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Apollo x4

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G. Withagen

May 20, 2020

The X4 changed my way of recording

The X4 is a very nice design with all in- and outputs on the right side: guitar and headphones on the front and mics and line out on the backside. The interface is very versatile, so many possibilities for routing and using pre-amps and plugins without latency. Having 4 (or 12) inputs is great for recording vocals, guitars etc. The overall quality is very good. It is not the cheapest interface but it dramatically changes the way that I'm recording now.

J. Van Diest&Duchesne

May 19, 2020

Apollo x4

This desktop interface has it all ! Digital i/o Rules ! The processing Rocks as expected .. I thought I was Lucky to own A Twin mk ll but was able to update at a good price and the resale of My Twin brought me Top Dollar .. Everyone is Happy .. Get Tracking !!! Oh Keep Up The Good Work UA PPLS !!

K. Weigert

May 16, 2020

Great, great, great!

Without words!

K. Weigert

May 16, 2020

Great, great, great!

Without words!

r. Hipolito

May 15, 2020

This interface Is very good sound

B. Forpahl

May 14, 2020

Fantastic Gear

I am using this for a podcast studio. It hass everything needed all in one box. I cant believe I lived without it for so long. It is easily portable and can handle all the processing in real time so I can take a direct out to a recorder and use it, not just as a backup, without needing to render. The expandability with ADAT is also a huge plus although I mostly use 2-4 mics.

M. Blasquez

May 10, 2020

Great sound. Didn’t miss a trick

There is literally nothing bad I can say about this set up. The sound difference in switching from brand “A” was immediate and very pleasing. The options, sound / build quality, documentation, tutorial videos...the whole package is flawless.

D. LaMacchia

May 10, 2020

Has inspired my playing, sounds brilliant

I had been eyeing the Apollo audio interfaces for a while after a friend demonstrated the versatility of the plugins. I wanted something small and portable to take to rehearsal sessions, but with more than two 1/4" inputs (without chaining) for guitar, a mic, some synths. When the Apollo X4 was announced, I knew that this device fit the bill. What I hadn't expected was how the X4 would drastically improve my tone and encourage me to play. My old interface sounded thin by comparison.

The only thing I wish the Apollo X4 had is a physical button to mute any of the input channels -- I have to do that from the Console app or dial down each channel individually.

K. Knight

May 7, 2020

The rumours are true - the sound is absolutely excellent

Although that's not what I'm most impressed about. The attention to detail is what impresses me. For example all other sound cards I've used have had a monitor destroying click each time I've changed the sample rate. Apollo doesn't do that; only silence. Only that is worth the upgrade!

m. peraldo

May 7, 2020

Great desktop interface!!

Love the Apollo X4, super versatile interface with lot of i/o!
It’s great it has 2 hp out and optical out!
Good construction quality too!

N. Boerenveen

May 6, 2020

The Best

Never heard better really professional, but expensive do something about it please

N. Boerenveen

May 6, 2020

The Best

Never heard better really professional, but expensive do something about it please

B. Lepsch

May 4, 2020

Simply the best interface out there

I had countless interfaces during the last two decades, my last one was a top end Rme model, but the X4 offers way more !
Earring the unisson preamps was like a revelation to me, and the addition of the 4 DSP and the incredible Analog classic bundle pushed my music and my mixes to a whole new level.
Incredible user friendly Uad console is a time saver and once you taste Uad stuff you realize that there will be a before and after !

Thanks UA guys

F. Killander

May 2, 2020

Living up to the hype

I'm just blown away. I bought the x4 after using a Zoom U-22 for some years. My Apollo lived up to every expectation I had - and more. The zero latency, the plug-ins, the work flow improve. incredible.

M. Griffo

April 30, 2020

Truly Epic

I bought an Arrow unit, I brought it on a trip and I really love it, I wanted some more power though and the Apollo X4 is perfect.

With the Arrow unit and the Twin you only have one headphone out. So I was splitting a headphone jack between two different types of headphones and it just wasn’t quite right.

I knew I wanted to use a portable unit for collaborating, so this truly was perfect for me. It has plenty of inputs, two headphone jacks, and it’s so simple to use.

I had an Apollo 8p and I got the X4 and I’m glad I did. I know I’ll eventually get an X8p in conjunction with the X4, but for now this is all I need and it’s perfect.

O. Knight

April 18, 2020


What a beast of an interface.
Got this along with some other investment to improve my home set up to be able to go to the studio less during the Covid19 lockdowns.
I had been using a relatively low cost Alesis interface but the quality was lacking compared to my studio converters (Apogee) and I found the headphone amp just wasn’t giving me enough. Not to throw shade at the old interface, it was cheap and cheerful and served me well for many years when I wanted to do some basic writing or production away from my studio.
Now, working for high profile clients I need to be able to trust my setup to make critical decisions even when I can’t be at my studio. The X4 has delivered.
Setting up was so simple, it sounds incredible, converters are impressive, noticeably more defined stereo image and sharper transients compared to my old budget mobile interface.
I am hugely impressed with the quality and power of the headphone amp, it drives my T1’s and HD700’s effortlessly.
A wonderful, beautifully thought out and designed interface.

l. batterbury

April 16, 2020

Can I Just Say .....apollo x4

Ok guys,
If ANYONE is thinking of buying one of these -do it. Period. The converters are awesome. Huge space in a mix. massive headroom. Instant gratification from unison technology. Here are my favourites-
2.STUDER 800

Just so good guys, and the apollo x4 is just brilliant. GET IT. Thanks again UAD.

H. Lang

April 2, 2020

Just the best!!!

Yes, the switch to UAD was worth it for me and I can only recommend it to everyone. I used to have Waves, iZotope .... etc. and I never got such a good sound (analog) as with UAD. Especially with very little twirling effects, you can quickly get a great result. I put a video online a few days ago, and was contacted by three people about what I use for software .....
I work with Mac and the Apollo X4.
Thanks to the UA team and keep it up !!! .... Lg Hely

A. Loparco

April 1, 2020

Apollo x4, absolutely blown away!

I just wanted to leave a review for anyone who is contemplating purchasing this interface. I absolutely love it and could not be happier with the quality and value that I was provided. I was having a tough time deciding between the X4 and the Twin X, however am happy I choose the X4. So far the inputs have served me well, giving me enough flexibility to record anything that has come my way so far. Also, I am happy that in the future there are several options to expand my I/O's. I would highly recommend this interface!

A. Nesse

March 31, 2020

Apollo X4, best interface in its class

Love it for the 4 preamps and the two headphone outs. 100% stable with my mac running logic. Absolutely top notch plugins, and even though they are pricy they seem worth it. Its a genius business model and will probably ruin me at some point... This is a serious piece of equipment, cant think of anything that matches it at this price point

181-200 of 240 Results