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Customer Reviews

Apollo x4

Overall Rating

181-200 of 261 Results

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July 7, 2020

Very Very AMazing GooD~!Good~! Good~!

This Apollo X4 베리 베리 굿 굿 굿


July 4, 2020

Amazing upgrade! Works great with Ryzen 9 & ASRock Creator x570

Top of the line upgrade from my old Focusrite Pro-40. Quality of the X4 is amazing, built like a tank. I'm using two optical cables to connect the old Pro-40 for 8 more I/O's Very glad I decided to get this unit instead of saving more for the 8p. And in case anyone is wondering, yes it works perfectly with Ryzen 9 3950x, ASRock Creator x570 with TB3, on Win10 Pro. Perfect addition to my PCIe OCTO as well. Thanks for a great product UA!

H. Kim

July 4, 2020


Good Quality!

N. Pinto

July 1, 2020

Powerful and amazing

Great piece of gear. The only issue I had was the fact that the thunderbolt 3 cable wasn't included (!>!) so I had to wait an extra day to set it up...

K. McCarley

June 30, 2020

Windows Drivers Need WORK

This device is incredibly powerful, and the plugins make it sound amazing. But the Windows drivers are almost completely unusable. WDM sounds like hot garbage, 32-bit ASIO is non-existent, and sometimes even the 64-bit ASIO generates some digital artifacts. Thankfully, the 64-bit-only ASIO driver clumsily works well enough to run it through VoiceMeeter to use it with everything else. But it's kind of ridiculous that UA hasn't addressed this issue yet, and claims the device works on Windows devices. Clearly that's not entirely true.

A. Kapadia

June 25, 2020

Software setup was tricky, but excellent customer Service

After I received the interface, I followed the instructions on the get started guide. The instructions were fairly simple, but the installation process was extremely buggy. I sent a help request to Universal audio, and followed up with a phone call. The Agent on the phone call, Warren S, sat with me for an hour to help me install the software. The line accidentally disconnected in the middle of the installation process, but within a few minutes, Warren called me back. I was not necessarily pleased when I first tried to set the device up, but with the brilliant customer service help, I was up and running.

R. Graterol

June 18, 2020

Significant step up from Apollo Twin duo

I’m very happy with the x4. The upgrade is significant coming from a Apollo twin duo silver. The quad processing and dsp pairing finally makes dsp tracking good at every level. The unit is lightweight, probably same as the twin which is nice to carry.
Design is beautiful. Can’t recommend this enough, if you can afford it you will be very satisfied.

A. Diederich

June 14, 2020

Great to have this much IO in a desktop format

Great quality unit, sounds phenomenal recording tracks, and the plugins are addictive. I had the arrow, and while this is the gateway, the extra horsepower makes this so much more flexible. Now the arrow goes with me and the MacBook Pro and the Apollo x4 is the hub of the primary machine. Now my daughter and I can track and listen with headphones at the same time. Yeah, it’s a covid purchase but it’s worth every penny even when I’m not stuck at home.

W. Childress

June 14, 2020


All I can say is wow. I waited many years to finally be able afford an Apollo and it was well worth the wait. Very excited to join the UA family.

R. Graterol

June 11, 2020

Significant upgrade from Apollo Duo Mk1

I’m enjoying the X4 a lot. The upgrade from the first generation of Apollo’s is significant. The industrial design is top notch. The quad processing In tandem with dsp pairing takes it to a whole new level for tracking for me.

The unit is super light and sounds great. It is a hefty price, but for those taking recording seriously this is a fantastic tool. Also from a production standpoint, this is a fantastic box. I’m happy with my investment.

A. Edwards

June 9, 2020

To infinity & beyond

The Apollo x4 is literally hardwired into imagination itself! The extra DSP ceiling and architecture allows for your imagination to stretch its’ legs. Wizards are real and they work at Universal Audio.

M. Takahashi

June 5, 2020


The sound from Apollo x4 is magic.
Total balance, bass and all sounds exist vividly.

It’s really useful for private studio or home studio after the era of Covid-19.

Big thanks!!!

C. King

June 5, 2020

Bought a Townsend mic so bought an Apollo x4, then a satellite. I'm hooked!!

So I bought a Sphere L22, and I knew the apollo was essential to use it properly, but now I've discovered the world of UAD pre-amps, blimey.... blown away... !

J. Slavin

June 5, 2020

X4 Everything I thought and more

Bought an Arrow on an impulse.... loved it .
Saw the offer of £840 worth of vocal plugins with the x4, and here we are, I now fancy a complete system x6, x4 and a satellite, so I’ve got a fair bit of kit to shift, I love this stuff, and may even use it live instead of a mixer, looks easily doable, and will be the best live sound I’ve ever had. So, flexible, portable, powerful, it sounds ****** ridiculously good... if you’ve got the cash, buy it, or have a serious look at what you have, and raise a bit of cash with that, you’ll be amazed how many bases it covers

J. Walser

June 4, 2020

Phantastic device, especially with LUNA!

My task was to record a young artist on a Steinway model B. I chose the X4 with 4 great Mics and using LUNA and adding great plugins gave me one hell of a toolset to work with and extremely high fidelity results!

D. Meier

June 2, 2020

Very Nice Product

I'm really happy with the X4. The hardware is top notch and most importantly the usability is really nice and way better compared to other competitors (and I owned a lot of them....)

I would appriciate, if the last loaded plugins would stay persistent after reboot as sometimes I use it as a mixer for two synths...without a computer. The software ecosystem is a bit pricy in my opinion.

D. Faehl

May 29, 2020

Best desktop interface on the market.

Apollo X is hands down the best desktop interface on the market. X converters take the Apollo to a new level. 4 inputs is great for mobile singer songwriter recording because I’ve always liked a stereo mic pair on acoustic guitars and pianos while recording vocalists.

If this is your first UAD device I recommend purchasing the following for vocals:

Neve 1073 preamp
CL1B Compressor (1176 -> LA2A works too)
Studer Tape (makes everything mesh like butter)
Capital Chambers Reverb

You’ll thank me later

A. Gallab

May 28, 2020

Game Changer

I've worked exclusively with a Motu Ultralite until I got an Apollo last week. It has completely changed my work flow and creativity for the better. Entering the UAD Plug-In Universe has given me so much to work with. I don't think that I'll ever go to a proper studio again. I feel re-inspired and so excited about what this will do to my music.

Technically, I am so blown away by the quality of the pre-amps and power of the apollo. I'm even more blown away with how much BETTER my work flow has gotten once I paired this bad boy with a Octo Core Satellite. This has been a complete game changer for me!

R. Nicolazzo

May 23, 2020

I freekin love this device

This interface rocks-the build quality is amazing, flexible size, amazing plugins included! Links perfectly to my live rigg (Apollo 8) to add extra inputs and sends to drummer (click and stereo keys) as well as to my personal QSC speakers for self control of my stage monitoring volume.

Love love love the X-4 !!

Thanks Rachel Z @OzmosysBand

A. Eleftheriadis

May 22, 2020

Stellar unit

This is the ultimate unit for a musician to work at home. Enough inputs to do tracking at home, super powerful DSP with low delay monitoring, and a great physical interface to work with. I have been tracking at home, completing recordings that were started at a top-of-the-line studio here in Greece, and it has been wonderful. We recorded vocals, bouzouki, baglama, accordion, all with superb clarity. Luna has a also proven to be a great tool. I only missed a couple of functions, like moving the playhead with cursor keys, or being able to find the date on specific takes (audio files). I switched from another Thunderbolt unit from a competing vendor, and I very happy that I did. Great work guys.

181-200 of 261 Results