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Manley Tube Preamp

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R. Rasiński

December 1, 2021

for me it is perfect

I have VOX BoX but I bought PREAMP in the sale for $ 25, it should be free for VOX BOX users but for $ 25 it's also not bad. Adds fatty meat to neumann vocals.

u. labus

November 30, 2021

serious expansion of my color palette

The manley preamp ist a serious expansion of my color palette. It has a very direct sound at the same time as well colorful. I think I will use it a lot in the future.

J. Banon

November 30, 2021

$150 for 1/5th of another plugin I already own?

It sounds nice, Voxbox has more features & also takes more DSP but Come on guys.. just make it free for Voxbox owners. Someone suggested 1084's were free for 1073 owners, and thats not true, they don't have the same EQ and we all paid for our 1084's. But this is simply 1/5th of Voxbox for $150... Non VB owners may love this in their toolbox but stop trying to snake money from loyal customers who've already paid for all the R&D and coding used in this plugin

B. Ninitch

November 29, 2021

Not the same preamp as Voxbox!

Before purchasing this plug, I read the gazillion complaints of other users. They were convinced that this was the same preamp as found in the Voxbox. I too was put off by the idea of paying twice for the same item. However people, go and -LOOK- at the photo in the title section. The photo shows a single RU device on top of a Manly Voxbox. That unit isn't some random set dressing put there to be ignored by all. It is in fact a Manley Labs Dual Mono Tube Microphone Preamplifier (from approx 1990). Manly no longer make this unit and apparently it was built under the supervision of David Manly before Manly started to mass produce.

I too am not happy with UAD for the confusion. Instead of implying the basis of this preamp plugin, they should have clearly stated it. Money truly doesn't grow on trees and we (the customers) should be given all relevant details before we are tempted by UAD into parting with it.
Having said all of that, I do like this preamp plugin as it has something a little different from the Voxbox going on. You should demo this preamp and then make a judgement if it brings something new to your arsenal.

M. Bagan

November 29, 2021



T. Huang

November 28, 2021

Voxbox users

Why do voxbox folks need to pay for this?

J. Gruensfelder

November 27, 2021

Manley Tube Preamp !

Must have is easy to say for this Plug In but my Records got edge an Air. Now i would like to preset such Chanel Strips with Manley Tube Preamp for all my inputs on Luna, Pro Tools, Logic Pro X. The sound starts from the top on perfect. Kindles Regards

K. Delac

November 27, 2021

Should be free for Voxbox users.

Paying additional 150 USD is ridiculous if you already own a Voxbox IMHO...

b. chamberland

November 26, 2021


Thx to make the preamp manley really apreciate to work whit
Not disapointed to buy it

UAD User

November 26, 2021

I already own VoxBox

As a VoxBox owner, I shouldn't have to pay for this.

I. McElroy

November 25, 2021

Great little software preamp

Nice and clean in the midrange and sound great on guitars!! It does a little something different than the VoxBox in the gain stage to my ears so it was worth the purchase.

B. Tucker

November 22, 2021


Great on my vocals!!!

A. Nackman

November 22, 2021

Why do VoxBox owners need to pay for this?

Feel a little duped...If I paid for VoxBox, UA should give this one as a free update.

J. Manness

November 20, 2021

Sounds amazing! Way better than VoxBox IMO

I was reluctant to demo initially since I have the VoxBox plugin and never use it, but this preamp sounds way better to me, especially with the transformer on. The top is smooth but with more detail than the 1084; the mids are foward and very pleasing on my voice; and the bass is thumpy and super full, which can be rolled off if necessary. I also find myself using less plugins in the chain to color the signal, so it's a great DSP saver. Absolutely demo this preamp!

D. Rouge

November 19, 2021

if you have Voxbox you don't need this

I have the Manley Voxbox. This should be free for Manley Voxbox owners.

J. Neves

November 19, 2021


Smooth and clean, just what you'd expect from a Manley preamp. Highly recommended.

A. Clark

November 18, 2021


Love how this pre shapes the sound. Tight and contained bass, less low mids without sounding thin or shrill.

F. Sparagna

November 17, 2021

This should be free for the owners of Voxbox

Like Neve and Api, this is absolutely absurd, why should I pay for a portion of a Voxbox? Shouldn't it be free for the already owners? Like the Neve 1084 for the 1073 owners? I don't get it.

R. Cordner

November 11, 2021



Z. Rivera

November 11, 2021

Great on vocals

This thing is smooth and clean.. Drop it in the unison slot and automatic warmth and clarity on your vocals

121-140 of 142 Results