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E. Tremblay

October 14, 2012

A must have!!!

I Bought the ATR`-02 few days ago & I can't do without it anymore...Brilliant!!!

M. Zimolag

October 14, 2012

the best plugin

this plugin is the best,this plugin is the best,this plugin is the best,this plugin is the best,

L. Franchi

October 13, 2012

Ampex ATR-102

I tried the demo and I was impressed ... just a plugin to love .. great job UA

A. Wentz

October 13, 2012

Another home run..

I've been using UAD plugs for some time now, use quite a few as "go-to" and didn't think I needed anything else. Of course the 14-day demos are the ultimate marketing tool. I was flabbergasted as soon as I inserted this one. I don't know how they do it. I really don't.

C. Mckinnon

October 11, 2012

Love it!

Tried the trial and almost cried when it was over. Had to have the glue that holds the mix together. It adds that subtle nuance that makes a pro mix sound pro.

J. Arango

October 11, 2012

I love this thing!

This is the first plug-in I bought for the apollo, so I ran the demo and all my fears were left behind. I was afraid this thing could be like the other tape-emulation plug-ins I've tested from other companies: too subtle or too harsh. If I were to spend that kind of money on it, it would have to sound great, and guess what? It does!!

I don't know if it sounds LIKE the original or not, I haven't tried it out, nor do I have the possibilities to, but anyway, what this plug-in does is absolutely great. It can be subtle, but with character, or you can damage the audio and get away with it.

The result? after using it on almost every track of a session it sounds fuller, more compact, and the low end sounds tighter.

S. Beckham

October 11, 2012

You HAVE to have it..nuf said

This is the instant gratification you've been waiting for!!
Scan through some presets and listen to your mix come to life!
I have all the major tape Plugs and this is my favorite!
Seven Beckham; A Moth Aglow

R. Cyrus

October 11, 2012

effective, subtle, and musical

This plugin insert on each tracks harmonious distortion brings me to my virtual instruments. I have wished for years that sound found on LP 80 years ... here it is, and it is very effective.
That's all.
Thank's UAD!

L. Messina

October 11, 2012


As soon as the demo was done I told myself I need to get this. Brings a cool vibe to the mix and looks sweet when the tapes rolling.

L. Messina

October 11, 2012


As soon as the demo was done I told myself I need to get this. Brings a cool vibe to the mix and looks sweet when the tapes rolling.

T. Zink

October 10, 2012

Great EQ

This is one of the most amazing plugins Ive used. I don't do mastering, but I use it to glue together groups, and as an EQ that "clarifies" whatever touches it. It's hard to describe, but (depending on the setting) it will frequently be exactly the EQ that I need to make a track alive without sounding hyped or eq'd. Much more vibe (again depending on the setting) than the Studer (which I also love).

J. Clement

October 10, 2012

Ampex ATR-102 - Just go ahead and add to your cart NOW!

You know how it goes: new plugin, you feel you have to use it on everything. After the honeymoon is over, you start to realize that not every project needs your new toy.

But I'm telling you right now, the UAD ATR-102 is different. This DOES work with every project, and it DOES make everything sound better. Unlike a lot of other tape simulation plugs that I have used on mixes this one always seems to be the right choice, it seems to add dimension and weight to mixes as opposed to just throwing another "color" onto them. It's true, the Ampex makes my mixes sound like a record; 3D, smooth, but punchy and just oozing with character. The ATR-102 is now a permanent staple in my mixes, it's a total game changer.

D. Carboni

October 9, 2012


Finally bought this after loving the demo so much...its safe to say that this thing (along with a couple other special UAD plugs) bring a level of JOY to the creative process like I've never had. Only problem is now my Apollo Quad just isn't enough...I plan on buying more DSP to dedicate to this plugin and the new 1176 collection.

T. Sunmo

October 8, 2012


I have only used it on one song yet, but especially on drums, bass (and surprisingly), on vocals it adds that tape quality. It doesn't seem to use a lot of power from my UAD 2 cards, so I can actually use it on all channels (so far). I can also ditch a lot of other plug-ins when using the A-800. This is also kind of special fun since when I was active as a full-time professional engineer, this is the machine I used 80% of the time!

T. Rittmann

October 6, 2012


Ill just add my voice to the chorus of satisfied customers. To me this is a game changer for mixing and mastering "in the box". Subtle to destroyed, this plugin sounds stunning on everything I've used it on. Tons of creative possibilities here too. This is the only plugin I've ever used where just bringing it up at its default setting for the first time on a mix made my jaw hit the floor. $249 is a lot of money to me for a plugin. This was worth every penny.

V. Kuzeva

October 4, 2012

Amazing stuff

We just tested it on the main buss this is very subtle and amazing plugin for mixdown ,next month in the cart plus the other beast ampex for mastering purposes. Well done!!

G. Brandt

October 4, 2012

Most historic engineering accomplishment in 20 Years

OK , now the critique.

I own an ATR 102. I have 1/4" and 1/2" heads. I have removed the input transformers.
I have replaced the 1/2" record head with SAKi.Other changes done as well and yet, the machine sits in my garage unused. I decided to review this plug first because I'm basically lazy and don't have the energy to move the machine upstairs to my work room here in Wisconsin where I have moved from LA.

I'm still in the middle of the road as far as a decision although I plan to eventually buy this and likely the Studer plug.

ATR Bias needs work. Bias sounds harsh and not silky like the real machine. I would provide easier to control pots and a Bias meter with easy controls. Pots to small/sensitive

Make bias tone silky like machine.

A. Humpel

October 2, 2012

Amazing Plugin

Thank you very much for this awesome emulation.
I really like what it is able to achieve on the Master Bus of my mixes.
Even the presets can be a huge approvement.
I am using it on the apollo quad and everything works perfect.
Big Ups from Austria

D. Decker

September 30, 2012

Super sick analog saturation!!!

This plug is my final be/all end/all analog saturation. I use the McDSP AC1, Kramer Tape, DUY Tape, and they sound decent, but... UAD Knocked it out of the park!! I have been listening to the demos of the Studer and now I finally own it. Every track seems to have a glue put into it and sounds warmer and fatter than before. Great job UA!!!

P. Anania

September 30, 2012

Studer A800

Wow! It is so subtle and yet so obvious. Some mixes seem to benefit more obviously than others but everything I put through this plug in improves and that is just using the default settings. Love it, love it, love it!

2001-2020 of 2055 Results