Robert Rutle

D. Guerzoni

March 8, 2014


It sounds exactly like the real 610 that i have in my studio.

21-40 of 4196 Results