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Customer Reviews

Classic FX Bundle

Overall Rating

641-660 of 1445 Results

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M. Kucuk

April 23, 2020

Not intuitive and warm

I don't find it changing my echo/delay/space using habits as it has not impressed me in my long trials yet.

赵. 炳

April 22, 2020



A. Aslamazov

April 19, 2020


great chorus, use

N. Ibañez

April 19, 2020

Best Echo effect ever

Although it's been days since I started using this plugin, it's incredible the flexibility it has and the amount of ways to use it that one finds permanently. A 10!

N. Ibañez

April 19, 2020

Perfect effect for guitars

As an amateur guitarist still looking for his sound I am very happy with this chorus effect. Not only is it simple to use but it gives the right sound without exaggeration!


April 18, 2020

Good Gear

I can make amazing EP Sound


April 17, 2020

Brigade Chorus Pedal

The sound is very pretty when walking the EP.

D. Crespo Raimundo

April 17, 2020



A. Chudzinski

April 17, 2020

Old but Gold in the future

Nicely done. Great rework of the classical Roland. I am missing the stereo effect in times of DAWs and digital gearporn
But this is moaning on a high level ;)

A. D'Onorio

April 17, 2020

Great delay

Really like this one! One of my favorite delay plugin. I have real spring reverbs so don’t use that one to much but de delay rocks!

I. Maxwell

April 16, 2020

The smoothest echo in the galaxy

UA really nailed it with this one! It's like pouring sweet cream over your audio. I love using it warm up a sterile performance. And always on my theremin, always.

C. Wilson

April 16, 2020


This is just exceptional!


April 16, 2020


Simple and Powerful

m. marcori

April 16, 2020

Galaxy Tape Echo

UAD did it again. Awsome emulation, great on any kind of lead guitars and vocals. It has vintage vibes if you want it to, very landscapy and I couldn't emphazise enough how well the infinite feedback produced oscilation is emulated. Great unit.

P. Enz

April 16, 2020

Very light chorus

I use this one a little bit more seldom, but I still love it. Especially because of its few controls.

R. De Marco

April 16, 2020


Very nice and versatile plug-in

A. Nesse

April 15, 2020

Analog sounding in the digital world

This thing I find using a lot, and it sounds great every time. Echo and reverb in one unit. The reverb feels like spring, sounds analog - guess I must love analog sounds :)

J. Seitz

April 15, 2020


Classic chorus perfectly modeled.

m. marcori

April 14, 2020

Brigade Chorus First Impressions

I've acquired Brigade Chorus first thing after installing the included Realtime Analog Classic Bundle after registering my Apollo Twin mkii. I am a fusion guitar player so I'm just going to say, after placing the Brigade Chorus with the Plexi emulation, I got the tone I was after. With little to no tweaking I could get either pristine, dreamy cleans (paired with delay) or full tone fusion guitar with only the chorus and the amp. Sounds huge, very versatile, a great emulation overall. I haven't tried it in vocals or snare reverb yet, but I can tell its going to be a wise decision in the end. Also, for guitar tone, it works wonders when placed both before and after the amp sim. Different tones, but both great.

赵. 炳

April 12, 2020

Some suggestions on Apollo software

I am very happy to receive the questionnaire from your company. The software and drivers of Apollo are all in English, but there is no Chinese version. I am a little disappointed. I hope you can add the Chinese version when you update in the future. Thank you very much! Wish your company better and better! Above text, through web translation, if there is not enough accuracy, please understand!

641-660 of 1445 Results