Manley® Massive Passive EQ

Manley® Massive Passive EQ

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Manley® Massive Passive EQ

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S. Swanson

April 20, 2016

Love it

CPU hungry therefore mostly just on master bus
But the sound is fantastic
Adds glue sparkle and top end air beautifully
I never mix down without it

H. Gomez

April 1, 2016


Por mastering y mixing ....... lo mejor en plug-ins .... gracias UAD.

R. Cancel Mercado

March 30, 2016

This is perfect!!!!!

If you want some positives eq changes with a little tweek,just got to grab this excellent shaped EQ!!!!! The best EQ I have ever used...

S. Markichev

March 28, 2016

Beautiful sound like magic

Sound to have the right shape, right character!
I often started to use it on mastering tracks!
Beautiful sound like magic. Manley EQ extremely well!

D. Sokolov

March 25, 2016

It sounds amazing!

I like those distortions, he adds. This is a great choice for the master channel, groups, voice and bass. I love Massive Passive EQ !!!

S. Connor

March 19, 2016

Love The Manley Sound

Don't buy this plugin if you do not need subtle EQ! The USP of this plugin is that it does subtle EQ extremely well- however do not expect to hear this working like other EQ's- to start with playback some commercial releases to learn how it works and learn its sound- I use this as the main eq on all my mix buses and the final mix and I love it. I also use it as an eq for listening to music through- try the Dance Music +6 preset, its when you turn this thing off that you really realise what it is doing if you get me! An essential eq for anyone willing to spend the time learning how to use it, you will never mix without it! Fantastic job UA & Manley, wish I could afford the real deal!

D. Campbell

March 14, 2016


Love how transparent this thing is. It's perfect for adding warmth on the bottom end and sheen on the top end during the mastering stage. It's also perfect for shaping your vocal buss. I just wish it wasn't so DSP hungry. I'm almost tempted to purchase a 2nd satellite to run more instances of this bad boy. This was a must have plugin after a brief demo period.

J. Rivero

March 14, 2016


I was skeptic after reading all the reviews. Especially of the ones who actually owned the hardware. But after using this plugin I'm sold. People need to realize (and im sure they do) there is one thing that hardware does that a plugin will prob never do and its due to the fact of the way the signal is processed. The difference is very subtle but at times very noticeable, by now people should be able to emulate that via other means and in a more economical way. The fact that this plugin is about 90-95% accurate to the hardware is good enough, you cant compare the price points and expect 100% accuracy. They will be putting everyone out of business! this plugin is nice and warm and does the job, you want analog, get some pre's and your in!


March 14, 2016

Magic Modjo

I tried a lot of eq, this one is by far the clearest one. Sounds really gentle on the ear and adds a lovely sheen. many times I did put on the 2-bus at the final stage of the mix and it really helps making the whole thing clearer.

S. Stoyle

March 13, 2016


When you figure this guy out, it takes great care of your mix. I haven't really found a home for it other than the mix buss though. But at a sale price I find major value on its position there.

B. Weiss

March 13, 2016

I Love it :-)

I've already tested the hardware versus software and it was different - sure!
BUT the characteristic, the texture is very close. The sound isn't better or worse than the hardware.
I think the most important question is: Is it useful? Yes, indeed it's very useful! That's what's happen (i mean soundwise) when you turn the knobs is different compared to the hardware but not worse!!

All in all it's a very good sounding EQ. Even extreme settings sounding wonderful. Try it - buy it :-)

btw.:there's an interesting video regarding Manley hardware/software comparison in German language online

UAD User

March 11, 2016


I really love the 27k band to add some "American Air" to the mix.
But the real KILLER ist the 4.7k band to make drums come alive and really "pop out".
I use it on every mix. It has become my go-to flavourish EQ.

R. Comitz

March 9, 2016


this thing it insane. thought my mixes already sounded good, then i used the massive passive. THEN they sounded GOOD

M. Krestan

March 8, 2016

Kinda magic?

Hmm, is it kinda magic? I don't know. Somehow it is. I like the low end and the highs. I like the design. I like it on vocals and acoustic guitars. I like it on the 2 buss. Oh, get it. I like it.

The DSP performance is a pain in the ****. But compared to the price of the original hardware unit it's a wonderful deal (esp. on sale ;-) )

L. Rollins

March 7, 2016

So much mojo

I'd use multiples of this everywhere if it weren't so DSP hungry! Still, the results are astounding so I use it where I can. I really like having a version for mixing, and a separate version for mastering. Really, really powerful tools.

O. Gonzalo Mallén

March 2, 2016

Strongly recommended

Very happy with this plug in it can take your mix to the next level. I only use it in the mix track for mastering, Id like to use in buses too but, Its a Shame its high DSP consuming... I supose if you want quality you have to pay in any way...

A. Martin

March 2, 2016

Just like the real ones... inbox!

After opening an old session with the Massive passive, I've had the same feeling as working with the real beast! Amazingly satisfied

UAD User

March 1, 2016


This is by far the best Mastering EQ i have seen so far !!! The High End sounds amazing...

S. Smersh

March 1, 2016

My new "go to" EQ

For those of us that will never even in a million years be able to afford the hardware version of this plugin, it is so worth every penny. Freakishly transparent and clearer than Lasik. Another UA win here.
Still waiting on higher image resolutions for UAD plugins for those of us with 5K screens. But as long as they sound good I'll keep dealing with the blurriness.

A. Adedwuon

February 27, 2016

Maybe it will be great if you like its sound

For me, I can't seem to find the sweet spot on this plug in Mastering. No experience with the Hardware it's supposed to be emulating but notices It's not harsh even at extreme settings. On the flip side, sometimes you want to hear a distinctive improvement of the audio being ran through the unit. Maybe one day, plugs will evolve and we can have something really magical that comes with warmth and sound-stage that good hardware provides.

181-200 of 476 Results