KORG® SDD-3000 Digital Delay

KORG® SDD-3000 Digital Delay

Unison Enabled

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Customer Reviews

Korg® SDD-3000 Digital Delay

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V. Vasileiou

November 28, 2017

3 You're just fine

Hello, PLUGIN is amazing, it is one of the best Delay I have worked on
and of course I think I was missing this from UAD.bright kids

A. Abernathy

November 23, 2017


Can’t believe how quickly I was channeling William Orbit... simple Prophet 5 patch + SDD-3000 = hours of fun. Really sounds beautiful and so vibey. Preamp is rich and awesome.

S. Homefry

November 21, 2017

Instant Vibe

Immediately familar and quick to get into a zone. Definitely at the top of my list of go to delays. Had considered purchasing the unit and now feel satisfied with the plug in. Thank you

D. Goulder

November 20, 2017

Precision Control

It’s nice to have such precise control over delay times, regeneration and modulation levels. The sonics also have an “old school” familiarity, and sit well in the mix. This plugin warrants serious consideration.

J. Preston

November 14, 2017

Great tool!

I am loving this new Korg plugin, and am surprised how often I use it, and am surprised at how clean it makes vocals and bass tracks...yes, I said bass tracks. Not for the actual effect of the delay, but just going through the box, with only a slight delay that is almost not even there.

D. McCoy

November 14, 2017

Special delay

Fantastic delay plugin. Does its own unique thing. Works great with synths, but really shines on guitar. Strat and Vox emulation puts you straight into Edge territory.

Z. King

October 19, 2017


Immediately became a favorite. The preamp emulation is aces, sounds fantastic.

D. Barzen

October 18, 2017

Great delay

Exzellent Plug in!

E. Bautista Garcia

October 18, 2017

It works in unison mode too ¡¡

It's like having an almost infinite number of hardware pieces of this guy and you can instantiate it in every channel, either at mixing stage or mastering too. It sounds better than the original Korg SDD 3000, clearer and transparent, but always vintage ¡¡¡¡

P. Thomas

October 16, 2017

Just the vintage flavor I was looking for!

I own The Mighty Rebekah, a massive modular Moog-style synth which is fed into my system via a UA Apollo 8P, as she is capable of producing 8 simultaneous monophonic voices. On the last piece I composed, I used 6 (!) SDD3000 Plug-ins on the Unison inputs and, wow!, there it was, that crunchy, chewy delay I remember so well. And I had forgotten about how cool the modulation section is. Being able to harness the sound of its analog input stage is a treat! I got on the UAD train at Jump Station and you continue to amaze me. Smartest studio buy of my career. Period.

P. Perfetto

October 16, 2017


really epic sounding unit, emulates the original really well.

P. Marriott

October 13, 2017

A hip hop classic is reborn!

Not too many people know this but this was a prefered delay on many a hip hop classic and now it's back! Thanks Universal Audio!

B. Lewis

October 3, 2017

amazing Korg 3000

I love the sound of the 3000 I use it all of the time. Thank you UAD

UAD User

September 23, 2017

Amazing how close to original

Heard and used the original and this is just a wonderful duplication of it. High quality and amazing delay function

W. Music

September 15, 2017

What a preamp!

If you want that special something.... this is it! It will spice up your lead tones or if you want that U2 The Edge rhythmic guitar patterns! Run it in front of the guitar or in the effects loop. Very versatile!

B. Rico

September 15, 2017

GREAT Delay Plugin!

This thing sounds great on synths, vocals, and more! Definitely worth a demo to see what you may come up with.

R. Cox

September 6, 2017

new favorite delay

really fantastic sounding delay, especially being able to drive the front end and control the amount of headroom. One of the absolute best delays I have used yet, including rack units. Take the time to get to know it and how to use it correctly and it becomes a hands down must purchase!

U. Borjesson

August 29, 2017

At last...

I was waiting for this or the Roland, but this Korg is the most wanted. All my guitarsounds I had way back are back in my rack again! It sounds exactly as the HW and it is for real!
The Modulation is beautiful! Try it with a good guitar and get stucked for hours!

E. Pensa

August 28, 2017

Awesome !

This plugin is great! Super easy to use and the presets are incredible. Totally worth the money.

M. Eliot

August 28, 2017

Impressive Soft Delay

After a demo of this I was impressed. It is a powerful delay unit. It's amazing particularly for dub delay. It is indistinguishable from hard delay units. I am a fan of Korg synths. This delay performs very well. It is in my opinion the best soft delay I have used. The Galaxy is very good, but I like the strength of the Korg; it is much more dramatic and modern. I make Dub House mainly and this is a very useful sound tool indeed. Thanks.

81-100 of 107 Results