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Customer Reviews

Apollo 16

Overall Rating

81-100 of 105 Results

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J. Lawton

December 29, 2015

Great product with room for improvement.

The UAD plugins were too compelling to not transition from my Apogee Symphony IO system of 3 years, conversion sounds great without a noticeable difference.

Feedback would be to incorporate 2 independent headphone outputs, simpler configuration of IO's with Pro Tools and automatic switching to the Mac's sound card when the Apollo 16 is switched off (Symphony did this).

Otherwise fantastic and well thought out product.

S. Gouillard

December 22, 2015

Perfect for external gear!

Crystal clear superb converter! Just what i need for my external gear.

S. Aubry

December 19, 2015

APOLLO 16!!!

Having tried several different interfaces from 3 of the other popular interface makers, and having read lots of reviews and watched all the promo videos, I expected the Apollo 16 silver face to be a nice step up in quality from those other guys. But I have to say, this interface and the plugins have far exceeded my expectations. The sound is open, airy and very balanced, while staying clean with lots of headroom. All the plugins I've tried so far are much better sounding than my API and Waves/SSL plugins. Great job Universal Audio


December 18, 2015

Hands down the best interface I've ever owned

I've just purchased the Apollo 16 mk2 and love the entirety of it. Being just a regular person with a serious passion for recording I couldn't ask for any thing better. It was simple to get started works flawlessly.


December 17, 2015


Now I have the Apollo 16 mkII, It sounds great, True Stereo Width, Loads & Lot of Headroom compare to my two FF800 and I would also say to my it's up to a Mastering Standard Converter.
For now, I still have problem hooking up my EMU Proteus 2000 Synth and the problem has always been the Humming Feedback I get when i try to sequence a Midi track in Logic Pro X.
Anyone with solution should feel free to contact me via email:

S. Barbara

December 14, 2015

In love

Love, love, love my UA Apollo 16 and combined with the Neve 5059 Summing Mixer I have gone to the next level. I struggled for a year with my console, and will never look back.

H. Wichmann

November 29, 2015

Good quality, easy setup

It took less than 5 minutes to install & run setup for the system.
It just works!
Only thing that could be improved is I/O routing, it should be easier to use external FX units.

S. Robertson

November 22, 2015


As always happy as larry!!! Also won a free Quad DSP Accelerator with the promotion.. Now I have 12 x DSP .. Serious Stuff :) Cheers

K. Snyder

November 21, 2015

Really Great!!! but.....

Love all the apollo gear. Its an excellent sounding piece. But doing punches on large scale tracking sessions gets a bit tricky with monitoring playback. But its still doable.

C. Allen

November 4, 2015

The upgrade they promised

I just upgraded from a silver apollo to the 16 mkII. The converters are definitely an upgrade. Running through my mixer, and the same 2buss chain as before, I'm hearing more depth and width in my mixes. Very impressed.

E. King

November 3, 2015

Exactly What My Studio Was Needing!

I purchased the Apollo 16 (MKII - Black) because I simply couldn't afford to outfit my studio with all the outboard gear that I wanted. Prior to getting the UAD Apollo 16, I was using a 16 Channel console with fire wire output as my interface to my DAW. While I was certainly getting excellent pro quality - I wanted to step up the quality of the signal going into the recording. Apollo 16 did exactly that. I ran some previous recordings thru the Apollo 16 and paired up with my studio monitors, I was immediately hearing more clarity and detail in the mix.
PROS: The sound quality, clarity, excellent DSP processing, amazing plugins

CONS: A bit pricey for the average home-project studio user. No Thunderbolt Cable Included :-(

S. Puzhaev

October 19, 2015

Apollo 16 NO Preamps

First of all This is a really SUPER PRODUCT!
But at secondary thats really unbelievable what this unit haw NO PREAMPS!!! For me it was a Shock!!))
Any way Thanx Universal Audio for that brilliant in my studio!!!

M. Burger

October 7, 2015


I have just finished putting together a studio that consists of 2 new Apollo 16 Mark II, two older Apollo (Silver - 4 Mic Pres) Thunderbolt and an Audient ASP4816 Analog mixing board. All Apollo boxes driven thru the Thunderbolt interconnect. The System went together very cleanly. The Console and core audio interfaces worked extremely well with my DAW (Logic Pro X) driven by a Mac Pro. Could not be happier. I have run all send and returns thru the Apollo boxes so not only can use all 16 line and mic pre from the board as I/O, but I can insert Universal's plug in either in the front end for real time processing or in the signal chain for the mix down!!!! I do believe I now have the best of both worlds; Analog access with Digital control!!

P. Sandrini

September 28, 2015

Excellent audio interface :)

Excellent my new Apollo 16 mk II , is already part of the heart of my studio setup , paired with another Apollo 16 simply with a Thunderbolt cable it's really quick to install .. Delighted also by the revisited AD/DA converters.. really happy!


September 20, 2015

why, why, why????

a non-usable madi port, no dante either... why?? this could be a great unit to bring in for live shows, but without any usable connections it's just a big disappointment. why are you doing this, uad??

M. Ryder

August 28, 2015

Silver Apollo 16MK1 Vs Black MK2

I own the silver Apollo 16 and also the black MK2 Apollo 16 and the converters are amazing on the new MK2 that's not to say they aren't great on the silver version but I'm seriously thinking about selling the silver and buying another MK2. I also have a PrismSound Laya converter (which I use to master onto from my Neve summing mixers) both the UAD and PrisumSound converters are the best I have ever heard there is no compromise at all with UAD in fact having their converters and the processing for their plugins in one unit just puts UAD into the realms of the KINGs
If you're considering anything else you really need your head examined. This is as PRO as gear can get! and it's build for the future! Buy it and you'll never look back.

M. Devine

July 4, 2015

pretty damn great except..

My Apollo 16 (silver) is just great. It runs smooth and sounds brilliant.
Sort of sucks that the new one came out 2 weeks after i bought mine, and it now claims to be substantially better.

Also, the console program has various bugs that need fixin' but other than that, its all G

M. Devine

July 4, 2015

pretty damn great except..

My Apollo 16 (silver) is just great. It runs smooth and sounds brilliant.
Sort of sucks that the new one came out 2 weeks after i bought mine, and it now claims to be substantially better.

Also, the console program has various bugs that need fixin' but other than that, its all G

D. Gentry

July 1, 2015

Great Product

I love my Apollo 16, I actually just ordered a second one. It sounds great and I like having the DSP, I wish it had an OCTO option but other than that I have no complaints about it.

M. Mainz

June 26, 2015

Only MAC?

I just wanted to by two of this lovely Units.
But its only for MAC and I´m on a PC.

81-100 of 105 Results