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Unison Enabled

Customer Reviews

Avalon VT-737 Tube Channel Strip

Overall Rating

201-220 of 577 Results

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D. Murphy

July 1, 2021

Wonderful channel strip.

Love how easy it is to get a clean modern sound. Really smooth.

A. Lopes dos Santos

June 20, 2021

Sweet and Powerful

I really didn’t think I would need another channel strip - until I heard what the Avalon could do to the lows and the mid-high frequencies of anything you pass throught it. It became an integral part of all my basses and almost all my vocals. Simple to use, sweet and powerful sounding. Beautiful.

K. Matzafleris

June 15, 2021

An Amazing tone mic pre

A new boutique UAD plugin that gives me a choice of tonal signal on my recording tracks on voices and any accustic instrument. It gives me a tonal character with clarity, musical energetic musical sound that it's so versatile that it's one Channel Strip mic pre that must have as a first choice for everything. Universal Audio you really created an unbelievable emulation compared to the hardware unit that sounds identical. It's deminantelly a musical box that sounds like thousands of dollars.

L. Tian Siung

June 8, 2021

Must Have

Top notch!

c. jones

May 29, 2021

Best plugin period

The coloration and smoothness this thing delivers is mind blowing. I've tried alot of the preamps but when I tried the demo on this thing I had to purchase . With the levels hitting at the right levels don't really need eq or comp with the many options this thing has

h. dayani

May 25, 2021

smooth sounding

Give that smooth and clear sounding vocal i absolutely love it

h. dayani

May 25, 2021


loving this avalon very smooth sounding really give that smooth and clear sound to vocals

h. dayani

May 25, 2021


loving this avalon very smooth sounding really give that smooth and clear sound to vocals

j. aguilo berrios

May 20, 2021

Love it

Easy, Vocals in ur face from the first moment!

L. Benson

May 18, 2021

Great Preamp

The Avalon Tube strip gives tube character and saturation with clarity. The smoothness and the way it helps things sit, especially with vocals and acoustic guitars. Works great as a mixing plugin but really shines in the Unison slot.

R. Castillo

May 12, 2021



D. Neblett

May 8, 2021


Smooth is the best word for this mic pre! Smooth compression, smooth high end and smooth sound.. love it! I would still love to try the real unit but for now.. this is perfect!!

E. Wells

May 6, 2021

Make your tracks shine

Wanted to try this out on prerecorded material since most only talk about it as a Unison plugin.
Could not believe the difference it makes on existing vocal tracks a definite winner.

Love this plugin.

R. Neville

May 4, 2021

Owned the hardware

Sounds pretty identical to the actual hardware unit.

e. sanchez

May 3, 2021


Es excelente suena muy parecido al hardware. Ideal para poner en la entrada y grabar con la calidad y sonido final

Y. Chou

April 29, 2021

Just Beautiful

Makes a 500 dollar acoustic sounds like 5000 dollars. Just delicious to the ears.

A. Tkachenko

April 20, 2021

Wow Preamp Avalon is the best

This Avalon preamp is so good. I’m dreaming about it

V. Arnold

April 19, 2021

Silky smooth

Finally decided to pull the trigger and try this. For hip-hop and R&B vocals it's an instant go-to unison plugin. I don't even use the onboard compressor or EQ much, the gain stage alone is more than enough.

S. Crewe

April 14, 2021

Absolutely stacks up against the hardware!

I've used the hardware VT-737sp to record a number of albums, over the years. Even after only a very short period of using the UAD version, I can absolutely tell you that this stacks up alongside the hardware version. The smooth dynamic control, that sweet EQ - it's all there. 100% worth the buy!

v. brown

April 11, 2021

Must Have

I purchased this plugin because this is the pre amp that Dr. Dre did the Chronic albums on and I must say this is a must have if you record hip hop vocals.

201-220 of 577 Results