Manley® Massive Passive EQ

Manley® Massive Passive EQ

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Manley® Massive Passive EQ

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M. Sesto

October 10, 2012


Simply unique. His way of intervene on the frequencies is similar to the hand of a surgeon. Every sound engineer should have one.

S. Stallings

September 8, 2012

An incredibly deep plug in

The more I work with these two plugs, the more versatility I discover. They are a bit power hungry, but well worth the trade off. I find myself using this on both individual tracks and the master buss. They are precise and can do very subtle changes or dramatic EQ shifts depending on need. I really like using this on acoustic guitar.

E. Violette

August 22, 2012

Manley EQ

Well the precision of this tool is amazing. My tracks reveal its awesomeness with the MASSIVE...
I know it's mostly used for Mastering but this is such a powerful EQ that it's very tempting to use it everywhere... so my only concern is the high amount of bandwidth that it uses. I'd like to use it more but the firewire is not powerful enough: I guess I'd have to wait for the Thunderbolt card...

S. Pheng

August 19, 2012

Best EQ Plug-in for the final mix.

Manley® Massive Passive EQ Plug-In is the best EQ plug-in for the final mix. It is transformed your final cut into the next level of the pro audio. I really love the deep and crunchy sound that come out of this EQ processor.

K. Irving

August 15, 2012

This is amazing!! It gives me everything I am missing in my mixes....

D. Togni

August 5, 2012

Useful presets, nice graphic and manley, ops!! :) mainly, this eq sounds really AMAZING!

Another 5 stars UA! Well done!

D. Carboni

August 3, 2012

I love the UAD's hard to believe these sort of results can even be had from a plugin! Everybody I know has heard a drastic difference in my finished tracks, and its all thanks to UAD. If you work entirely ITB like I do, then be sure to check this thing's a must.

M. Mehr

July 13, 2012

... One of the best plug ins i' ve ever heard...
I can't live without it anymore. No lie!
Markus Mehr

M. Mehr

July 13, 2012

... One of the best plug ins i' ve ever heard...
I can't live without it anymore. No lie!

L. González

July 7, 2012

Only 3 steps to follow: 1.Activate demo. 2.Listen and test. 3.Buy it. No comments!

D. Tartar

July 1, 2012

Love the Manley Massive Passive EQ for mastering and mixing jobs. Provides silky smooth control over the audible spectrum. If there is a need regarding eq... the Massive Passive has a knob for that.

S. Cole

June 26, 2012

Jaw dropping sound. Best EQ sound I ever heard. Amazing on any bus!

K. Festge

June 16, 2012

This is an outstanding plug-in EQ, with lots of flexibility and musical sound. The filters are great for rounding off the top and bottom, and the parametric bands are versatile - from sharp surgical bell cuts to subtle shelf boosts for broad strokes.

S. Kurtenbach

June 15, 2012

Really love the Massive Passive!! I'm using it on every Mix and esp Master!! It adds some beautiful air but most important: Gaining the mids gives your tracks kind of body, makes them come out much more. Just like the hardware version I've been working with frequently. Only claim: Needs a lot of the DSP power! Would love to use it on almost every single (stem mastering-) track but unfortunately you can't run more than two or three with a normal UAD satelitte DUO.

T. Lockett

June 14, 2012

A friend of mine has a Massive Passive EQ in his studio, so I was a familiar with how it sounded, I am really impressed at how good this plugin sounds, the best part of having this plug is that I can use it on more than just once, the music I record is mainly jazz, so I now use this as my "go to" EQ on drum OH, acoustic piano, or acoustic bass, hell, this sounds good on anything, it is so musical, and it NEVER sounds harsh, it is amazing how you can sculpt the sound if you want with this EQ, I would recommend you at least demo the plug for yourself, once you get use to it's controls and how they relate to one another, I'm confident you'll like it

I. Kljajic

June 5, 2012

My my after the Massive Passive is the best eq plug-in in the world. I have a lot of eq plug-ins from Waves, Spl, ssl duende but I can say that I was able to achieve with this plug-in for best results. Of course, this helps a plug-in does not matter if man does not know how man deals with it. But I did not take long until I found out it was this stuff makes everything. It is highly recommended for anyone who is looking for a very very high quality plug-in EQ. Thank you Universal Audio! (sorry for my bad English)

P. Karis

June 4, 2012

Really impressive plugin of a legendary piece of gear. Warm, responsive, musical, and very useful! Use it all the time!

R. Patel

June 1, 2012

Wow...the most amazing software EQ ever. I own a API 5500 for my outboard mixing and mastering tasks, but was always lusting for an alternative smooth yet big sounding EQ for polishing my finished mixes inside the box. I tried the demo, and instantly felt that this is a must have plug-in. The EQ curves are so smooth, and the low end can be boosted forever. The 27khz band is super sweet. This EQ makes mixes sound bigger, wider and smoother. UAD must have really captured the warmth of those tubes and the EQ curves. If UA ever re-do the Pultec, it's going to sound incredible, if this Massive Passive is anything to go by. This is a must have if you are serious about ITB mixing and mastering. Expensive, but worth it.

J. Kokemor

May 29, 2012

Brilliant! This is the best mastering eq Universal Audio has for sale---period! It does everything great. The tube sound is very apparent----no harshness at all! Have tried most of the presets and with some minor tweaking, have been able to polish off great sounding mixes. It does draw quite a bit more DSP than I'd like, but......that sound!

I. Lansen

May 22, 2012

The Manley Massive Passive is a very musical eq, it works on most signals, especially on vocals. I like the option that you can both cut and boost. It sounds wonderfull both at moderate and extreme settings, the sound never goes harsh.
I think this is going to be my first choice when it comes to using an eq-plug-in from now on.

421-440 of 474 Results