Marshall Legends Bundle

Marshall Legends Bundle

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Marshall® Legends Bundle

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UAD User

June 22, 2016


Great tone just as a real Marshall, but most of all, it feels like a real amp when playing. I can say my tracks are much more expressive and tighter recorded now. Before I sometimes used non UAD amp sims to monitor and that always meant dealing with latency issues. No more!

N. Christie

June 21, 2016

Definitely one of my favourite from the Marshall series of plugins.

Just like the Blues breaker this is a amazing recreation of the original that puts the Marshall tone at a price point we can all reach.
It sounds great and importantly it feels and reacts like playing through a real amp.
A joy for writing, just practice and serious recording !

N. Christie

June 21, 2016

Classic Marshall Tone ITB

This is a amazing recreation of the original that puts the Marshall Tone at a price point we can all reach.
It sounds great and importantly it feels and reacts like playing through a real amp.

J. Jung

June 20, 2016


I don't know how you really make these magical plugs sound so real. Do you take the shavings of the unicorns horns and sprinkle Jimi H hair into a brew? Amazing. I used to have this amp to play with ages ago, and you brought it all back for me. Thank you so much. I can't afford to get the original, so this was a steal compared to the original. The overtones, the beautiful mids, and the chunky fillings make it a dream. Want to get the whole set. Including the new Fender one. Soon....

G. Truelove

June 19, 2016

This Changes Everything

My local music store specializes in high end out board gear for studios and they told me how a well known producer brought in his expensive analogue processors to sell because he said he didn't need them anymore cause the UAD plug-ins are THAT true to the original sound or signal they emulate... such is true with e Marshall Silver Jubilee plug in. It sounds more than great, it's embarrassing some of us actually lugged all that heavy gear around not knowing it was coming in a software version that fits waaaayyy easier in the backseat of your car!

B. Garfinkel

June 18, 2016

ehh. it kinda rocks....

i actually meant to get the jmp2203 plug and got this one on accident. it works well however the microphone channels strip isnt as good as the 2203. the mics seem to go out of phase when blended and the signal is very small sounding compared to the other one. seems like the other has more bottom end to it. maybe i shouldve gotten the marshall bundle. or ahould not have ever sold my marshall in the first place. darn. anyway it does work and sound ok. it could be better tho. com on ua give us an updated plexi with better channel strip section. THANKS

S. Haskitt

June 17, 2016

Favorite simulation ever… Needs amp bypass!

I have tried countless amp simulators and this has honestly surpassed all of them for me, largely because of the cabinet/modeling. It's incredibly versatile for both clean and dirty sounds, and the mic configurations again are gorgeous. My ears are especially sensitive to ice pick my mids, and this one is so smooth and I can crank it and it is comfortable to my ears, but you want those high mids, they can be dialed back in and honestly it cuts through either way.

I would love for this amp to have an amp bypass so different heads ( or a hardware head) could be used with this amazing cabinet modeling. I would've given it 4 1/2 stars, but they don't allow halves and until that amp bypass is there, i'll have to get it four!

D. Guillemette

June 15, 2016

The real deal

I've got a Marshall amp and I was never satisfied with emulations since I tried this one and now I can say that UAD's emulations are the closest to the real thing. I mean, it feels like playing in a real amp. I'm looking to only use the plugin to track my guitars and even on stage within my Apollo interface. So much easier to tweek the sound at the level you need depending on the gig you are on.

B. Schimmel

June 8, 2016

a real tube amp is a real tube amp...

...but this simulation feels so natural and sounds so close to the real thing – if you don´t know it you can´t tell the difference.

UAD User

June 6, 2016

very impressive

if you have ever used a Jubilee , you will appreciate how good this plug in is

UAD User

May 28, 2016

3 Different Amps - 1 plug-in !

I don't want be technical regarding this 1 plug-in because I'm not qualified. But if you want/need technical aspects then please, read some of the other reviews.

However, experience from playing the guitar with these 3 different Marshalls, has taught me that these 3 different and distinct sounding amps love especially, humbuckers!

Also, there's 1 amp designed in the past for Blues, 1 amp designed in the past for Leads, and 1 contemporary amp for Rhythm & Leads.

In 1 plug-in you get 3 different Marshall Amps - not a bad deal.

S. Siddells

May 27, 2016


I dunno what people are doing to get their sounds, but I've been playing & recording for 25 years, own over 25 amps (some I've built) & over 40 guitars & I cannot get close to good sound from these plugs in's. The room ambience is close, but worthless unless the source sound is actually usable.

I found 99% the pre-sets unusable & the amount of time required to get a 'remotely' usable sound more time consuming & tedious than actually going out & back-hiring amps & microphones & spending time setting everything up & tracking.

These plug-ins are not time savers & will involve a fair amount of work & other plug-ins to to make sound anything like the real thing or UAD's demo's.

Bottom line: Tweak heavy. No good sounds out of the box

H. Petersson

April 28, 2016

Missing one key feature

These amps sound fantastic. Some of best amp emulation plugins I've encountered. They breathe the pure essence of Rock'n'Roll.
Not only that but they are really easy to dial in thanks to the brilliant channel strip which gives you a lot of tonal options in a very simple interface. Compared to other plugins with a plethora of options to choose between this is a breeze of fresh air.

I am however missing one very important feature. The ability to use only the cab emulation. That would allow for so much more flexibility. As it is now, you can't use stereo output when using it in Unison mode, and you can't split three channels onto individual tracks for mixing later. This is a serious overlook and coupled with the high price takes away one star

S. Swanson

April 25, 2016

Pretty good

Still struggling to get any of the UAD guitar plugins to be perfect
This sound good direct in in unison slot
Haven't quite sorted revamping
Have to keep input levels low
I'll get there but not as useable as I would have liked

M. Niemczyk

April 13, 2016

Great Sound - Missing bypass pre amp feature!

A great sounding simulation BUT - where is the bypass pre amp feature from the ENGL amps?
This simulation is really a great one but real tube pre amps has still a greater dynamic range. Thats why the best results can be only achieved with the combination of real preamp and power amp, cabinet microphones simulation (at least in a neighbor friendly environment).
Its so sorry that SoftTube didn't provide one additional switch to turn of the preamp section ;(

B. Chiaravalle

April 12, 2016

Best plugin for guitar I've heard!

This really is the best modeled guitar amp I've heard. As soon as I plugged in I was ready to go. Really a useful tool!

UAD User

April 5, 2016

Marshall Bluesbreaker 1962 Plug-in

If you like Marshall Amps and The Blues, then this product is for you. You can play your Blues chords, notes, bends, etc on this vintage Marshall Amp Plug-in and sound great! Ultimately, it's the artist creating and playing The Blues, but this Marshall Bluesbreaker 1962 Plug-in makes for a great accompaniment to your style of playing.

j. motta

April 1, 2016


The best amp simulation i ever heard!! super live sound!!!

P. Bacsalmasi

March 27, 2016

Marshall Plexi

All in all, pretty mediocre.
Sounds is hollow. Sorry guys, there is no replacement for the real thing, a good mic or two on a good speaker cabinet.
The digital version sounds hollow, thin and basically unusable.

D. Sokolov

March 25, 2016

It is of the best

The best emulation combo I've ever heard !!! Thank UAD

181-200 of 290 Results