EMT® 250 Classic Electronic Reverb

EMT® 250 Classic Electronic Reverb

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EMT® 250 Classic Electronic Reverb

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V. German

October 16, 2021


Very clear and transparent sound

C. Davis

August 16, 2021

Excellent plug-in

It works well on everything especially on my snare drum and vocals also, this is a good one yes!!

A. Marriott

August 14, 2021

classic sound

I was really delighted with this plug-in! The extra depth it gives to piano is amazing!

N. Seva

July 12, 2021

Un vrai bonheur

Utilisée sur une cl5 en live, c’est tout simplement envoûtant, c’est rond, c’est beau, ça a de l’âme… on est à des années lumières des reverbs classiques de console live. Les poils en l’air garantis !

H. Lepisto

June 13, 2021

Great, versatile, low Dsp load

Amazing versatile plugin. Love the reverb and chorus with pre-delay added. Absolutely love it. Now wondering why I’ve not purchased this before.

P. Bryer

May 21, 2021

Love This Thing!

Sounds great. Easy to get the effect you want - fast! Very low dsp load. And you get presets. Great! Love this thing!

K. Holley

May 10, 2021

A reverb I enjoy.

Great emulation reverb.

J. Geary

April 25, 2021

A little spice

Great reverb! Says a lot about the quality of these plugins that even a decade after release the older plugins hold their own. Has a bit of a character that doesnt always fit in the mix but when it works it works! Mostly i find myself using the phaser and chorus modes to add just a touch of spice on sends since the DSP footprint is quite low. Just beware of the noise floor it adds and the ability to toggle it on/off

N. Adrien

April 5, 2021

Great success

It's a reverb that blends with the source like no one else. Discreet and invisible, this reverb is brilliant and goes to the point.

N. Rang

March 4, 2021

A vibe. Easy UI, very versatile

From reverb to echo and delay. Great well riunded effects emulation.

J. Kim

February 26, 2021


None of my reverb's worked like this way. It's really awesome!

T. Urbonas

February 11, 2021

You won't regret it.

I own 5 other reverbs, and I'm thrilled with this. It's the first commercial reverb, it sounds amazing, and among other things, it creates the best short reverbs I've ever heard.

D. Williams

February 5, 2021

Cleanest Reverb out there.

This is by far the cleanest reverb I have ever used. You can put this on genuinely anything.. I’ve even put it on the master bus, nothing can make this reverb sound bad. Crystal highs, and clean lows. Excellent work UAD.

b. wheelock

January 27, 2021

Great sound

Great reverb for a multitude of instruments and vocals. Really easy to use and can get good results quickly.

K. Roukoz

January 16, 2021


my new go to reverb! actually sounds like a reverb opposed to others that drown the sound! Thank you Uaudio

B. Ward

January 13, 2021

EMT 250

A classic older reverb with a great sound that I'm finding to be very useful.

P. Leroux

January 12, 2021

toujours content d'utiliser vos plug-in UAD,je ne suis pas un professionnel du son mais juste musicien professionel qui aime faire sonner son instrument

j'aime utiliser vos plug pour faire le son de ma batterie , par contre lors de mon dernier achat sur le Bundle 3 dont un en plus de 399€, il était convenu d'en avoir un en plus et je n'ai pas reçu le 4 ème je suppose que ça doit être un plug qui fonctionne avec LUNA que je n'utilise pas encore , alors si vous pouvez me faire profiter de cette offre pour ce dernier achat et de me permettre de re-faire mon choix pour ce dernier .. avec mes remerciements

Á. Gústafsson

January 10, 2021

EMT 250

Perfect for my deep voice!

b. zucchetti

January 9, 2021

Excellent as everything of UAudio !

Very very near the famous original , and a " must to have " , waiting the right promotion and by the time i will buy everything ! Good Job!

o. romer

January 5, 2021

EMT 250

Had the demo several times, but now I bourght it. I'm not going to regret it, it sounds great and rich with a nice tail.

1-20 of 370 Results

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