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Customer Reviews

Apollo x4

Overall Rating

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J. Pedraza

November 26, 2023

It’s what I needed

The X4 is amazing. I love Universal Audio and everything they have been doing. This has leveled up my productions and live sound.

j. tansin

October 13, 2023


Randomly crashes, plug ins are so cpu demanding you can buy all the satellites your desk can fit and you'd still run out of cpu. Outside of that its great!

L. Jefferies

October 2, 2023

High Quality

Sounds, looks and feels like quality.

C. Achilli

October 2, 2023

Excellent product

I came from Audient id44 and was looking for something more professional that would meet my needs for recording and mixing. It all started with UAD's DAW, Luna, Which really changed my approach to music. Coming from Logic and Studio One I thought DAWs eventually, they all sounded the same. With Luna I can pretty much always get what I want, with disarming ease and speed. So the Apollo x4 was an organic consequence, between what I wanted and what I expected. Well, it was the best choice. Apart from the fact that the headphone outputs are very powerful (in the iD44 I had to connect an amp) the ease of use goes hand in hand with the aesthetics. The Unison preamps are pure unparalleled magic. The built-in talkback is a treat, the expandability of the interface is in keeping with the type of product purchased (portable but wanting static).
I miss perhaps a bit the button that changed the output to mono against phase, but I can do without it given the countless positives of the X4.
Thank you Universal Audio for giving us these magical products, marriages may have stopped working but with the Apollo's it's love till the end.

L. Jefferies

October 1, 2023

Clean Quality

In very happy with my purchase. I'll link it to my x8 & x16

c. rosario

September 25, 2023

Just Love it

Upgraded from the twin
Love it for mobility, more inputs and outs

Sturdy well-made
And it packs a punch

Kudos to UAD

B. Williams

September 25, 2023

Real Nice

I love this thing. I can take it with me and a Macbook pro and have a great studio anywhere.

A. Diomidov

August 31, 2023

It’s the greatest sound ever I hear!!! Make you sound warm!

It’s the greatest sound ever I hear!!! Make you sound warm! You really can make warm analog sound, no other interfaces can do it. You can record your material in different styles. You can manage all the settings very easily. At the moment, this is the best audio interface, with a huge set of professional, and really working plug-ins.

F. Soto

August 17, 2023

Apollo X4 he best desktop ever!

I needed to upgrade my interface for recording guitars, I have a great arsenal of guitars and amps but I was not satisfied with the recording sounds I was getting. The moment I plugged the headphones in the Apollo I could tell right away this is the real deal. I am in love with the heritage bundle, everything I dreamed of having in my home studio, elegant, minimalist and I love LUNA , my only regret was not making the switch to Apollo earlier. Thank you UA!


August 8, 2023

Apollo x4 is a beast!!!

This is a must for your desktop!!

Z. Gaubas

July 10, 2023

Apollo x4

The sound quality is fantastic, super preamps, sounds very good when using plugins with unison. I was choosing between RME and UAD and chose Apollo. Works great with my Macbook Air M1. Of course, this interface is not cheap, so I would have liked a thunderbolt 3 cable to be added to the package. Overall, I am satisfied with my purchase, I really recommend this interface.

A. Mäkelä

June 27, 2023

A compact box of near perfection

The Apollo x4 is such an amazing audio interface. My instruments seem to have been brought to life through the unison preamps and amps. And when it comes to the UAD plug-in gallery most of it is amazing albeit quite a few of them are showing their age. I do have some gripes though. The interface seems to somewhat amplify the buzz and other noises coming from my pickups or from the wall socket. My previous interface didn’t do this but I think it might be an ok trade off for better sound and since I can alleviate the problem with the C-Axe plugin all tends to be well. But I have to try and make all the noise go away since the Apollo seems to push it in my face a lot. Also it has to be said that I don’t think it’s cool that you have to have an internet connection all the time to basically use the best features of Apollo. But other than that I can’t seem to find anything else to complain about. I really do believe this purchase has and will up my game remarkably. I am using the interface with a Mac so Luna just brings out the best of the unit as well. Really satisfied with my purchase.

F. Denaro

June 10, 2023


I use it on windows and for my needs it do everything! i just buyed motherboard with thunderbolt and happy!

D. Sprogis

May 15, 2023

Totally Blown Away by the Apollo X4

Very impressive sound quality. Makes mixing so much easier with very accurate sound pressure reproduction. Love it!

P. Bartušek

May 1, 2023

Apollo x4

It is the best device in its class.

c. de smet

April 17, 2023

Best purchase ever!

Always had other interfaces for many years , finally updated to the apollo X4 and best choice i ever made !

L. Dozier

March 18, 2023

The Apollo x4 Rocks!!!

The x4 is the best 4 channel portable audio interface on the market! This is my second x4 and I love the fact of having 4 unison mic preamps for plugging up audio equipment quickly like microphones and keyboards without having to go behind rack gear.

J. Tillman

March 17, 2023

Best purchase I’ve made in years.

This is a great desktop investment for anyone who is looking to take their recording/mixing to the next level. So far, I am very impressed with Unison and love the workflow. All in all, the Apollo x4 sounds amazing and really feels like a big step up. I couldn’t be happier!

M. Racanelli

February 19, 2023

Excellent Audio Interface

This device is fantastic. Being able to have unison plugins and processing directly on the device for zero latency track recording is amazing! Having multiple inputs is an absolute plus but you cant go wrong with any of the hardware options!


February 14, 2023


Perfect interface for a home studio. Quality plugins, superior sound and very expandable. Last interface I’ll ever need for my home setup! THANK YOU UNIVERSAL AUDIO

1-20 of 253 Results

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