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Customer Reviews

Classic FX Bundle

Overall Rating

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m. otonbaev

February 25, 2024

Brigade Chorus

Super Chorus

A. Holbert

February 21, 2024

Sweetness for Adding Space

Add depth to your bass via using the Andy Wallace technique with the Studio D Chorus! and One of the best Tape Emulations to date!

B. Seidendorf

February 14, 2024


What can I say? Just add this sprinkle of magic in your side chain

t. becker

January 24, 2024

Best chorus

Can’t live without it

R. El Rifai

January 18, 2024

Can't live without it now

I didn't know that this plugin would become a staple for me when I bought it. Literally can't do anything without it now!

A. Ogarev

January 17, 2024

Studio D Chorus


A. Ogarev

January 17, 2024

Galaxy Tape Echo


P. Kalous

January 16, 2024


all ok but only Galaxy Tape Echo and The Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor didn't appear in my ProTools 11.
Lexicon 224, and others, yes.

P. Beullens

January 16, 2024


Simple operation like the original, and great sound. Easy to audition on tracks. Adds a third dimension to sound and works great on (backing) vocals and possibly guitars and synths too. On bass synths can give a great foundation without getting in the way. I use it a lot. I don't place it on all tracks, just on one or two per song.

Y. Elkayam

January 14, 2024

Best chorus sound!

I’ve been writing a lot of meditation and spiritual music lately, and this plug in has been my secret weapon. It sounds so natural and pleasing to the ear. I’ve been using it on strings, synths, and some percussion. This is my go to chorus.

Yonatan Elkayam

J. Janev

January 14, 2024

My favorite tape echo!

It sounds like a real tape with those pitch and glitch movements! I usually set the delay slightly to the left and the reverb to the right - this gives a very nice space to the sound. And since it can't be set to a very long delay, I put another plugin before it with an extra delay to achieve slower repeats. The sound is so real!

G. Rostock

January 12, 2024

Total waste of money

Went back to the free Ableton echo, as this has no tail and really is just a bright reverb.

d. vats

January 8, 2024

This is an amazing plugin for vocals

I use it on every single vocal. This provides a space for vocals which I was looking for. No other plugin can replace this and I am not talking about the space which Reverb provide, It is different from this. I LOVE THIS PLUGIN ✨

H. Marek

January 2, 2024


The best tape echo emulation!

m. ginese

December 27, 2023

Unworkable unit with Zero support from Universal!!

I purchased this Chorus. And yet I am unable to use it as it won’t work!! It shows up in my plugins as purchase but won’t work. Now that’s bad enough, but just try to get in touch with a live human being for help. You won’t get help rather they will refer you to multiple articles for you to read to try to figure the problem out yourself. Think of it suppose you bought a car that wouldn’t run and Unbelievable inadequate and poor Customer Service!!!!

E. Reynolds

December 18, 2023

Galaxy Tape Echo -- Next level goodness!

This is a wonderful device emulation. This thing adds real bounce to drum tracks as well as dreamy delay to vocals. The spring reverb adds a good sheen as well as introducing its signature reverb characteristic. It is a versatile, utilitarian plugin. Good on the track or on the group bus. Try it on synths as well. There are also 3 different tape heads to pick from! Well done.

w. gause

December 14, 2023



M. Jansson

December 13, 2023

Beautiful chorus

Really nice on clean guitars

A. Schindler

December 11, 2023

Awesome For Guitars and Vocals

Great for getting a classic chorus or something really trippy. Great UI and will be using this constantly moving forward

M. Obuchowicz

December 10, 2023

Vintage signature sound. Only.

Either it does the job, or not. Sounds very vintage, has almost no controls and rarely gets used. Got is as part of the bundle, not finding it useful at all

1-20 of 1428 Results

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  7. 72