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Customer Reviews

Avalon VT-737 Tube Channel Strip

Overall Rating

281-300 of 585 Results

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m. tellez

December 10, 2020

Carácter imponente

Hace un tiempo había probado esta emulación del Avalon 737 y me impresionó lo que pude lograr en lo voz que estaba grabando en esa ocasión. Después de haber intentado con otras emulsiones está fue la que me resolvió el problema. Ahí fue cuando me dije "tengo que hacerme con esto". Ahora después del Manley BoxVox este es mi segundo unison favorito. Sin duda hace su trabajo como se supone.


December 10, 2020

Avalon VT 737 Avis

Simple et efficace

G. Gorordilov

December 9, 2020

Great preamp

The Avalon sounds very good. This is the best tube channel strip/pre and is authentic to the hardware.

R. Gagl

December 8, 2020

I wasn´t prepared for that...

This is a perfectly coded masterpiece. The first time I switched it on it knocked me off my studio chair. I just didn´t expect to be surrounded by the sound of its hardware counterpart. Brilliant work! Chapeau!

M. Santos

December 8, 2020


Paired this with an SM7B and omg did I need this! I was using a 1073 hardware clone and I’m done with that, this turned my SM7 to a killer modern vocal mic with a bit of high eq boost and some compression

M. Desai

December 8, 2020


aah the warmth this adds! UA team has absolutely nailed the EQ and compression! sound so much like the original!

C. Vincenzo Mario

December 7, 2020


I had the chance to compare this unit with the one we have in studio, it sounds exactly like the real thing. I can't stop being surprised by UAD accuracy in "modeling" electroacoustic devices.

D. Adet

December 6, 2020

VT 737

Incroyable chaleur ! Une merveille de précision.


December 5, 2020



O. Lamas

December 4, 2020

Very, vey nice.

Worked with the hardware models for a long time. This plugin is excellent. Wow!!!

J. Vargas III

December 2, 2020

A Must Have!

This right here is definitely my go to. This sounds Awesome!!!

H. Eaves

December 1, 2020

Yes!! Great Piece of software

I've wanted a VT-37 hardware Mic pre for a while.
I would always settle, and talk myself outta it for something else. I have 2 UA M5"s (Hardware), as well, I keep them specifically for Vocals. After purchasing the UA software version, I was blown away, to be able to get the same Wow factor i got upon first hearing one on a elec piano. I now can put that Wow factor quality as a plugin, on multiple tracks of my choosing.

I Love it!! and I still say, "WOW" Great job UA

G. Johnson

November 30, 2020

Game changer

Love this product!

Y. Quintero

November 30, 2020

Buenísimo !

Es unos de los poco plug-ins que hacen el trabajo casi igual al original “VT-737 !! Tengo uno físico y en verdad no escuché mucha diferencia de uno al otro. Gran trabajo Universal Audio !!! Lo recomiendo totalmente !!!

R. Navet

November 25, 2020

Très satisfait


D. Pasalic

November 22, 2020

Genialer preamp

absolut adäquater Ersatz.

M. Khora

November 20, 2020

Spot On! Has that familiar Avalon presence

Sounds Almost completely identical to the hardware! Has that signature Avalon glossy presence' Amazing tube sound! honestly very difficult to tell the difference between this and the hardware; I'm glad I got this Plug In its definitely takes my sound to a whole nother level that I haven't had since I worked at a studio with the Avalon Hardware unit...this is spot on!

R. Martínez

November 20, 2020


Buenísimo, ampliamente recomendado.

A. Gill

November 18, 2020

Amazing Avalon VT-737 Plugin

UAD Avalon Plugin Sound Incredible Accurate Like Avalon Hardware

K. Sijamhodzic

November 17, 2020

Nice Tool!

I have no idea how the original Avalon sounds as hardware, but i can say that the channelstrip here does its job to my satisfaction. Mic preamp loaded into the console, gain up and have fun. With the preamp you can calmly feed the signal into your DAW, record it and process it afterwards. I would use the compressor and EQ settings as insert on the respective channel afterwards. Nicely done.

281-300 of 585 Results