Lexicon® 224 Digital Reverb

Lexicon® 224 Digital Reverb

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Lexicon® 224 Digital Reverb

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L. seungbu

April 21, 2016

Best vocal reverb !

But most plug-ins for vocals seem a bit lacking writing instruments yen
Also buy a different reverb haldeut T.T

P. Tibone

April 16, 2016


Love the sound. The interface takes a little time to get use to as it is very different from typical reverb units, but taking the time to learn is well worth the effort.

Z. Valentin

April 15, 2016

Lexicon 224

Great... Do I need something more? NO

L. Pauselli

April 14, 2016

Lexicon 224 Reverb PlugIn

I think to understand the quality of this stuff it's enough one minute... Incredible!

UAD User

April 14, 2016

Maybe the best Reverb out there !

I think I had them all .... no , unfortunately I'm not talking about beautiful females ... (sigh) , .... actually I refer here to an endless list of Reverb PlugIns , and although there are lots very fine Reverbs among them , I always run into a situation where they tend to sound kind of metallic .
Not so the Lexicon224 . Be it the fact that it is running on dedicated hardware , be it the quality of the algorithm itself ... or a combination of both : ... This is an extremely musical sounding Reverb .
Depending on the specific session / samplerate / etc. I can run some 3 to 4 instances on an Apollo Twin Duo .
Therefore I bought a UAD-2 Satellite OCTO Thunderbolt especially for this PlugIn . One of my best investments ever .
5 Stars

R. Comitz

April 6, 2016


love itlove itlove itlove itlove itlove itlove itlove itlove itlove itlove itlove itlove itlove itlove itlove it

C. Letondu

April 1, 2016

Nice sounding reverb

One of best reverb i've heard for a while.
A lot better than waves reverb or any convolution reverb.
Soft, wide and very musical sound.
The large hall and room algorithms are my favorites.
A must have !

D. Barrington

March 28, 2016

That Special Something

I'm on the fence about whether this isn't a bit too expensive. But if you wait for sales, it usually does come close to 1/2, which I think is how UAD models things.

The PROs are the variety you can get from these algorithms add something to vocals that I've not been able to get with other reverb units. There is something there that sparkles, and I can't put a finger on it. You have to tame the mix, as the full up mix or settings is overkill, but pull it back to where it's barely there and your track jumps out in the mix. Since i never had the original, can't speak to it's authenticity. But I can speak to it's usability.

CON's other than price are of course how long before UA abandons upgrades, or this becomes "legacy"

S. Connor

March 19, 2016

Legendary Reverb at your Fingertips

Wow I always rated UA as the kings of reverb and this again proves why- the minute you put this on a drum bus you will recognise the Lexicon sound. Again like the AMS RMX16 this has a character to its sound that you will love and will wrap around your audio instead of sounding like it was stuck to it. If you are investing in the UAD Platform get the reverbs first- that is where there best strengths lie, the Lexicon 224 is testament to that! Love it, well done UA

T. Naus

March 18, 2016

A smooth, strong but subtle reverb

I had other plugs for reverb, but this authentic sound from lexicon made the final mix! WOW! Its subtle but still very much usable, it sits there but does not spoil my mix, a real useful reverb!! I am really happy with it!

D. Gray

March 5, 2016


I was blown away with EMT 140 and put off getting the Lexicon unit. While the 140 still gets a workout this is making its way into just about every mix!!! THIS IS AMAZING!!!!! You will not get this kind of sound and versatility ANYWHERE else!!!!!


T. Oliphant

February 4, 2016

Lex 224

5 star verb! This is one of my 2 go-to verbs. This is a must have in your collection for rooms, halls and that beautiful plate!

L. Rollins

January 27, 2016

Dream 'Verb

SO much of the music that I love has used this reverb as a foundational creative source. I never thought I'd be in a position to even get close to a reverb with this sort of character. The additional features hidden under the control panel bring another whole layer of fun. I find the ability to fine-tune pitch-shifting particularly appealing. Thank you UAD for another sonic gem in my arsenal.

L. Casey

January 27, 2016

Ladies and Gentlemen…The Lexicon 224! 
The King Of Reverbs!!

This Machine together with the 480 don't need presentation…
If u want to touch the sky with a finger…welcome on board!
 UAD made such a superb job!!

I have only one suggestion…will be really great to have soon the possibility to set the tail of the 224 as “Infinite” (without affecting other parameters) to create such amazing and endless possibilities in sound design prospective.

J. Zepeda

January 19, 2016

Just What I Wanted

I really wanted this to sound like the real thing and i wasn't disappointed. It really helps me fit certain sounds in my mixes. Love its depth and the familiar controls. The tail ends of the reverb sound real dream like with nice control on them. Feels like a warm homemade apple pie.
Thanks Universal Audio....Helped me step my game up.

S. Jensen

January 18, 2016

Well I know I am in LOVE!!

I have listened to this verb like all my life. Without knowing it's name. Thanks for making this available to me in my home studio. I just dropped it in the mix used the preset and did some tweaking. It is amazing! As always, with your plug's I look like I know what's up!

Thanks UA!


P. Christensen

January 18, 2016

Great Lexicon sound

The Lexicon 224 sound in a fantastic plugin from UA. I do mostly vocals and use the 224 extensively in my everyday work. 5 Stars.

J. Copeland

January 13, 2016

Nice. And really versatile

Love this plug does something different then the others with very little effort

UAD User

January 9, 2016

Lexicon 224 DiVerb Plug-in

A professional product. Must have for serious studio work. Just shut up and get this for your DAW !!!!!!

UAD User

January 8, 2016

Lexicon 224

sounds really very very nice, good looking, UA done a good Job.

181-200 of 522 Results