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Customer Reviews

Little Labs® Voice Of God Bass Resonance

Overall Rating

181-200 of 588 Results

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p. albert

January 14, 2020

Très bien

Plugin très efficace

P. Sviyazov

January 9, 2020


Sometimes this is what you need

B. Schultz

December 28, 2019

Bass sessions in my House tracks are thicker

The bass sessions in my house tracks are really pumping up with Little Labs!

The only way is up! Cheers Bart Schultz (DJ/Producer House Music)

A. Buit

December 27, 2019

Bit disappointing

I can't do anything with this, that a Manly Voxbox can't do.

S. Spillmann

December 23, 2019

Deep and discret

Very happy to have discovered, unsome. you get something deep you can not get other way.

S. Jeong

December 21, 2019

Very Nice!

Very Nice! Plug in

张. 联川

December 17, 2019




December 16, 2019

Vog fikira


j. culbreth11

December 14, 2019

Makes Kicks Perfect as ABC

Always had trouble making kicks as perfect as my reference tracks. VOG does it almost instantly. I don’t spend hours making kicks stacks and messing with eq and compression. A no brainer.

B. Gibbons

December 13, 2019

A must for all low end lovers

Amazing on my bass and anything that needs to pop down there. A must for anyone

U. Soto

December 13, 2019

Game Changer!!!!

I luv this soooo much! Especially in vocals. Good job UA

B. Schumacher

December 9, 2019

Great tool for adding some oomph

I would have liked to avoid the purchase, telling myself I just could use another EQ to add a bass resonance and roll off the lows. However, the VOG is way too great at what it does, I can no longer ignore it.

P. Calabria

December 8, 2019

Little Labs® Voice Of God Bass Resonance

Fantastic Tool!!

P. Choudhury

December 5, 2019

Thanks to ME

Thanks to me that I end up purchasing this plugin. This is Actually GOD!!!

P. Hayes

December 5, 2019

Voice of JEJ

Don’t think there’s a god, I know there’s a James Earl Jones.

A. Kolomvatsos

December 2, 2019

Simple and great!

Easy to dial in that kick ass bottom end!

J. Lopez

November 29, 2019

Awesome Plug

I used this on a heave kick drum in my most recent session and it really emphasized the low end in a subtle way that worked well for the mix. Awesome plug!

P. Choudhury

November 26, 2019

Truly GOD!!!

It goes by its name. GOD!!

I. Ortiz

November 25, 2019


This is great tool for shaping the low end of your kicks and practically anything that needs some umph.

O. Uri Mood

November 15, 2019


A great tool to boost your basslines and kicks!

181-200 of 588 Results