EP-34 Tape Echo

EP-34 Tape Echo

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EP-34 Tape Echo

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A. Davies

March 18, 2015

Not bad

This is very much a one trick pony, but it does that trick very well. I don't have all the functionality as something like Timeless, but sometimes creating a dozen modules to get a good tape delay is a bit unrealistic when clients are bearing down on you.


T. Misic

March 9, 2015

The Echo Plugin

The best echo plugin that I ever heard.

M. Reategui

January 15, 2015

Great emulation

This plug in gave new air to my older recordings, true and accurate, will recommend it!

J. Sylv

January 14, 2015

Stable echo

The EP-34 is a good replica of a tape-based echo. I have never used the original to this IRL. But I grow up with Roland Space echoes and I think those have to be an important part of any home studio. I think this one is a good complement to UA's replica of Rolands space echo. They differ alot in character and that is a nice thing.

A. Uratnik

January 14, 2015


I couldn't believe the other day that I listened to the mix and something just wasn't right
with the lead guitar. EP 34 saved me big time, I could boost the lead just right and and a subtle delay time made a lead flow just right. It's not just delay it actually enhance and glue the sonically.

A. Norris

January 14, 2015

Self Oscillation

I simply can't explain with words how realistic this model is.
It behaves exactly like a tape-based delay, which impressively includes the self-oscillation phenomena. The device will begin to "feed-back" on it's own looped signal, which can indeed get pretty insane and will eventually wig-out, but it is also possible to control this process and create immensely beautiful beds of delay, generated from the source sound itself. Whether it's dub or just subtle modulation this plug is permanently present in all of my mix templates. I love it.

T. Warren

January 13, 2015

Classic plugin you have to have in your arsenal

Title says it all. I use the Echoplex all the time. Killer on vox. (Not as good as the UA's "Cooper Time Cube" but still kick ass). I like to buss the Echoplex to the vox and it acts almost like a pad. It creates amazing ambience. So many cool and creative things you can do with the Echoplex. As I always say, you can't go wrong with Any UA plugs. UA plugins are the first plugins that made me feel justified in spending 200+ on non tangible gear. UAD's are truly a investment.

P. Sossa

January 13, 2015

Echo fantasy +++

Réglages un peu sensibles au premier abord et les boutons sont un poil petit mais on s'y fait très vite pour obtenir très rapidement un résultat de tape echo très convainquant...Avec de bons réglages, fonctionne sur toutes les sources audio...avec un peu de fantaisie par rapport aux delays habituels !

J. Aitkens

January 12, 2015

Ep-34 coolest echo ever

This delay takes me back to the days of old with the same magic quality you hear on so many albums we grew up loving. Going to be fun to play with the oscillating echos.

U. Hugosson

January 7, 2015

My number one Tape delay

Love this tape delay. Warm and classic sound. Makes guitar solos shine. UA did a great job.

P. Newmarch

January 4, 2015

Great sounding delay

Delays are tricky. To my ears, most just sound average. They impart nothing, no matter how much you tweak the settings or fiddle with eq or ducking effects.
The EP-34 sounds good. It's got plenty of functionality, but right from when you put it in a track, it sounds good. That's all I need, stuff that does what it should and sounds good doing it. Nice one, UA.

J. Hussmann

January 2, 2015

99% real 110% More reliable!!!!

This thing is dead up like my real one... but sits better in a mix because its a plug in, no mechanical noise, and it works every time!!! SO thats awesome... can be used to add depth and space to about anything, plus all the funky tricks!!! for sure my " Most Fun" Plug in!!!!!

C. Vonsneidern

December 31, 2014

As useful as the real thing

I demoed this EP-34 on a project, and immediately bought it. I've used the hardware version for years, both live and in the studio, and the EP-34 Tape Echo Plug-In sounds and responds like the modeled hardware, along with the quirks and artifacts. Having the ability to overload the input via the recording level gives me the ability to be expressive with the plug in. And...no banging on it to get the tape moving!

I wish it had a stereo version since I often use two of these plug ins set slightly differently to get stereo effects.

D. Sanchez

December 31, 2014


Ive been stacking these now and the effect is pretty fantastic. I love using varying amounts of each of the stacks to give really subtle yet big space. Right on again, guys.

P. Degen

December 27, 2014

EP 34

Isn't it funny, I wondered how the late Tommy Bolin got all those strange noises out of his guitar. Well I'm confident he had a echoplex on his side.
All those spaceships taking off are made just by tweaking the echoplex, Within a few minutes I created those sounds also with this really great EP34 plugin.
Even when not inputting a sound at all, but by just tweaking the knobs you get really great results.

T. Pyka

December 27, 2014

Best Echo In Musicville

I owned the Echoplex hardware unit back in the day and I remember replacing the tape loop often. The UA version sounds much better and is more versatile. I love it and use it on guitars, vocals and keyboards.

J. Roger

December 26, 2014


Great delay, easy to use, lots of vibe. It is a great compliment to the Space Echo.

H. Petersson

December 24, 2014

Good sounding but limited

I'm kinda mixed about this plugin. On the one side, it is the best sounding tape delay plugin I've heard, on the other side it is about as limited as the hardware.

I've found that by using Logics Delay Designer and the UAD Ampex plug I can get just as good of a tape delay with far greater control and flexibility. It's like having the best of both worlds. Lush panned delays with realistic tape degradation wow and flutter. The only downside would be the DSP usage, but the EP-34 isn't easy on the DSP either.

This does have the ability to self-oscillate just like the original. But that effect has been over used already so I don't feel like I'm missing out.

Would be great if UA took this knowledge and made a tape delay with modern features.

J. Pedrocca

December 17, 2014


it´s my first tape delay. It´s amazing! Sounds so different from others delays.

C. Hart

December 16, 2014


Im new to this tape plug-in,, but I must say this is an awesome plug-in. I would recommend this to my friends

181-200 of 301 Results