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Apollo x8p

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March 24, 2020

Apollo x8p

HI and greetings from Norway.
I bought this unit to replace my Orion Studio (legacy)
The unit is well built and feels solid quality.
Sound is excellent through my Focal Trio Be 6 speakers.

No problems with connection via thunderbolt on my Windows 10 64bit PC.
The new work flow takes a little getting used too but once you have grasped the concept the results are amazing.

I would say keep an eye out for your clock settings as its easy to forget if you are in 44 or 96 and that may catch you out a few times :-)

All in all a great unit, great sound quality, well built and a joy to use.
Have fin if you are going to by this unit .

m. coles

March 19, 2020


The new clocking is better than ever. I use Apollo’s whenever I can for its warmth and superior blend of vintage and new.

J. Adams

March 11, 2020

From Orion to Apollo

I was a huge fan of my Orion32 and it was the cornerstone of my studio. I moved to apollo because of the spontaneity (push monitor to mute? oh yes please!), the expanded stereo width and depth have amazed me, and preamp plugins sold me.

This is the most versatile and best interface I’ve ever owned.

D. Toone

March 10, 2020

Love it.

Most money i’ve ever spent in one go on anything. Just absolute wonderment.

M. Boeckler

March 9, 2020

The right choice

The x8p is a perfect solution for my recordings of acoustic instruments and classical music.


March 5, 2020

Great support from Universal Audio and a great product!

Had a bit of difficulty purchasing my APOLLO X8 as the first one needed an update from an Apple mac. I was using windows. I had no way of updating it.Apparently it was an old update issue and some older units without the new update was in circulation in some stores. So after speaking with UA I returned it to the store.
However I was so impressed with UA support that I decided to give it another go and repurchased a Apollo x8p, the bigger brother. I spoke to UA support team at the same time as purchasing and got the store to check that the unit had the new update before I collected it from the store. The store updated the unit to me and all I can say is it works and is awesome. You cant go wrong with an Apollo 8x series or UA support team. Its like a family!

F. Fishel III

February 11, 2020

Longtime user of UAD SINCE PCI CARDS

This interface is gives creative flexibility with 8 unison mic pres and 6 chips of realtime dsp. The clocking vs the black apoloo units is the greatest advancement along with the 124db of output . Intrigued to hear how the new LUNA platform functions with a quad mkii x8pcombo. The software and smooth functionality is a testament to diligent development to overcome the growing pains of the past limits of technology and forge into the future putting the creative tools in the hands and minds of common people. When paired with softube console and fader work flow, you follow your ears, not mouse clicks and guis

Keep up the good work.

S. Biber

February 7, 2020

Great sound

More big, more detail and more natural sound with apollo x8p.

N. Kwak

January 31, 2020

Great instrument

I like everything except for the price of the plugins

that's the only cons!

D. Pruski

January 25, 2020

Apollo x8p Thunderbolt

Nice unit but major complaint, Thunderbolt does not connect 3/4 of the time. I am running windows 10 pro 64 bit and have a Lynx Aurora (n) thunderbolt that connects 100% of the time. Have to reboot pc and hope it locks. Major pain and annoyance.

G. Stavely

January 23, 2020

Excellent purchase!

I actually purchased the Apollo x8p before the December 31st deadline to take advantage of the free DSP accelerator, it took a couple weeks for my x8p to arrive and though I am ecstatic I was hoping the accelerator would not be far behind... No biggie though and after using my Apollo duo for the past year this was a major upgrade and couldn't be happier so far

B. Szensz

January 20, 2020

Just love it

I got a Apollo x8p. the workflow with this thing ist just amazing. love the design , technologie & philosophy behind these Interfaces. it sounds amazing. now i have to safe money, so i can use more plugins as well. & i would love to have one of those Universal Audio neon lights.... great job Universal Audio.

S. Markichev

January 19, 2020

Great sound and easy to use.

I have been working with UAD for several years. Started with silver Apollo 16, then Apollo 16MKII plus Sattelite Octo. I see noticeable improvements when recording. Now i took Apollo х8p, because trying preamp and direct recording of a guitar. The output received a Beautiful Great sound. Easy to use, great and convenient mixer, and unison plug-ins give a great result! I look forward to continuing the steps to professional high - end, high-quality sound! Thanks UAD!

T. Crémier

January 18, 2020

In love with Apollo X8P

This interface is so awesome, great preamps, amazing possibilities with the software to set all of the I/O easily, the Console is simple and the Unison technology is perfect !!!

J. Loozen

January 17, 2020

Great Interface

Finally arrived, this is a great sounding interface!
The only thing they could have done better are the knobs, black plastic around the metal is poorly finished.
Beside that, UAD has great custom support and great products!

B. Agra

January 10, 2020

X8P + Twin Quad - W I N

Quick tip. You can use your Twin Quad as your monitor controller / talk back all that stuff (which is way cooler imo you can put it right next to you so handy) linked to your xp stacks. Neat.

B. Agra

January 10, 2020

X8P + Twin Quad - W I N

Quick tip. You can use your Twin Quad as your monitor controller / talk back all that stuff (which is way cooler imo you can put it right next to you so handy) linked to your xp stacks. Neat.

E. Harrington

January 9, 2020

Amazing hardware and software

Paired this x8p with another x8p, interfaced with Console 2.0 and Pro Tools Ultimate. The combination is phenomenal. Apollo and its mixer is even more flexible that I imagined. The design and engineering is outstanding. Thanks for creating these products.

L. Messore

January 2, 2020

Standard Interface - A Few Qualms

Was easy to get up and running. Industry standard interface and mixer software. Preamps sound fine. Build quality of hardware is underwhelming, but adequate. Knobs are plastic etc, not ideal for price point.

I wanted to leave a note for UA regarding the plugins: really wish you guys included a more generous package for the people that drop over $3K on your products. Reminds me of Apple where you spend thousands and have to buy $75 dongles. For this price point we should get one of those build your own packages included IMO.

Great interface. I'm overall happy with my investment but it's just short of five stars. And there's also not really any competition in this range.

A. Guth-Rosenstock

December 31, 2019

My beloved UAD x8p

I LOVE MY X8P's UNISON PRES! 24db DYNAMIC RANGE--PRO LEVELS IN AND OUT--PRO CONVERTERS. Now we can track and MASTER at studio levels--in and out through outboard compressors and eqs without a drop of single going out and into analog gear, and no fear of clipping the a/d chip coming back in. This is the unit that is the back bone of my band's indie studio. I am in UAD heaven!

1-20 of 89 Results

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