EMT® 140 Classic Plate Reverberator

EMT® 140 Classic Plate Reverberator


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EMT® 140 Classic Plate Reverberator

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M. Hill

August 17, 2016

Fantastic sounding plate reverb

After many years still a fantastic sounding plate reverb. Maybe not as authentic as some other of UAD's emulations in terms of the late decay and analogue modelling of the drivers/pickups, but it's a very usable reverb and worth owning.

P. Degen

August 15, 2016


I thought, "I'll give this reverb a shot". Normally I'm not a reverb kind of guy. Everything must be stonedead or have a little bit of echo on it. But this changes it all, I've been using this reverb not only on vocals (which makes them sit better in the mix), but also on various other stuff. It sounds all very good and sometimes makes things better. I"m really happy with this reverb. Thanks UAD.

v. cañas couturier

August 12, 2016


On first sight i was deep in love with the Lexicon Reverb who's really versatile, but as i'm mixing mostly Hop Hop music (Standart, discret 1-2s reverb) this EMT is just a MUST HAVE. Using it in 90% of my mixes. Amazing results on short verbs and a wonderfully beautiful tail on long ones.

L. Mendoza

August 8, 2016

EMT 140 Reverb Plate with class

This plug in has a special thing going! On almost everything this baby touches it brings that special wetness you need to bring your source to life, bring it out front, or wet it down. Of course it does magic for certain vox. It will give that classic reverb that you hear on countless hit songs you all love. The filtering section is very useful always. And all three plates sound good.

A. Auinger

August 4, 2016

So Shiny

Sounds Beautiful, wanted it for years, now I finally got it. Doesn't sound good on all sources for me, but sometimes it just fits surprisingly well and creates a dreamy ambience.

B. Ward

July 28, 2016

This is THE plate to have.

Sounds great as everyone said. It is always on my first Aux send and will be used I do on every mix in my studio.

古. 勇紀

July 23, 2016


No .1 Reverb EMT140.

I using Orchestral intruments.
Plate type A and B to the blending Sounds.

R. Aronsson

July 22, 2016

Great Reverb!

Simple to use and great sounding!
The skeuomorphic design is awesome and helps you adjust with ease.
Especially great on electric guitars and vocals.
One of my favorite reverbs along Realverb and TSAR.

F. Sonnauer

July 21, 2016

unobtrusive hall

I´m so happy with the EMT 140 cause it works so unobtrusive and smooth. I love it cause u don`t get problems with the mid frequencys so u don`t have to EQ this hall so much, that`s what I mean with unobtrusive.
lovin it

E. Bureau

July 18, 2016

Killer Reverb!

Really easy to use controls and really good sound. Never had the chance to use a real plate, but the sound of the plugin seems to be instant recognizable as classic. The EQ and stereo-controls are really useful and it is nice to get the chance to add reverb, without having to look at frequency response curves and room-simulations.

N. Kodonas

July 14, 2016

Awesome Reverb

This is one of the best reverbs out there, especially great for vocals, acoustic guitars, pianos and percussive sounds as well!!

I previously owned the Lexicon which is also amazing, but the EMT 140 adds something unique to your reverb collection!

T. Wauer

July 14, 2016

King for Vocals

Love this Plugin! Fits perfect for any type of Voice.

g. steenbergen

July 13, 2016

my nr one verb

I use this verb more than any other. I love it on guitar! It can make a dead sounding guitar really back to life again.
But also on vocals and drums i use it a lot.
Wish a bought this one a couple of years earlier...

T. Serôdio

July 12, 2016

Love it so much, I bought it twice.

True story.

Had a UAD-2 Quad that I sold and I threw my plugins in as a bonus. When I remodelled the studio I jumped back into the UAD train and this was the very first plugin I bought back. Simply outstanding.

M. Linczenyi

July 8, 2016

for almost everything

EMT140 brings natural but characteristic sound for almost everything. It's a must to have it.

F. Ferrer

July 6, 2016

Finally found my perfect Plate.

I do not think I can say anything new, for or against this product, just my particular experience. Really stunning, fantastic, my previous adventures with Plates (Software) had not very satisfactory to the point of not using them, but all that changed when with UAD EMT 140, I can not be happier to have this plugin in my arsenal of reverbs.

D. McBride

July 5, 2016

EMT 140 - better than most of the real ones

I've used many 140's over the years, both solid state and tube, and owned one made by Gene Lawson for over a decade- these units in the plug sound terrific- better than half the real ones I've used- also the additional control features are great- but most importantly it nails the subtle "fairy dust" quality to the decay- When a plate is the right sound- this is the way to go!
Doug McBride

M. Davidson

June 29, 2016

Great Workhorse Reverb

Just an all around great reverb. I wanted a decent verb to listen wet and track try but this reverb has carved it's way into my mixes as a nice variation. In getting a new Apollo I had to make choices as to my initial plug-in investment and this was at the top of the list. No regrets.

B. Wiederholt

June 28, 2016

Smooth reverb

I love this reverb with sax or flute. It never gets in the way.

J. Roy

June 28, 2016

As good as it get for real plate emulation!

Really good sounding, love it!

181-200 of 722 Results