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Unison Enabled

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Customer Reviews

Friedman Buxom Betty Amplifier

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B. Wallbillich

November 18, 2023

Very cool

This is an awesome amp for very clean retro sounds, and has some power for crutches and leads.

M. Woolnough

October 18, 2023

Excellent !

After much deliberating I chose to get Buxom Betty and I'm very happy I did. It's nice and versatile so I 'm finding it my "Go to" already. The way they record the mic's and cab's is mind blowing. It comes "alive" and there's some great recording chains. I would defiantly recommend checking it out.

J. Heywood

October 17, 2023

Outstanding Amp Plugin

This is the best plugin I have used for the Apollo- admittedly I haven't used many. Superb cleans, very user friendly interface and the plugin can be tailored for all types of guitars from SSS to HH. I might sell the Helix after playing this. The delay is the icing on the cake.

T. Nourse

September 23, 2023

Friedman Buxom Betty

I love Friedman Amps, own several to include the Twin Sister. This Buxom Betty plugin is very near the real deal. UA and Friedman did a wonderful job to recreate what the BB is all about. Smooth tone, very responsive to pick attack. Simple to use.

E. Tillmon

September 16, 2023

Great unison plugin

Great sounds any great veriasions

A. Hewitt

June 6, 2023

Great amp sim

Bought this after a demo. Very good choice and I especially like the fact that it has an in built delay which gives lots of options.

J. Tofte

June 2, 2023

Nice clean tones!

This amp simulation gives me all the nice clean tones I like. My Ibanez artcore and Fender strat guitars sound sweet through this. I am content.

C. Brooks

March 31, 2023

Buxom Betty does it all!

The BB does everything from crystal cleans to dirty crunch and everything in between. Best of all the UA Amp Sims.

D. Allewelt

February 26, 2023

sweet clean

I looked for a very nice and warm clean tone. I am very happy with it.

R. Juniel

February 5, 2023

Awesome killer Amp!

Love it!!!

C. Özdemir

February 2, 2023


Sounds amazing. Real. Authentic. It’s breathing. Feels like you’re having the amp behind you.

G. McCallum

February 2, 2023

Friedman Buxom Betty - good bang for ya bucks

I have the stock fender + Marshall sim amps and they never delivered clean tone very well. The Buxom does clean very well - and not too shabby when you wind the gain up. The noise gate works well + delay has a nice low fi vibe. Great thing is it works with my Apollo solo unlike some more hungry plugins. I have never played a real Friedman amp - so can't compare. At a fraction of the price I guess its a good deal. Kinda want a real one now.

P. Manriquez

January 30, 2023

Great sound!!!

I love the clean tones .. Great sound .. !!!

A. Bennett

January 26, 2023

Love it!

Love it! Great, full-sounding plug-in!

S. Lontano

January 12, 2023

Plenty of Blues

I love how this amp reacts to my guitars. I also use it as a cab/amp simulator for my MesaBoogie Triaxis Preamp and it's fantastic.

D. Gardell

December 27, 2022

Love it!!

I've mostly been using this for the clean tones and it sounds amazing!!
Bonus for me, using an Apollo Solo, is that it is very DSP friendly! I don't have the chart in front of me, but it's the only one I can use with other DSP hungry plugins! One chain I have saved is clean Buxom, LA2A and Ocean Way Studios with the Guitar setting. The DSP is maxed out, but man it sounds sooo good!! And since you can run Buxom without a cab, you can use it as an insert in re-mic mode with Ocean Way Studios cabs, like Drew showed in one of the Office Hours, where they did a OWS deep dive.

J. Metzger

December 19, 2022

The feeling is great !

I waited a while to demo this one but what I can say is this plug in sounds phenomenal with my suhr classic t antique . I get really great tone when I crank the amp volume all
The way up then use the power soak to dial back the volume . It’s just enough dirt to help compress the notes so they don’t sound harsh or pop out . If I could only choose one uad guitar amp plug in this would be the one .

J. Dowall

December 7, 2022

Favourite UAD amp plugin

I auditioned every amp plug-in UAD did, this stood out immediately for me personally as having the best feel, responsiveness and tone, like playing through a real amp.

J. Seabrook

December 2, 2022

What a guitar toolset!!!!

I am very happy to have this unit. I'm not usually as fond of amp sims as I am of my collection of real stuff. Not because of the digital vs analog debate, but because I like to adjust mics, preamps, and blends. But this thing has a such a nice variety of cabinet/mic combos that I'm happy to use it in a pinch, and 3 projects recently, have preferred it to my collection... not to mention the extra effort.
Now, consider the built in noise gate and delay. Both super versatile and so useful. If I didn't love knobs so much, I might not need anything else.

A. Baxter

October 15, 2022

Buxom Betty

Perfect amp sim for clean to crunch, works well with pedals. Great plug-in at a reasonable price.

1-20 of 291 Results

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