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Unison Enabled

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Customer Reviews

Avalon VT-737 Tube Channel Strip

Overall Rating

261-280 of 585 Results

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J. Sutter

December 29, 2020

Very Fine Plug-In .

I love the Sound of the Plug in. It is more clean and clear and more "Modern" than Manley Vox Box (my favorite so far). It a good an useful alternative.

G. Yarber

December 25, 2020

Avalon comes close

A very nice plug-in!
I have the hardware version so I did a comparison. The biggest difference I noticed was the output from the hardware version had quit a noticeable bit more than the plug-in version. On the plug-in I had the output all the way up with the same settings to get the same levels. They do sound pretty close, but I do like the hardware version a little better. I do love having multiple units when I need more than one so that makes it worth the purchase if you truly love this unit.

J. Zwiebel

December 23, 2020

Big Difference

I get a much more satisfying sound from the first second of tracking vocals and instruments, thanks to the Unison feature.

J. Norman

December 20, 2020

Easy and wonderful

Makes it so easy to dial in a wonderful sound. Between this and the Manley VoxBox, I now have two amazing strips.

J. Rubio

December 19, 2020

Greta valué for The money

First class

G. Pisani

December 18, 2020

Awesome Emulation!

I already owned a Manley Voxbox emulation, for the genre I work with (Black Music) this is a perfect choice and a more flexible tool for the type of vocals I usually mix. Awesome!

C. Dagostino

December 17, 2020

Avalon VT-737

I think the Avalon-VT-737 is great even after tracking. I like inserting it in my DAW after the recording process. I like putting it in vocal track and shutting down the EQ stage and adding a Teletronics LA-2A-sounds even better to me. Although the EQ stage is pretty colorful, I think the preamp stands out in this unit by itself.

M. Elliott

December 17, 2020

Best of the best!

Of all the plugins I've bought from Universal Audio, I have to say that this was the best investment net of maybe the teletronicx compressors. The Avalon VT-737 is the closest thing to "true warm" I found in a plugin at this point.

J. Winfree

December 17, 2020

Taking Flight on this 737

Always wanted this

k. su

December 15, 2020


very good

T. Husa

December 15, 2020

The one

This pre amp sounds amazing!
I have used the original and this one is up there with the hardware

R. Boorn

December 14, 2020

Would buy again

Great plugin. Use it on my vocal chain but sometimes also in bass guitar!

c. espinoza

December 13, 2020


Muy similar al original!

C. Aguayo

December 13, 2020


I’m super impressed. Sounds like the real deal!

J. Casas

December 12, 2020

El salto definitivo al estándar profesional.

Hola! Tras años dando pequeños pasos para conseguir un estandar de sonido profesional como voice over, este año me hice con una Arrow y con un Neumann Tlm103. Con los preamps que trae incluidos la Arrow , el sonido ya era espectacular , pero cuando probé el Avalon 737, descubrí la increíble dimensión que podía adquirir mi voz. Es realmente mágico y ahora entiendo porque todos los propietarios de Neumann siempre lo recomiendan. Una pieza indispensable para ofrecer el auténtico estandar profesional. Insuperable relación calidad-precio!

R. Whiteman

December 12, 2020

Instant satisfaction

Love the warmth the Avalon brings to my chain! I have always wanted to own an Avalon after using one a few years back, and I probably will invest in the hardware one day... until then, this is on my chain

s. Ha

December 12, 2020


Like it. It feels similar to my original hardware.

O. Yermolin

December 11, 2020

Great Tool!!!

Nice control of sound! Can chose little warm or very fat vocal.

W. Carridge

December 10, 2020

Excellent Product

Combining this as a preamp with the Townsend sphere, immediately created the depth and fullness I was seeking for my vocals!

y. rosario

December 10, 2020

Avalon vt-737- tube channel strip

this so far emulate the real Hardware, sounds the same as the real actual hardware sounds so clean, I’m really happy with this purchase oh my God what a plugin and this is one of my favorite plugin for sure. Now my voice sounds with Sauce Nice job #UAD

261-280 of 585 Results