Little Labs® Voice Of God Bass Resonance  Tool

Little Labs® Voice Of God
Bass Resonance Tool

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Customer Reviews

Little Labs® Voice Of God Bass Resonance

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R. Piper

February 14, 2014

Good value!

I have only recently acquired this tool and not had the greatest amount of time to test it. However in this short amount of time the results are already amazing. I produce Electronic Dance Music with a lot of bass and this tool really helps clean up any loose frequencies, giving the synth bass and kick drum (among others) independence without pulling them apart too far.I have noticed on occassion this tool can cause sounds to lose some colour. But I feel once I've mastered using it more it will be easy to find the balance.

J. Anton

February 5, 2014

Dial in the Bottom with ease

This plug in is easy to use and enables dialing in the bottom with ease.

F. Henderson

January 24, 2014

Bass made easy

It's nice to have a simple device for bass and kick drum, where with the twist of a couple of knobs you have the "bump" and " rumble" cadillacs, clubs, and concerts were made for.

J. King

January 24, 2014

In the mix

Great plug in. I've been using various plug ins for bass over the years and initially was hesitant to pick this one up - so glad I did.
It's been used on 80% of my productions since purchase.
Adds nice depth and tone. Great one for any plugin arsenal.

L. Sicilia

January 21, 2014

Voice of God

Le armoniche sulla voce maschile che questo plugin è capace di tirare fuori sono stupefacenti. Profondità e timbro della voce a livelli Hi End !!!

E. Middlesworth

January 20, 2014

Handy little tool

Haven't had too much time with this plug but what tracks I have used it on it worked out nicely. Simple features, straight forward use

D. Bose

January 12, 2014

VOG Low End Good Goo

a great shortcut tool with great math curve goodness...

you could do it yourself but you can't sweep it perfectly ... let this make the magic happen

A. Zavareei

January 7, 2014

Does what it claims

This is great if you want to accentuate the lower frequencies of a source. I've used it to great effect on VO and kick drums.

It's very easy to use, but the frequency select switches are a little hard to understand, so I'd read the manual for a minute.

It's a very handy piece of kit for the arsenal, but I wouldn't say I use it all the time.

A. Anyn

January 6, 2014

Voice Of God, Cool !!!

Little Labs Voice Of God Bass Resonance Tool Plug-In! Cool !!! Kicks and basses turn out wide remaining thus in focus and voices get depth. It does that with what don't cope any EQ. One of the biggest problems is solved now quite simply.
I like VOG! Having it a hard work becomes easy and pleasant.

D. Artis

January 1, 2014

VOG what a tool

What else can be said about a tool that does exactly what it is advertised to do. Immediately was useful in taming some low end issues in the mix.

One of the best purchases I have made from UA.

Highly recommend.

D. Favuzza

December 31, 2013

Voice Of God

It's a best plug in for bass and kick drum.
I love it.


K. Augsburg

December 27, 2013

Love this!

This is such a wonderful tool for dialing in just the right amount of bass on kicks and bass. It makes it so easy to to find a perfect frequency relationship between the two. Nice for bringing out some low end on thin and poorly recorded vocals too. I knew within minutes of demoing it that I would have to purchase it. No regrets there!

J. Raja

December 26, 2013

Really Voice of God

None other plugin in the market sound like this.

E. Biagini

December 26, 2013

VOG review

Astonishing sound, right price thanks to promotion. This should be the current price for UA plugins.
Every bass get an unbelivable life.

D. Edwards

December 20, 2013

staple Plugin

A must have Plugin, it do things a EQ can't do and the price is right!

M. Rinus

December 20, 2013

Wonderful tool for the low end

I always put a great effort in the low end of tracks i compose.
Therefore i was interested in what this little helper could do for me - also the temporary price offer was of course very good.
Well to put it short: It's great!
For giving a already deep Kick a bit more impact or pumping up a deep bass line to give the track some serious and suitable floor to rest on i love to use it from now on.
You can tune it quite fine to the frequency you need to push and are able to adjust the impact exactly to the wanted and needed level.
Thumbs up!

A. Lawson

December 15, 2013

VOG of yezza

Fat!!!!! this things is awesome on kck bass snr.. love it.. indie fun

A. Chisare

December 7, 2013

Love Bottom End?

Then you will love VOG. Bumps up those lows and brings them into the mix like nothing else I have ever used. Much, much better than just an EQ. Love it. Thanks UAD...

K. Adams

December 1, 2013

Little Labs VOG... says it all in its name...

I was looking for a plug to help bring some life to the bass guitar. I tried the VOG and wow.....after I few minutes I purchased it. It's not complicated just very easy to use. This is a must have plug...


D. Saada

November 25, 2013

Voice madness...

Great plug-in for bringing chest on voiceover . Nice on Kick Drum...

181-200 of 331 Results