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Unison Enabled

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Distortion Essentials Bundle

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F. Mingrino

November 17, 2016


Amazing guitar tones, not exactly as the real ones, but its still amazing guitar pedal

H. Petersson

October 30, 2016

Far too expensive for what it is

I really like the idea of having my entire guitar chain contained inside my Apollo, but these stomp box emulations are more expensive than buying the real hardware, and the hardware sounds better. The convenience is simply not worth the money. Besides there are far more interesting pedals to model in my opinion.

M. Julien

October 9, 2016

Au top.

Alors certes ça coûte plus cher que les vrais pédales, mais le but c'est de les avoir in the box partout et n'importe quand, et surtout ça sonne grave.
J'ai laissé tombé depuis un moment mes amplis et pédales en Home Studio. Une Apollo, un Laptop, une guitare et bam, ça claque direct.
J'ai exactement les même sensations qu'avec mon hardware, sauf qu'il n'y a aucun encombrement, le Workflow est juste parfait.
Ca réagit incroyablement bien au toucher, le sustain est là, et surtout la vibe.
Grosse mention spéciale au combo Bermuda + Marshall Jubilee et Bluesbreaker.
Pour s'entraîner et enregistrer à la maison, il n'existe rien de mieux pour se caler sur la musique avec Console 2.0. L'outil idéal pour jouer n'importe ou, n'importe quand.

B. Tochilin

September 13, 2016

Good Pedals

Sounds like the real pedals. No UA just needs to model the Clone Centaur Pedal. I have three of these pedals and would really like a plugin version.

J. Robinson

May 5, 2016

very fun tools

I open these things up and I get creative. The feel is great and they inspire me to take productions in new directions. I can't comment on the accuracy of the Raw or Bermuda, but the Screamer is darn near 100% the same thing as my analog one. I'm looking forward to more of these high quality stompboxes in the future.

D. Gillis

March 8, 2016

Just Sayin'

I bought all of of the real vintage pedals for cheaper than this software bundle.
Purchased in 1980, 1@ Ibanez Tube Screamer = $55, Purchased in 1988 Big Box Proco Rat $80, 1974 Big Muff $50.00.
Just sayn'.

M. Ballenger

February 26, 2016

Great sound, overpriced

I own all of these pedals. I recently did a shootout with a few other plugin emulations and the actual hardware. UAD is pretty much spot on with their models. I can't really say that anything else in the digital domain is close. I deduct one star for price. The plugins are very convenient, but for not a lot more you can buy the actual pedals. I'd like to own this for convenience when working direct, and perhaps I'll pick it up if I catch a great sale price. In the meantime, patch cables with real hardware isn't too much of an inconvenience compared to $250 expense.

UAD User

December 26, 2015

worth it for the RAW

still owning an original RAT , was not expecting what I heard , bang on , well done UA it is spot on
the filter knob is accurate to it's response as the original ,

D. Bires

December 9, 2015

Supra Awesomeness!!!

Wow where do I begin. These Plugins are a must buy. The tube screamer is perfect. I have the real one and this one sounds close enough. Even in the analog world each one sounds different from the next so whatever one UA had when they modeled it thats the sound they got. The same goes for the proco rat which honestly sounds amazing and for the bermuda. I do not have a bermuda but this has a killer tone hands down. My favorite is the Tube screamer over top of the Marshall Silver Jubilee plugin. I am getting an amazing tone and it saves so much time positioning mics on my marshall to get that right tone. These plugins make life much easier and efficient for me. Now I can take my Apollo twin anywhere and record with confidence. Thank You UA!

G. Hadfield

July 28, 2015

Fantastically satisifying character

A little puzzled by some of the negative reviews. I have found these three distortion plugins to be fantatsic at giving really satisfying character.

While they can all totally blitz a sound, they also have a less tiring and more satsifyinglt natural chaos about their sound than pretty much all other stomp box emulations I've tried.

