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Customer Reviews

EMT® 250 Classic Electronic Reverb

Overall Rating

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D. Caruso

March 7, 2024

Mickeal Jackson

Cette reverbe était la Favorite de Mickeal Jackson et je le comprends

B. Spence

January 30, 2024

EMT 250 Verb

Great sounding reverb with easy use adjustment’s, for tweaking the good presets. Great complimentary to the EMT 140 (my snare go to reverb) and the Capital Chambers reverb.

T. van Vliet

January 20, 2024

Does it for me

Great versatile reverb. Loads of presets ready to use. Very flexible and feels like the reel deal.

A. Mtz

January 13, 2024

Smooth, creamy , ready to go !

i could laugh when people say : It’s realistic hahaha there’s no way to know the difference with this beautiful sounding reverb and the real analog machine. It hurts , but Digital have turn the analog down.

The only analog advantage is the palpable faders and that the machine “ burns “ in your own way , i know that. The plug is a sound that a lot of people
will have; it’s time to let the creativity distinct our sound besides the machine.

I put it in a bus track , send a voice track , instant magic , the reverb blends perfect , gave a gorgeous “felt” space

R. Barreto

January 11, 2024


A more than perfect reverb.

O. Jacobsen

January 10, 2024

Unfortunately unable to authorize after buying

And as M. Thomas said - no feedback from the cs(!?)
Would love to know what the problem is…

M. Thomas

January 5, 2024


I have been trying to contact customer support for days with no answer SMH

M. Thomas

January 5, 2024


I have been trying to contact customer support for days with no answer SMH

A. Dahlback

December 13, 2023

Very nice vintage feeling!

A plug that really breathes vintage in the sound! Love it!!!


December 9, 2023

Another winner

Got this during Black Friday bundle deals, didn’t think I needed another reverb but definitely another flavour, highly recommended

E. Lutkins

December 8, 2023

Massive verbs!

Huge and lush reverbs. Easy to use interface. What more can you ask for?

Š. Kominko

November 15, 2023


Vynikajúci reverb

M. Nowakowski

October 17, 2023


Great plugin, works awesome on vocals, saxophone, drums, guitars and keyboards. UAD you have made a fantastic plugin! Thanks!!!

M. Sudhakar

October 16, 2023

Easy and Handy!

Best Sounding Reverb, easy to use and sounds Amazing!!!

J. Maffeo

September 19, 2023


Getting great results using this bad boy mastering through LUNA

J. Grylls

September 12, 2023

EMT Reverb

I have a few "go-to" reverbs. This one was on sale so I bought it. It is so easy to use and quick to get a great sound. It is my new "go-to" verb.

Z. Gaubas

July 11, 2023

EMT® 250 Classic Electronic Reverb

Very nice sounding reverb, easy to control, sounds good with acoustic instruments, a native version would be good too.

y. kim

April 14, 2023

good choice

natural sound. good sound.

E. Cruz

February 2, 2023


First time in my life I used this reverb. Definitely one of my favorite. Top notch sound with uad.

V. Mina

January 19, 2023


Absolutely brilliant. 3Dimensional flavour to any kind of instrument. Highly racomanded. Really intuitive and powerful

1-20 of 389 Results

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