Marshall Legends Bundle

Marshall Legends Bundle

Unison Enabled

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Marshall® Legends Bundle

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B. Baker

November 29, 2017

Mar shell

Does it's thang! It is a functional plug in. Not to shabby. It is not as heavy to carry as the original.

UAD User

November 29, 2017


Has the sound and feel of the original

J. Powter

November 29, 2017

Surprisingly - Insane

Well, I have always had fender amps for gigging and recording- I have the fender plug in but it always feels a little dirty for me. I rather cautiously opted in for the recent marshal special and I have to say I am in love with the tones I get to use while tracking now. Clean and Dirty. We know the feeling of playing - how when the strings against your fingers represent the tone you are hearing?? Well I get that nice easy playing situation with the Marshall - I particularly love the room settings - I may be easily fooled but I have to say I love believing I am hearing an amp with this plug in when I play. also have Amplitube as well, but I can say I'm not sure Ill ever use those plug ins again in a hurry. The UA kit has changed my studio life - so much easier starting with great tone and working your way back from there. Thanks to the team at UA for allowing me to play and write instead of click on a mouse for 20 mins just to get a sound I can just use and then go and fix later!! I get great tone form the Marshall every time as soon as I start.

M. Marton

November 29, 2017

Sounds good

I’m not much of an amp modeler user but I was a little surprised at how decent this sounds. Really useable and fun to play through.

E. Moran

November 29, 2017

Plexi Love

This was a wonderful treat with the new software version. It sounds amazing. Rock God Goodness!

S. Murphy

November 20, 2017

The Best

Simply the BEST Marshall emulation hands down, Can't stop playing it!!

M. Niemczyk

November 18, 2017


Thx UAD & Softube for the free Classic Version! Here is how to get classic Hendrix tone out of it: P: 2.0 B: 8.0 M: 5.5 T: 4.9 V1:3.9 Use Out 1H - Micking: EQ Main L:7.5, H: 0.0 Cabinet: Valve, MIC 1 & 2 Hard Left, Room Hard Right - Enjoy!

P. Mata Rodriguez

November 16, 2017

Incredible sound and easy to use

Very realistic emulation, sounds are very decent and usable in your mix, plenty of usable presets, very versatile and easy to use.

S. Soares Baptista

November 16, 2017

Great bang for the buck

I got this bundle on sale and used some availible coupons on top, so I got it for much less the price and I must say it's worth it every penny even at full price. You can't go wrong with these amps, you can get so many different tones out of them, it's insane!

R. Polson-Lahache

November 15, 2017

Love the suite!

So fun to record with these tones! I run a an old analog Fender spring tank into the plug and it sounds awesome. Easy to get classic sounds from these amp. My fave is the Plexi of course!!

J. Maxwell

November 14, 2017

Great Marshall Tone

I wanted a go-to amp sound that was easy to dial in, and fit into just about any situation. This is it!

J. Preston

November 14, 2017

Teenage wet dream

I'll never forget being 16 years old and invited to sit in and play a few songs at one of those shows that seemed bigger than big, to a 16 year old starry eyed kid. Looking back now I realize it was really just a down and dirty gig for a bunch of local musicians in Phoenix, Arizona. But, what I remember most about that day was plugging into a Marshall plexi and sounding like a guitar god. I thought I was the shit. Now, at 64 years old, I get to relive my teenage wet dream anytime I feel like it. Nuff said.

j. shin

November 14, 2017

No way

Better then other things.

A. Zuppelli

November 14, 2017

Fantastic Marshall simulations, but please add Full Unison support at amp standby!

I have bought this collection after demoing it for all the 14 days, and I must say that these amps are of premium quality (coming from other sw amp sims, Softube/UAD Marshalls are so brilliant and dynamic responsive), even at full volume the guitar respond at the touch so well, like the real amp.
Not giving 5 stars, because I hope you add Full Unison support like the Fender amp behaviour: Unison should stay on at amps bypass like on the Fender, instead of switching off .
If we put one instance bypassed in Unison slot and track the amp in stereo through the Aux channel, this could let the Unison technology pass thru and, at the same time, we could also benefit of the sweet stereo mics placement.

O. Jonas

November 14, 2017

Best !!!!

Very nice amps ...

C. Fuchs

November 13, 2017

Great as always

This is now my favorite amp sim out there. Love it.

y. m

November 10, 2017

Great tones

Love the clean tones on strat & les Paul

P. Jacques

November 9, 2017

Emulation at it's Finest

An excellent suite of Marshall emulations. The preamps are very reactive to the guitar's volume knob and bring out the inherent tone of every guitar you plug into it. I've been using the Plexi almost exclusively but have played around with the other models and all are the real deal. I have a Joe Satriani Marshall head which basically has all the great Marshalls rolled into it. I run that into a Mesa Boogie speaker emulator for recording but I haven't used it since I got this plug-in. The recorded guitar parts sit great in the mix and need little additional processing which saves CPU power for other tasks. Must have plug-in, especially if you record guitars but don't have a bunch of classic amps lying around.

S. Sinclair

November 7, 2017

Best Marshall plug-in

I've tried a plethora of Marshall plug-ins. Currently, UAD is really a step ahead compared to all of them out there. Obviously, you'll have more dynamic control using a real Marshall. But combine this Marshall Bundle with the UAD Fender '55 Tweed Deluxe, and you'll be a very happy camper!

s. rothe

November 2, 2017

already used it on a record

this little amp is sooo bluesy :)
Love playing it
it reacts nicely to your guitar if you pick softer and harder !!
awesome job!

181-200 of 449 Results