EMT® 250 Classic Electronic Reverb

EMT® 250 Classic Electronic Reverb

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EMT® 250 Classic Electronic Reverb

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S. Healey

December 2, 2016

A very great color to have on your mix palate

As the title says, this is really a nice weapon to have at your disposal. Like most mix tools, application is everything but I have to say that this is a really versatile reverb that works on almost everything.

J. Fashe

November 29, 2016

More than a Reverb!!!

Reverb, Phaser, Chorus, Echo, Space, Delay!!! It's a great MultiFX and a perfect complement with the EMT 140!!!

B. Harris

November 18, 2016

B. Harris

This is my favorite reverb plug-in for tracking my nylon string classical guitar. I have numerous really good reverbs and convolutions but I almost always just track and print the UA EMT 250.
During tracking, I need to be drawn in to the sound and vibe of the performance to be inspired to create a musical track that serves the song. This reverb does that for me. Adds a nice lush halo around the sound.

G. Gilroy

November 14, 2016

The HIT Maker of Reverbs

The EMT 250 is to Reverb as the Pultec is to EQ. Every time I use the EMT 140 Plate, it seems I have to use the 250 next. They just seem to sit well together. I heard PURPLE RAIN last week. Now every time I put up the 250... I think of Prince. There's so much depth in the sound of this reverb. It's another must have!

M. Kondracki

August 28, 2016

Reverb is the best thing about UAD for me

The reverb plugins are really my favorite thing about UAD. They are so close to the real thing I feel like I'm in a world class studio using the original gear. A MUST BUY.

B. Troxler

August 2, 2016

My Go-TO Reverb

The EMT 250 quickly became my go-to reverb. I own other UAD reverbs including DreamVerb, RealVerb Pro, AMS RM16, Lexicon 224 and started out with a Waves convolution reverb. Not a bad one in the lot. However, the EMT 250 consistently delivers the quality of reverb to support the genera I generally record. That’s acoustic music – vocals, plucked, bowed and strummed strings, flutes, hand percussion – as well as symphonic productions. The EMT 250 delivers a sense of realism, clarity and depth within a control panel that provides a great range of parameter control. It’s very easy to set up and tweak. I also like the control offered by the UAD AMS RMX16, but it takes more effort to set up. Bottom line: 5+ stars for EMT 250.

m. stephanson

July 17, 2016

Look no further!

For pure, lush tails and a density that adds a flattering thickness, look no further! I have several heavy hitting verbs, but since I got this, it has been on EVERY session, and is a beautiful compliment to the sounds I am getting from Hofa, Altiverb, and etc. But pure magic on vox!
What is amazing is when I use this in the Console app and get zero latency verb for my cans mix. Vocalists have been comenting and have been turning out more inspired tracking because of using the 250. I pick a preset and a couple minor tweaks later, I hear "that's perfect, let's roll." When my singer is felling the sense of space, AND immediacy, the results have been exciting.

Beyond worth it, seriously, thanks UA!

R. Becerra

July 17, 2016

I'm very happy.

Until now it was using realverb and not get that quality with other brands or plugins. I had doubts whether to add another reverb would not buy the same as already had. EMT250 sounds wonderful, perfectly heard through a dense mix with muchs instruments, creates a natural amplitude without losing presence. Besides the delay, chorus and space are absolutely desirable in any situation. I'm very happy.

S. Householder

June 23, 2016

This is the God of Reverbs. Don't you dare question me.

This Reverb is magic. It makes vocals sound like echoey, gooey butter on soft toast with cinnamon sugar. Thats right I said it. soft toast. cinnamon sugar.

Seriously. You put this motherf--er on your lead vocal, and BANG!


Thats what it is. I put it on four lead vocals and they turned into sunshine. The room got so goddam bright I had to let them out just so I could see again. Now they're gone, but F-- it. I'll track another one.

If you go in a studio and you don't see this plugin, turn your happy ass around and walk out, you are in Loser Town. You will not win any Grammies today.

The lushness on this thing...the air, the vastness of it, hold on, I need a towel now. Just. Buy it. You won't be sorry.

A. Singh

June 16, 2016

Brilliant Reverberator

EMT 250 has a lot of history to talk about. Bruce Swedien, legendary recording and mixer still to date uses EMT 250 & EMT 252 and he has used this reverb almost on all Michael Jackson recordings. Can clearly tell why. Isn't it? Check what happens when you put good amount of pre delay for the reverb to occur onset.

E. Hansen

April 20, 2016


The EMT 250 is just a fantastic plug in. Sounds good and easy to dial in.

UAD User

February 19, 2016


I believe the 250 was used on "Pour out a lil liquor" by 2pac. It gives my voice the same effect Tupac has on that track. Definitely a great tool. Sounds like metal in your voice. Don't Demo it because then You'll want to buy it. Only thing I don't like is it isn't 5k resolution quality. Brainworx and whoever made the Shadow hills plugin is genius. It looks beautiful on my iMac 5k. THats the ONLY thing about this plug in and every other UA plugin I don'tike. The digital version is like a low resolution file. You won't notice if you don't have the 5k screen. But the Console that comes with Apollo looks SUPER high def! Just wondering when and if AU will do the same to its plugin interfaces?

UAD User

February 15, 2016

Amazing for film music

The reverb is very deep and with a lot of harmonics. It doesn't add additional booming frequencies, which is amazing.
It is perfect for film and symphonic music. Great plugin.

H. Varvoglis

February 8, 2016

Natural sound

This is one of the best reverbs I've used in a computer, it doesn't have a lot of parameters to play with , but are enough to get a rich, musical and natural sound. I didn't have the chance to work with the original hardware but this plugin sounds great and "real".

b. martial

January 13, 2016

superbe !

magnifique reverbe, très musical, enfin une belle reverbe! aprés avoir essayé pas mal de plugins, je suis satisfais de celle ci!

T. Morgan

January 12, 2016


A great reverb, really nice.

K. Grandillo

January 11, 2016

Ocean Way Nashville

As a Belmont student, I have been lucky enough to spend time in Ocean Way where they actually have the real version. While the comparison is not spot on (and i dont think it should be) this reverb is so unique in its sound and function. As my first purchased UAD reverb, it has definitely given me a good opinion of their capabilities! Cost seems to be a bit high though, as it does for most of the verb plug ins

K. de Wit

January 10, 2016

Classic Reverb

This is a classic reverb that sounds great. Very simple to setup as there isn't many controls.

K. Fujishiro

December 29, 2015

EMT 250 an ideal reverb

EMT 250 is an ideal and worth buying reverb for vocal and instruments.It gives me the right amount of reverb in vocal and perfect amount of doubling the sound of my selected instruments. I do own popular brands of plugin effects, but I think plugins which I purchased from Universal Audio are the most reliable and outstanding plugins I've ever had. They are worth buying, it never tax my CPU and I have these kind of satisfaction that I really did an investment wise purchased of UA plugins regarding with the result of my mix and master.

UAD User

December 28, 2015

Very Nice Sound

Bought it to have a good sounding reverb for tracking with apollo twin and it has been proofen to be very suitable for that kind use-case. Changing the sound can be done very quickly what is important for me during recording. The reverb tail sounds lush and beautiful and also small rooms sound good. After a while I recognized how well the chorus sounds and so I use that one too. More and more I use the emt 250 not only for tracking but as my main reverb during mixing. This is even with only a dural core dsp possible because the plugin is far from being cpu intensive. I like it very much on guitars too, if I want a very nice dreamy kind of sound.

61-80 of 240 Results