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Cambridge EQ

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V. Sibley

July 3, 2014

very good

Very flexible,great sounding EQ,colorless and high quality.Removed my Fabfilter Q after I start using Cambridge.Thank you UA!

P. Gharapetian

June 29, 2014

better than oxford

sometimes you just want a surgical eq without any colour. Cambridge does that. no unnecessary colour to your mix with lots and lots of filter types. even better, it's cheaper and sounds better than the Oxford eq.

R. Huard

June 27, 2014

Good eq cambridge

Good eq cambridge
Very easy to use and cpu friendly
Love the locut curves

S. Hudson

June 24, 2014

UAD plugs

Been running a duo card for a yr. Im very impressed with
The whole setup, function and most of all the results.
Camb eq shapeing the envelopes.
Variations of la2a and 1176 usually get the job done.
There are loads of great compressors, eq, efx depending
On your requirements.
The legacy versions are rarely if ever used. But still an creative
The desk emulations are great. Giveing further options.
I like the neve channel on live recordings, esp drums groups

The ssl channel does a softening or rounding off while giving
you the option of compression that usually adds extra weight
And clarity.
The emt 140 is another killer ambience effex. Subtle use can
Add depth to most mixs. Place c a fav.
Thanks UAD a great product.

S. Hudson

June 24, 2014

cambridge eq

Putting this on each track. Get the gain and low cut right. Youve got
Got hours for tweeking while adding additional plugs.
This eq is transparent even on heavy material. Clean and
Petfect for shaping.

The low n hi cuts have excellent graduations that always
get the job done.
Gives a modern clean sound on any track, any sound.
Scupt the unwanted hi n lows.
There are loads of examples on utube.
A must try
Even if its just for the lo cut. Theres nothing else.
Great plug

A. Motta

June 24, 2014

one of the best plugins for master

This plugin is fantastic for cutting frequencies to mix and master, Congratulations construction, THANKS UAD.

T. Spratt

June 20, 2014


This is the most versatile EQ plugin I have come across. I love using it to clean up the audio before any further processing and the different filter types are extremely useful.

A. Kotelnikov

June 19, 2014

Cambridge Amazing EQ

Cambridge Amazing EQ !!!!!!!! for mixing, mastering and special....

W. Spero

June 17, 2014

The Filters

The multiple filter option on the Cambridge EQ is my go to for getting rid of unwanted frequencies. Also a great plug-in for cleaning up heavily distorted guitars.

D. Tartar

June 14, 2014

Very Usable

I reach for this EQ a lot, most often when my goal is to get some management over my track in a hurry. I like it better than the Pro Tools stock EQ because the Hpass and Lo Pass filters are already engaged and that's two less buttons I have to click before I can start creating my curve. Plus its very easy on resources and has some interesting presets to get you thinking in a different direction. Glad its part of my toolbox.

M. Ape

June 13, 2014

Excelente EQ

Excelente EQ.
Siempre comienzo insertando el Cambridge para los paso altos y filtros correctivos en mis pistas. Lo único que pienso que podría mejorar es que las bandas de frecuencia pudieran barrer todo el espectro libremente.

M. Zamora

June 9, 2014

Solid EQ

Nice clean EQ. I also like that you can change the eq type which affects the way in which the Q adjusts depending on boost/cut.

F. Ribeiro

June 8, 2014

Simply a fantastic eq

Simply a fantastic eq for mastering, intuitive interface, fantastic for cuts and filters today have used it to capture with apollo battery etc. ... it was worth using

P. Latapi

May 27, 2014

Go to EQ!

Great EQ. Easy to use and very precise. Since I got this EQ I do not use my other EQs plus through the apollo doing all the process it's a great asset.

V. Tedeschi

May 27, 2014

EQ power on!

Never tried anything close to this EQ. Sounds great, just great!

M. Comacle

May 27, 2014


Vraiment cool! Je l'utilise comme première EQ sur toutes mes pistes. Extrêmement complète on peut lui faire faire ce que l'on désire, elle est extrêmement précise et totalement transparente. Enfin sur le bus Master c'est génial tu te fais un semblant de mastering en très peu de temps : c'est bluffant!

A. Geise

May 16, 2014


Very versatile eq, both surgery and cosmetic.
Next to the DMG Equality I use my to go eq!

M. Carter

May 14, 2014

Simple and effective!

Cambridge eq is great for my basic needs and conservation of dsp. If defiantly provides a certain bite and character which makes each equalizer unique. The days are numbered where I can almost mix full tracks with any other plug in manufacturer!!

N. Sagar-house

April 12, 2014

Cambridge EQ

The different behaviour types really help work flow and the filter slopes are also the most versatile i've found.

It would have been helpful to have a frequency analyser incorporated and feel its not completely transparent however a great sounding workhorse EQ which can get surgical and add musical colour to your mixes.

T. Hansen

April 6, 2014

Must-have EQ

Long before I purchased my UAD card I had my eyes set on the Cambridge EQ, as it's a really good transparent EQ, that just gets the job done. Only thing to pull it down a bit is the GUI, which is a bit small by todays standards. Hopefully it will get an overhaul like some of the other great plugins have recieved lately.

301-320 of 526 Results