Marshall Legends Bundle

Marshall Legends Bundle

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Marshall® Legends Bundle

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V. Morganti

March 11, 2018


The neighbors have always been my problem, but finally I can play a Plexi all crancked up in my living room without worrying too much ...! Best Plexi amp sim so far.

K. Boldin

March 1, 2018

Sounds awesome.

The tonal qualities of the amp are perfect for any rock guitar player. It's great for my corporate work! You get everything from warm rhythm tones to crunchy/distorted tones.
Just add some reverb (EMT plate) and some extra compression (1176) and you have an awesome lead tone.

Thanks UAD

P. Dudzikowski

February 26, 2018

great, enough to work without excuses

Well, it sounds good, good enugh to work. One who touch this amp literaly, will always feel that plug-in it`s not real stuff. It`s close to real amp, and it's really good with being close to. I like it.

A. Shevchenko

January 28, 2018

Good for Very Vintage Things

Don't expect a modern sound, it's very vintage. Nevertheless, it's a good emulation.

UAD User

January 17, 2018

A great Amp!

It's a very versatile Amp - I love it. Sometimes it has some sort of dusty Sound. But it's close to the real Amp. A great Plugin!

H. Hagenauer

January 14, 2018

Like the Original!!!

Love this Amp. Sounds amazing with a Single Coil or Humbucker equipped Guitars!

M. Keilhauer

January 14, 2018


wirklich cooler Marshall Sound out of the Plugin. Mit aufwendiger Amp Mikro Abnahme im Homestudio sicher nicht besser hinzukriegen. Gitarre an den Apollo Hi-Z Input, Drumloop ab und losrocken.

G. Rothwell

January 13, 2018

Marshall Silver Jubilee

At the time of this release I had a JCM 800 (1980s) which I still have today, I demoed this amp when released and I can say this plug in sounds just as good as the real thing I love it, it is styled on an hot rodded 800 Marshall, I bought this whilst UAD was offering discounts, I would of pay full price, this is a amp that needs to be in your plugins with the 59 plexi.


N. Antonio

January 12, 2018



J. Stoecker

January 12, 2018


All of the Marshall amps sims are fantastic. The Plexi is no exception. Very versatile in sounds.

N. Antonio

January 12, 2018



N. Antonio

January 12, 2018



N. Antonio

January 12, 2018



J. Mack

January 11, 2018

My favourite

My favourite of all the available amp models on the UAD platform so far. Made for the blues and is perhaps a one trick pony in that sense. I love the organic and natural open sound of this amp, its modelled with so much love to the character and the selection mic choices each add a unique flour and dynamic. Plug and play is simple and responsive. in over a year of using this plug I still enjoy jamming and playing around with this one as much as using it as recoding tool

UAD User

December 21, 2017

Well thats one less holiday gift i have to buy!

Thanks EA for making me Scrooge this year! I have to get all of these Marshall amps! Im in guitar heaven! You just cannot tell the difference. What an amazing time to be making music and loud screeching noises! Now I just need a good excuse for not buying someone a present? hmmm....

E. Biscoglio

December 20, 2017


Complete waste of money and one of the cheesiest sounding amp sims I've ever used. There are free alternatives that smoke this piece of junk...

I. Papanikolaou

December 11, 2017

Awesome sounding vintage plexi!

Very nice sounding and touch sensitive plugin, love it for all these Plexi vintage tones. Four stars because there is always room for improvements, for example it would be nice to have IRs or the ability to combine all the types of microphones. Soundwise is there but the Fender Tweed plug-in is one step further!

f. rotthier

December 10, 2017

Getting fat & heavy tones after some tweaking

After some experimenting I got some great heavy downtuned sludge/doom/metal tones when I plugged my Les Paul Custom into my Big Box RAT pedal into the Apollo Twin with the Marshall Plexi Super Lead. I love using real amps/cabs and mics to record guitars but this sounds really realistic and good. Would have been great to be able to use ribbon mics as the close mics but still 5 stars ;)

C. Nopralai

December 2, 2017

Feel like real

Thanks UAD to have this emulation for better price and feel as if the real one.

L. Poletto

December 2, 2017

Great sound and body

I always heard about the Plexi, but I could never test it, it is far from the bright sound of the modern Marshalls, this virtual Plexi maintains the harmonics but adds a round and firm body, ideal for solos or bases. I recommend it! Congratulations!

181-200 of 486 Results