Fairchild® Tube Limiter Collection

Fairchild® Tube Limiter Collection

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Fairchild Tube Limiter Collection

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N. Hollis

November 23, 2013

A new go too

I always liked the legacy version of the Fairchild but this goes much further,it is a joy to use and since buying it the comps ive only ones ive used are these and the Blue face ones,ive even stopped using my out board rack 1176.

Spot On

D. Palmer

November 23, 2013

Just like the real thing

The guys at UA have really pulled it off this time...

I've worked a lot with original Fairchild 760 compressors and this just has to be the nearest thing I've ever heard to an actual 760... It's warm and discreet, versatile and packed full of those features we all wish that the real Fairchild had... And you can have loads of them at the same time!!... It's hard not to use it on everything!!...


H. Chahil

November 23, 2013

Perfect for tube warmth for tracks

If u want to add some tube warmth to your tracks then this plugin does really well.
Just run the signal through it for the Fairchild vibe

C. Allrich

November 22, 2013

The Only One I'll Use.

We've been trying to capture a Fairchild for the digital domain for years now, and honestly, no one's ever really nailed it for me. I've tried to love it (in Waves, IK for example.) However it just left me going "meh". Nothing exciting, why bother? I'll reach for something else.

Then I was finally talked into making the UAD jump by a co-producer, and eventually made my way to demo the original Fairchild on UAD, still wasn't terribly impressed. It was good, but not quite there yet for me...

When I saw that a revision was in, and gave it a demo, I was FINALLY hooked.

Really great job here! Both the 660 and 670 are quite impressive sonic beasts! Great update, a must grab for anyone while they are still on sale.

B. Herle

November 22, 2013


IMHO this is the most beautiful sounding plug-in I have ever used, bar none. Great job UAD! Simply can't wait to start tracking vocals, drum overheads, pianos, and other things through it with my Apollo! Breathtaking!

A. Motta

November 21, 2013

I'm still not believing

I mix the many, many years and never in my life seen anything as amazing as this plugin Fairchild. I thought it was not possible to do something like that, congratulations UAD!!!!

L. Kruijssen

November 20, 2013

Love 'm plain and simple.

Again a hitter what more fancy words do I need to spill.

I just don't want anyone to ever fancy words just want them to always fancy their ears and you simply make that happen. You blew me away again last time and now just barely weeks after you're doing it again. A fully portable studio who could have ever imagined that.

All you leave me to say is that I'm just happy all these years ago I've trusted my ears and nothing but my ears and I can leave you on bringing the rest.

I know it's an understatement but I just quickly had to do it still just hoping it will do some good within the short amount of time I had available.

For any one to see don't read LISTEN! Throw it on as much audio as possible!


UA. Grow!

S. Othniel

November 19, 2013

the king of compression!!!!!!!

I just love this compressor. I bought it the very day it came out....right after I did a demo of it. ......no delay, no hesitation, just buy the plug-in.
Most of the time I don't even use the compression, I just needed the color.
Amazing plug-in.

A. Picciafuochi

November 19, 2013

More detailed sound

This new version of the stellar Fairchild compressor/limiter has a more detailed and closer sound to the original hardware than its already excellent predecessor, you have to try it absolutely.

P. Moshay

November 18, 2013

Hard to believe

Its really Hard to believe how they could capture such Mojo! Thats the word best to describe the sound when you use a real Fairchild. I was lucky enough to have one for a month during a project and nothing compares to that sound…… Except now i feel that UA has not only captured it, they give us more ability than a original ever had.

The new models go above anything to date, Thank you UA! I can't believe i can use lots of them now on a mix.

681-690 of 690 Results