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Customer Reviews

Apollo x4

Overall Rating

41-60 of 261 Results

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J. West-Oram

December 17, 2022

Excellent Desktop Interface

Just upgraded from Apollo Twin to Apollo x4 and the improvement has gone way beyond my expectations. The Twin has been great (5 years use) but there is so much more I can achieve now with the x4. Setting up was a piece of cake. A wise buy!

Y. Kheng Foong

December 16, 2022

The Best Interface I Owned

ADDA Sound Awesome!

S. Parsons

November 29, 2022

All good except the limited routing

While it is of course a great soundcard it is a real shame that with all of it's inputs and outputs that there is no flex routing. Even the customer support team agree with this, there is no reason other than UAD holding this back deliberately for the more expensive units. Come on UAD, sort this out please, I'm getting tired of impractical workarounds.

D. Criddle

November 23, 2022

Apollo X4 - fantastic interface!

After exhaustively looking at alternatives to upgrade my home recording set-up I decided on the Apollo X4 and absolutely love the improvement in audio quality and workflow. A bonus is the seamless integration with my Softube Console One system for tracking with the Apollo Console, allowing for mixes and plugins to be controlled directly without using the mouse. Wonder why I waited so long to buy the Apollo - really pleased!

F. Toncar

November 20, 2022

Tremendous quality, and very easy to use!

I enjoy my new Apollo x4 very much. The conversion (the main reason for my purchase) is great, and the compact size is incredibly useful for travel. I do wish it included MIDI I/O or an extra pair of line inputs, but I understand why neither were included.

My only real complaint is that flex routing isn't available with this unit, and that information isn't made very clear until you're in the thick of attempting versatile routing within Console.

Not a huge deal, but something that I think shouldn't be as hidden as it is.

g. martial

November 14, 2022

Easy life

Très facile à installer, à utiliser, le son est très bon et les plugins de très bonne qualité avec latence mini. Et surtout toutes ces possibilités rentre dans un sac à dos! Moins complet qu'un apollo rack mais il y a tout ceux qui est nécessaire pour travailler professionnellement. Les petites Apollo Twin peuvent manquer d'entrées sorties, la X4 c'est le compromis parfait!
Côté fiabilité, ayant une Twin depuis pas mal d'année, la confiance est totale!
Greg Martial

E. Gonzalez

November 10, 2022

Songwriter’/ dream

Long time desktop apogee user. Recently, I was going to purchase a symphony desktop - my third apogee interface, when the local music store did not have them in stock, I liked the x4’s form factor, I liked that it has more preamps, two headphone outs vs. 1, two hi-z inputs vs. 1 and I also liked the idea of using thunderbolt and loading plugins directly into the interface so you can record wet. Since my purchase I have started collecting plugins and using Luna. I am really enjoying my first UA experience after 20 years of home recording and songwriting - not looking back.

A. Lepori

October 18, 2022

Best investimenti for mobile rig

This piece of kit has already became the centre piece of my workflow. Such a great sounding interface. I only wish to have had the assignable mute for the hp too. #biglove uad

D. Brown

October 6, 2022


Nice unit

M. Sai

October 5, 2022

Disappointing experience

After purchase I found out that the Neve plug-ins weren’t included in the bundle. No worries, I was given a coupon for $50 off of plugins and an offer to get $25 off if I did the survey. The $25 off coupon never arrived and then the $50 coupon didn’t work. After spending $1500 I don’t have the one plug-in I wanted. Customer service’s response was essentially, tough sh*t.

A. Dancs

October 1, 2022

The best desktop interface

I started engineering with a Focusrite Scarlett 3rd Gen 4i4. After 10 months it stopped working and the service gave me a new one. After 11 the problem came again and I bought a Clarett 4Pre USB. I thought it will be a huge improvement in quality but after 10 months the problem came again. I sold it and bought an X4. The sound quality is way better than even the Apogee Symphony Desktop’s. The plug-ins are as good as the analog versions. I love the Fairchild’s and the LA-2’s sound. Thank you Universal Audio for making interfaces and plug-ins like that.

s. ownby

September 23, 2022

Apollo x4

I'm new to the Apollo world. It has far exceeded my expectations. The sound quality is far superior to what I was using previously.

M. Park

September 1, 2022

I like it

It has a high price but I like it

R. Williams

August 6, 2022

The Apollo x4, I Like wasting my money!

I obviousely like wasting my money on gear...From the moment I hooked up the Apollo x4 I realized that I had spent years on A/D converters that to be honest, can't compete. The unit is somewhat more expensive than the competition but exponentially more capable. If you don't like high fidelity, low latency and a slew of excellent and accurate plug-ins...don't buy this unit. Instead, waste years of your recording life cutting corners on the other stuff. Peace out!!! Im about to power on

J. Moin

July 29, 2022

Amazing unit overal but..

I absolutely love this unit and my decision to hop on the UA bandwagon. I am a producer and bass player. I have used many of the bass amps offered here and once I heard them used in the unison slot the difference was about 1% between the real thing and plugin! That's incredible. So i knew UA was the real deal. I have purchased so many plugins now but having issues with DSP load. You will quickly use up 4 dsps. I have to keep freezing tracks in cubase (render and disable) tracks to get the most out of my plugins. Hope when spark is offered for windows that it will help with this situation. I may also consider getting an octo satellite. I also don't like that the signal flow menu is reserved for the racks and not the tabletop units, they still cost thousands so come on UA. Overall amazing unit, you will not be disappointed!

R. Chandler

July 12, 2022

Apollo Excellence

Still watching video’s and getting familiar with my Apollo x4 and Luna, but I’m loving it! See the potential and it will make the creative juices flow!

I. Sedick

June 13, 2022

Premium Sound

I've tried the rest, there is no competition. The x4 is literally the best in it's class. What else could I possibly say?


June 8, 2022

Best HUGE small studio/portable interface yet!

I recently switched from Apogee and I'm super impressed. So far, I've been able to increase my home studio workflow massively and have plenty of options for IO. From songwriting to mixing and even live podcasts, this thing can do it all. It has been a great investment and worth every penny.

R. Gilligan

May 24, 2022

A perfect companion for my Townsend Sphere and Luna.

I've been wanting to upgrade from my old Twin MKii for a while and the move to using a Townsend Sphere provided the reason I'd been waiting for. Being able to keep Console set up for vocal work AS WELL as bass and guitar (With plenty of DSP left over for Reverb and Delay, means that I don't need to spend any time launching a DAW to be able to write, practice, or work on ideas. Then once I have something worth recording, the Luna integration is second to none. (My Apollo Twin MKii now travels with me in my bag to enable Luna sessions when I'm not at my desk, and the move to the native plugins means that the DSP in the Twin can handle the heavy lifting, (I'm looking at you Capitol Chambers), and I run Native for most everything else.

A. Gray

May 23, 2022

Amazing preamps, just wish processors were faster

I am in love with the Unison preamps and high quality hardware emulation plugins. I only wish that the on board processors were faster during export! A project running only native plugins on my machine can bounce at 40x speed, but as soon as I add UAD plugins it drops down to 1.5-6x speed. That drop can really build up when working on giant projects (eg. exporting stems for film). Everything else about the interface and associated softwares is top of the line.

41-60 of 261 Results