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S. Miller

December 14, 2018

I'm an official UAD family member!

I bought an X8P earlier this year and loved it so much that I bought another one a couple months later. My interface rack is now fully capable of tracking as many mic's as I'd ever expect to need in my project studio (I have another 8 pre's going into one of the X8P's via ADAT). So nice to finally have the quality mic pre's that I've always wanted, makes a huge difference in the quality of work that I can do now. Not to mention the horsepower to run Unison and other plugins. It's been a life changer! Only down side was that I didn't get any extra plugins when I bought the second unit, wish I could have chosen some different plugins since I already had the Classic Bundle.

R. Dillosman

December 13, 2018

Bloody Sensational!

This is my first Universal Audio product and I have only scratched the surface on this little rippa, it is incredible. Perfect for my drums and the included Plug-Ins are spot on.

C. De Nuzzo

November 30, 2018


Great update! Compared to the classic 8P now I can finally fit it in a rack and connect all the I/Outs to the patch bay. The sound is extraordinary and, to my ears, all the frequencies are well balanced, with tight bass and smooth mid/highs. I use it together with my Apollo Twin MKII and my Satellite Octo and I have plenty of available processing. Even if I'm a Logic Pro X user, the next step for UA would be make them PT HDX compatible, as Almost all Antelope Audio interfaces do. Nonetheless I highly recommend this interface!

J. Hadfield

November 26, 2018

Love it!

The Apollo x8p is really an amazing piece of gear and is perfect for my studio where I track drums and percussion. Thank you!

T. Ensemble

November 22, 2018

Amazing 8xp

Super device !!! Very glad I bought !!!

A. Wingert

October 30, 2018

Amazing 8xp

My fourth Apollo and by sure not my last. I like the Unison Preamps, the ADDA conversion is state of the art and various monitoring functions up to 7.1 is the big advantage. One thing I miss, is to control the console software with a hardware controller.

P. Katz

October 11, 2018

This is a seriously nice piece of gear

What can you say ? The instAnt you track through this you’ll hear the difference/
It’s a bad boy - I have the 4710d and the twin and it’s been virtually seemless also as far as working together but the x is a cut above for all the reasons billed by UA it’s a lot of scratch but if you want to get there - here’s a plane ticket

UAD User

September 29, 2018


So I got my first 8p this summer on sale at GC and was planning on going to 16 channels by the end of summer. I had a hunch that something new was coming when all the Apollo racks went 20% off so I waited it out long enough for the new 8xp to come out and I’m luck for it. 2 more chips than before and the ability to mix surround sound is huge. Thanks UA!!!

M. Cafeo

September 28, 2018

Apollo x8p

Unbelievable, But Very Real Sounding,
Outstanding integration with Cubase and Logic,
State of the Art.
Thank You Thank You! :)
Mark V. Cafeo Aka Marcus Buddy Vincét

M. Marbaix

September 6, 2018


7.1 Mixing Thumbs up UAD

M. Marbaix

September 6, 2018


Looks like i have to save my pennies again.. 7.1 certainly a game changer for folks doing music for film and games. Nice one UAD!

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