Why four stars instead of five..? Two resaons. They are quite pricey given their limited scope of use. Though I'm sure that the last 20% of the sound quality took up 80% of the effort - where other developers might have stopped. And I bought it anyway - so how can I argue it was too much! Second (bigger) reason: no mix knob! I know it's not on the originals but it's really annoying not having mix on an insert

UAD User

June 3, 2015


I have used many distortion plugins, but none come close to these. This is insane!

A. Glass

May 7, 2015

Compares to the hardware but...

This is a great little collection from UA. The TS808 is beautiful however a little intense. I find that it almost muddies the tone a bit when slapped on pre-amp. You definitely need to tweak the settings alot and scale them down to get usable overdrive. However - when you do - you get AMAZING tone. This is way better than all of the other non-DSP ones I've tried. This SOUNDS analog, it sounds real - however intense it may be.

M. Herrmannstorfer

May 7, 2015

Versatile Collection of Stomp boxes

There's everything from slightly Crunchy to heavily distorted. Especially nice when used as unison plugins in combination with the clean sound of Softube Vintage Amp Room in "Brown" mode!


April 18, 2015

To J Rutter

I don't have a random setup at all. I have a Apollo quad and a satilitte octo. All through thunderbolt into a Mac Pro. I work on very big projects. It's very common for my sessions to have 80 tracks or more. I have other plugin bundles from other companies that I use from time to time to lighten the load. I always find the UA plugs far superior. I really can't get over the sound of the stomp boxes. I have a 5 of the top amp in my studio, and I really don't think I will be using them much longer. I already sold one stack. Buy a satilitte you won't regret it.

K. Hegyi

April 14, 2015

Waste of money!

It really is just a waste of money if you ask me. They don't sound nothing like the real thing and it just really plasticy.

No Character.
Boring sound.
Take up a lot of CPU for nothing...


M. Petrillo

April 13, 2015

Mind Blowing!

These pedal plugins are exceptional and worth every penny, especially the Raw or The Tube Screamer into the Engl Classic amp or the Friedman Dirty Shirley amp plug gives the screaming metal tone of a hardware TS 808 into a Marshall-style master volume amp. I'll never mic another amp in the studio!

A. Weiss

April 8, 2015


This plugin is by far the most authentic digital substitute to the real thing!
I doubt even an experienced guitarist could hear the difference.

UAD User

April 6, 2015

Finally happy with DI guitar recording!!

As a songwriter I've always been searching for ways to simplify the process of capturing an idea and shaping a song. I've never been happy with DI guitar until discovering these plugins. All 3 of these sound fantastic, and I'm getting better sounding distortion on these than mic'ing my amp. Plus, it's so convenient to be able to quickly dial in a tone in Console 2.0 and not have to deal with setting up my amp. I still prefer the sound of my own Tube Screamer in my Fender DeVille, but it's nice to be able to record guitars at anytime of the day and actually end up with useable tracks without having to re-amp/mess with the amp later.

S. McNulty

March 30, 2015

Virtual Stomp Boxes

I've been using these on the demo for a few days, now.
There is no way that I can't buy them.
The Big Muff is such a dirty little beast.
I love it.

T. Ottesen

March 26, 2015

Fun and useful pedals

Just the fact that the Unison tech works on the HI-Z input as well makes me put a plugin-pedal in front of the guitar, even though it may be turned off for clean sounds.
I can´t really comment on the authenticity of the Bermuda and Tubescreamer as I´ve never owned them, but I really enjoy the sound of them, the Tubescreamer does pretty much everything I need with the Vintage Amp Room.
I can however comment on the RAW pedal. I owned a RAT some 15 years ago, and I could never get a sound out of it that I could use for anything. When I slapped the RAW into the recording chain, I was immediately taken back to the rehearsal room. It sounds just like I remember it, and I can´t get any sounds out of this that I can use. Great emulation!

101-120 of 126 Results