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Apollo x8p

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F. Bourgeais

October 20, 2021

5 étoiles ; )

1U/19 pouces. Toute la puissance et la qualité HAUT de GAMME de ce produit de très belle facture. Cette carte son est plutôt dédié aux professionnels mais aussi aux home/studistes très exigent. La force de la carte x8p UAD "Universal Audio" c'est d'avoir en une seconde accès au son analogique des meilleurs consoles de mixage au MONDE. NEVE, SSL, API etc..... et bien d'autres comme le fabuleux pré-amp AVALON VT-737. Pour moi qui travaille dans l'industrie du cinéma, la sortie en surround 7.1 est juste INDISPENSABLE.4X x8p en cascade est un bon compromis.
Fabien BOURGEAIS. "GhostRecordsFrance"

T. Parks

September 30, 2021


I purchased this machine to accomplish a few things. The first was to be able to directly connected a mic and tweak going into my DAW. The second was to have a backup for getting sounds into my DAW coming from my MPC X. For me and my setup, this was the perfect thing...because I can also use it to record live instrumentation in my studio. I have the Apollo x8p working together with my Apollo x16...no problems at all...just use a Thunderbolt cable to chain them together and create. Thanks Apollo.

H. Svegner

September 24, 2021

Great product

Everything sounds amazing!

M. Terán

September 13, 2021

limitless options

Im really happy with the apollo x8p, the amount of options are limitless and the preamps are amazing!

S. Mellish

July 14, 2021

Lives up to its reputation

I’ve been wanting the X8P for a long time and finally bought one. Customer experience was exceptional and I’m loving the sound quality. I adopted LUNA also and the whole thing is working great. Would have liked a thunderbolt cable to be included

A. Gregory

June 17, 2021

Firmware updates suck.

After accidentally updating the firmware, (being prompted it was necessary when it was not) I lost the plugins that were authorized for the device by the previous owner, and now the DSP locks up easier than before. Incredibly frustrating and UA forces me to spend more and more money on their products instead of lending any form of compensation for troubles. This is also their “flagship” device. It’s already costly enough for an artist to pursue a career in this industry and UA wants to make sure they get every crumb of their slice of the money pie. Hopefully they’ll change their customer service to be more supportive of these situations, or maybe another company will come along with a similar technology and be a lot more artist friendly.

m. mao

May 28, 2021

Trop cher pour ça

Super convertisseurs, malheureusement la gestion routing des sorties audio horrible sur l'interface apollo, pluggins de base après faut craquer la carte bleue, peut pas utiliser plus de 8 unissons même en ligne, franchement si c'était a refaire je n acheterais pas. pas de SAV en ligne, réponses aux questions digne d'un gars qui n'en a rien a foutre. Beaucoup de pub ça brille, politique de vente agressive, méfiance les gars.


May 28, 2021


It's basically the best Interfaces I've ever tested, If I've to be picky there is one thing I'd like to have within the original package, is a db25 connector to XLR/JACK and a Thunderbolt 3 cable and it would have been amazing, but still really happy

R. Fonseca

May 26, 2021


best 8 channel pre on the market, UA is simply the best


May 23, 2021

Apollo x8p

Great! Spent over £ 3000, 00 with plugins and still got a bit more to buy, but I am now able to record my songs with analog tones...Thanks for this great piece of equipment UAD... money well spent...

M. Owen-Flood

April 27, 2021

A truly superb piece of gear!

An incredible unit. I've never been so happy with an interface!

G. Thomas

April 23, 2021


This was an upgrade from an Apogee Ensemble firewire and it certainly is a huge upgrade. Everything sounds clearer more rounded and warm. The plugins with the "heritage edition" sound gorgeous, especially the Helios channel strip. I absolutely love the console app and live tracking with the unison preamps. The latency is so low that it's pretty much imperceivable and tracking live provides the same experience you would expect with real hardware. My biggest regret with the X8P is that I didn't buy one sooner!

M. McGranor

April 22, 2021

What I've been looking for forever!

I cannot give a full review yet, as I have yet to fully explore the variety of recording I intend to do in the near future, however I can say that this unit rocks! It DOES work with Windows PC's, albeit with some caveats, but I have successfully installed this unit on a ASUS Prime z490A Motherboard using an ASUS ThunderboltEx3-tr adapter card (hopefully that helps someone out there wondering if it works, I never ended up confirming this via my research before taking the plunge and trying for myself).
The recording process is very easy and will save tons of time and processing power by committing to sounds. And those sounds are awesome. The unison preamps absolutley live up to the hype in my opinion. I've only had the unit a very short time but from what I tried has been a night and day difference in vocal and guitar tones. It is a pricey investment especially since you're going to want all the UAD plugins too, but totally worth it. Noticeably better imaging, more accurate frequency response, very clean preamps with lots of headroom, killer (near)zero latency plugins to give you a great vibe to track with, great build quality, intuitive software and easy install. Two thumbs up!

I. Mosbeck

April 20, 2021


Everything from the Unison preamps, A/D conversion, low latency, and DSP processing make this interface a perfect addition to any studio. There will come a point in career where your knowledge and gear hit a bottleneck and when you know what you're doing this piece of gear becomes absolutely vital. Just be prepared to handle the hassle of thunderbolt and compatibility issues if you're a PC user.

R. Przekop

April 17, 2021

Perfect interface for those who love analog/vintage recording

I can’t say anything here that hasn’t been already said about this great piece of equipment. I’m upgrading from the previous Apollo 8p, which was phenomenal, and it’s an even more impressive version. Plus, now that I’ve started using LUNA, it’s an even easier, more streamlined way to track and mix, while getting sounds from the best analog gear. Unison preamps are a joy!

C. Hawkins

April 2, 2021

Apollo X8P Best

This device is bar far the best sounding AD to DA convertors yet. Can't live without it

T. Turczyn

March 29, 2021

Pretty Cool, but the Heritage Edition Doesn't Add Up to Much

This item works well and is pretty cool but I got wrapped up in the title "Heritage Edition" thinking that this meant it included a BUNCH of plugins. I think I got the same 10 that they offer with every Apollo purchase, so nothing special at all there. So when you go to add a plugin to your slot, keep in mind that you only own 10 but they list 1000 all in red that you don't have access to. You'll see what I'm talking about. Otherwise this product was made well and does the job perfectly!

T. O'Neal

March 22, 2021

Apollo x8p Review

The Apollo x8p is amazing. I already owned an x8 when I purchased, so I knew what I was getting. Honestly, I wish I would’ve bought the x8p first, to have more Mic Pre’s in the beginning. I’m fully covered now, with owning both a x8 and x8p. I run the Warm WA412 (4 Mic Pre’s) into the Line in’s, on the x8. This gives me a total of 16 mic pre’s, ready to go. Even tracking full rock bands, I don’t see needing more than this. I will also say that I love the unison pre’s. They sound fantastic. I cannot notice any latency when using Apollo plug-ins, and tracking live.

M. Flores

February 20, 2021

Absolutely Amazing!

Just picked this bad boy up to add to my drum studio. It’s absolutely perfect! Thank you Universal Audio!

R. Reed

February 16, 2021

Get this one!

Love the fact that you get 8 combo connections on the unit so I can take this portable and track drums. Super easy to use.

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