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Unison Enabled

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Customer Reviews

Avalon VT-737 Tube Channel Strip

Overall Rating

161-180 of 582 Results

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D. Reinoso

March 22, 2022

universal audio 6176

is very good

D. Thompson

March 21, 2022

Avalon VT-737


C. Jackson

March 19, 2022

Keep disabling

When I use it in protools it keep disabling please help spent too much money

D. Bojan

March 16, 2022

A classic

I’ve used the hardware version. This is as good and not as heavy.

R. De Pompeis

March 16, 2022

Avalon VT 737

Sono rimasto di stucco ha veramente le qualità di un hardware,eccellente ,suono moderno,e se ci perdi un pochino di tempo fai un uso indispensabile

f. de la rosa

March 8, 2022

muy bueno

muy Bueno Excelente


February 14, 2022

Best software preamp I ever used !

If you're into modern-polished vocal sound, this might be your best buy. The 32K eq band is absolutely crazy and the saturation is so full, crisp and clean. Add a 1176 and you're getting a perfect chain with 2 plugs. Resizable GUI is however necessary !!

s. george

February 13, 2022

In love with this avalon 737 vt.

I’m in love with this plugin sound very close to the Hardware

M. Smith

January 15, 2022

Got it back

I sold my Avalon 737 when I purchased my Focusrite ISA828 which I really love. But I never got the same vocal richness that the Avalon delivers. Well I am here to say after 8 years without it…I got that sound back in the UAD Unison Avalon plug-in. Just like I remember. I am so pleased!! Great job UAD!!!

S. Kuusk

January 15, 2022

Can't decide? Do it.

If you're like me, wondering what another preamp would do differently and do you need 10 of them, you just might! I'm nowhere near a plugin hoarder. In fact, I only got very few, and most of them are Unison preamps. Thing is, that's how we get the best out of our Apollos. You get considerably better tone going in, making mixing way easier later on. Avalon in particular adds this modern bite and clarity to your recording. It is NOT sterile but it sounds full and clean. Think Ed Sheeran. Oh yes, he uses Avalon too. It has all the bells and whistles in lots of highly usable features. Not to mention an amazing EQ section built right in! You can basically skip half of the chain just by using this preamp. Works wonders on vocals for music, podcasts, voiceovers, you name it. Also very usable as a bass pre. Loving it for modern sounds.

P. Ribeiro

January 13, 2022

produto de excelente qualidade

superou minhas expectativas simplesmente demais!!!

R. Gelber

January 9, 2022

great plugin

I just used the Avalon as a unison plugin in a vocal session. I didn't have time to do much tweaking. Luckily the presets were great and suited my needs! I'm looking forward to diving deeper with this preamp.

h. kim

January 8, 2022

So lovely plugin

I don't have a real Avalon VT-737 but now I have the Avalon VT-737 . I love this plugin so much.

D. Madlopha

January 5, 2022

Dream come true and a game changer

This has been a dream come true to me, this Avalon has made my life easier even with a cheaper microphone the results are outstanding
With Rode NT1 and Avalon that's all I need for Professional vocals


January 4, 2022

I love it

Sounds just like the real deal, you can barely tell the difference. I use this on my vocal Chain or some time I can can put this on a 808 and get little more low end using the EQ side 10/10

J. Manning

January 3, 2022

Sweet pre

Beautiful on vocals and bass.


January 3, 2022

I thought i would never get another channel....

Well this was before I demo this beast.... Vocals are awesome combining this preamp and my blue kiwi....

Q. Davis

December 26, 2021

Same as the Hardware

I actually had the hardware and sold it once I heard how good the software was. I listen to them both and could not tell a difference.

W. Tolle

December 20, 2021

Great Gear

The Avalon VT-737 Tube Channel Strip is one of the best plugins ever crafted! It is great on every Track of my Nuendo Daw.

K. Chernetskyy

December 17, 2021

Avalon+Neumann U87

I had a real Avalon VT-737 before and with Neumann U87 it gives me a perfect sound. After I’ve test it with UAD version, on Unison preamps I hear no difference. Great job guys!

161-180 of 582 Results