Marshall Legends Bundle

Marshall Legends Bundle

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Marshall® Legends Bundle

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A. Mokrov

December 4, 2016


I like it. It's really good job! Thank you UA.

G. Hout

December 4, 2016

Favourite Marshall sound

I'm not a big fan of the Marshall guitar sound (as opposed to Fender or Vox) but made an exception for the Silver Jubilee. It's great when I just want... a Marshall sound for a change. For pop music, in my opinion definitely better than the other UAD Marshalls that I demoed.

B. Autry

November 25, 2016

All 3 of these amps are Marshall worthy...

I'm primarily a guitarist, and also a Marshall fan. I'm also not a fan of modeling amps, until now. These are the first to sound, play and feel like the real deal. I honestly feel like I bought 3 vintage amps for a steal, and they're much more portable, versatile, and maintenance free ;).

K. Gorski

November 21, 2016

Love it!

We've been doing a few recordings with it and everyone is really liking it. Being able to use it as a monitoring solution while keeping your options open for the final mix is very useful.

B. Autry

November 19, 2016

I own a real 68 plexi

Now I own 2. After demoing this amp for a few minutes o had to pull the trigger on it. The feel and sound are unbelievable .

R. Cox

November 19, 2016

If you get one...get this one!

I have an entire wall of amps in my home studio. Im a serious hobbyist and I like the best gear I can possibly afford. Ive never been a huge fan of guitar sims, mainly because they never sound as full, harmonic, saturated and rich as my real amps mic'ed with my rovers, beyers, etc. I keep trying to like them but then tell myself...dude why would you pay over a hundred dollars for something to try and sound like whats sitting here in this room as I type this!!! For those of you that do not own top notch amps and miss to record with then any of these marshall plugins will most likely amaze you. For those of you that absolutely know the feel and tone of a marshall mic'ed into your interface than you will most likely always feel that little something missing like I always do. I absolutely love apollo plugins and own a ton of them but always pull away from most of the guitar amp sims. they just aren't where a lot of the drum sims are yet. I demoed all of the marshall sims ua has to offer and the silver jubilee was the one I found myself still messing with an hour later! Its the only one that has a 'real' fullness, richness and a girth to it like my real amps when recorded. I own a silver jubilee and this actually sounds scary close to it recorded. You guys also have to realize that in many cases a sim doesn't sound like your amp at home because of how it was mic'ed, what mis were used and the signal chain they used vs. your own home signal chain, but it may not mean the amp itself doesn't sound authentic. If you are going to drop some cash on an amp sim for scratch tracks, quiet jamming or laying down ideas when the wife is still asleep like I do then pick up this silver jubilee. I have owned everything from axe fx II, kemper profiling, and every amp sim vst out there and this is, hands down, the most authentic amp sim I have ever heard.

UAD User

November 18, 2016

Best Modeled Amp I've Used

This feels the closest to a real amp of any sim I've tried yet. I even used it live a few days ago in place of an amp, and you couldn't tell in the house. Usually I feel the lack of connectivity between the guitar and a digital in, but whatever UA did with the unison preamps makes a big difference. In the studio environment the room mics make all the difference for rearing a real sound. Obviously it's not going to be identical to a real Bluesbreaker, but regardless of its accuracy to the original, it is the best sounding, and more importantly feeling, amp sim I've used.

S. Sinclair

November 17, 2016

Great Amp Feel and Tone

I'm a mix engineer by day and a session guitarist by night. I purchased this amp along with the Fender '55 Tweed a few months ago. I tend to run these amps with the UAD 88RS. I've almost quit the need for booking studios to record with real amps. The feel of these two plugs are amazing. Majority of amp plugins out there don't have that believable high end and amp touch. Clients, artists and the labels get married to their sound as well.

D. Shacallis

November 8, 2016

Oh mama.....

Love this as much as JMP plug in. As a confirmed JMP and bluesbreaker veteran of 40yrs I never thought I would say this but I never thought I would use a digital version of my own plexi Marshall. So much easier and sounds just right Goldilocks.....

D. Shacallis

November 8, 2016

Superb JMP emulation

Doesn't get any better than this. Has to be one of the closest plug ins I have heard aside from standing in front of the real thing. Very versatile as mentioned. Who said Marshall is a one trick pony?

A. Pesic

November 4, 2016

Great Amp sim

Ok , first of all i have never owned or played Plexi Marshall, so i cant be much of a help when it comes to A/B this stuff, but i ve been around amps, you know. I own house friendly amps such as SL 5, and Fender Mustang Amp. .Anyway, i always wanted to find a great amp sim, so i could get rid of one of the amps ( Fender lol) and i think i have finally found it !:) . This simulation is amazing and gives me everything i need- kinda reminds me of those Marshall microamps, but finer, ofcourse.You can play with settings all day long, but presets work just fine for me. This is everything i need for practice at home + it got me really curious when it comes to rewiring and blending it with real Marshall.
This one is the champion. Great job UAD.

T. Lanese

September 15, 2016

A signature sound...

Very nice emulation, great mics management, but mostly very great Unison technology!!

K. Davies

September 8, 2016

Outstanding! One of if not the best out there.

It's hard to describe how good this plugin really is. I've used so many amp modelers that are the current rage in the market and the all have their unique abilities, but this just straight up sounds like you are plugged into a genuine Marshall Plexi.
This is not my favorite amp emulation, it is one of my favorite amps! It sounds that real.
You don't need to do anything more then put it on a channel, plug your guitar in and strum.It sells itself.

C. Lee

September 8, 2016

Sounds real!

I don't have experienced all those gears in real. But comparing JCM 2000 and 900 that I have used for a long time, this plugins sound so Marshall. No other plugins could do this. But it does not mean it will fit everybody's need. Without knowledge on mixing, other options like eleven rack or bx rock rack could give you more 'go-to' sound. But if you prefer real, vintage sound, this is it.

R. Bjorseth

September 8, 2016


The amp's sounds really natural and blends very well in the mix

B. Ward

August 15, 2016

Marshall Plexi Lead is the one

This model has the sound and feel of the real thing. I played through my Marshall amp for many years and the Plexi Lead sound is spot on. I'm not sure how, but my guitar thinks it is the real thing when played in unison mode through my Apollo 8P. UA claims impedance matching on the Hiz input is what that does the trick. I checked the sound against many other plugins and UA simply nailed this one. Just get it and don't waste your time with the others.

G. McTaggart

August 13, 2016

Great to mid-gain, not for anything higher.

Love this for medium gain crunch. Doesn't hold up when cranked. One of my favorite tones is a plexi with most settings on 10 like early Van Halen. This doesn't do it. Still looking for a good way to get that tone on UAD. BE-100 is probably the closest, but is way too compressed.

UAD User

August 11, 2016

excellent amp sims as expected from UAD

as someone who has used the real version of these Marshall amp sims , I am really impressed with all 3 amp models

M. Rott

July 21, 2016

The Best Out there

Simply put, theese simulations are the best sounding and most fun to play with so far. Once in use, there is no way back (to competing products I've used before). I'd just wished, ua could reduce the price of the bundle by the percentage amount of previously bought products of the bundle...

T. Benjamin

July 20, 2016

Le vrai son du Plexi

Pour moi tout simplement la meilleure simulation d'ampli. Il sonne vraiment « Marshall » !!!
Je n'est jamais entendu de simulation aussi convaincante. J'ai adopté les simulations depuis le POD et utilisé toutes les versions d' Amplitube, GuitarRig, BiasFX … Rien n'arrive à ce niveau de réalisme. Merci Softube et Merci UAD.

181-200 of 324 Results