Marshall Legends Bundle

Marshall Legends Bundle

Unison Enabled

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Marshall® Legends Bundle

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J. Afonso

February 1, 2017

Sound of legends!!!

i use it all the time!!!

S. Tanner

January 31, 2017

The best Marshall emulatiön för my Röck-Style ;-)

Yeah... Plug In and Play!

The very first Sound I heard was awesome.

I used it on nearly every Track of the new TELLROCK CD "Deep Black" on my Guitar.

Marshall Sound that I very like!

C. Horsethief

January 28, 2017

Marshall and Unison...

I have a few plug-in packages, some which are rally good. But using them live or really driving them hard when recording is problematic due to latency... even a few milliseconds of delay throws things off. But this simulator is powered by Unison tech, and I drive my Gibson's db boost for a little more bite. Near. Zero. Latency. Rocks. Period.

C. Austin

January 23, 2017

Jubilee 25/50 owner (the real amp) and I'm still floored!

I bought my Jubilee in 87, straight off the showroom floor. I know these tones. And UA nailed it. Absolutely nailed it. I play my guitar for 5 hours after I first got it.

My band of 19 years uses Line6 Variax because we play a variety of pop music. I wish UA would get into the floor pedal business just for this Sim alone. After playing through this plugin, I fill like I'm struggling against my Line6 when I play it. And it's not that L6 is that bad, it's just because UA Marshall plugin is that good.

M. Cibien

January 23, 2017

R'n'R staple added!

Early ‘70s 1987 (50W head) owner here. Couple this plug-in with a Unison preamp and…get that raw, immortal tone! Another superb emulation, really capable of capturing the dynamics and indomitable power of this seminal design. Last but not least, the array of mics allows for a variety of great tones and experimentations. Crunch at its best, with some big clean sounds available by just rolling off the volume pots… ;-)

M. Cibien

January 19, 2017

Silver jewel

Another terrific emulation of a Marshall classic. I own an original 2553 (50W small-sized head) with its own silver 2x12 cab, and I can guarantee that this plug-in is definitely worth every cent. The dynamics, the subtle inherent compression and the “one of a kind” eq section, all typical of this specific amps, have been beautifully and maniacally emulated. Great selection of mics too. Go for it!

F. Antonio

January 15, 2017


This one is just unbelievable. I have a LOT of amps. With this one I can get very quick and realistic results. I just need a impulse loader inside to direct record it!

M. D'Addona

January 15, 2017

One of the best!

This is simply one of the best amp plugins I have ever come across. The tone is incredible and it sounds spot-on to the Jubilee I used to own. Quite versatile as well. No complaints with this purchase!

F. Antonio

January 14, 2017

Just Amazing

There's just one thing to say: AMAZING!!!

C. May

January 14, 2017


As soon as I plugged it in I felt inspired. It's very hard to find a setting that doesn't sound good; I absolutely cannot believe I'm playing software!

I. Osver

January 13, 2017

Play metal? Awsome! Play soft rock? Awsome! Play blues? You got it))

I play in two bands - indie rock and the heavy metal, so I was looking for a creamy crunch sounds and heavy blasting dist. This masterpiece does both. Absolutely incomparable to the amp emulators which are provided for example by logic or guitar rig. Mic control position gives a stunning feel of presence. Thank you very much UA.

UAD User

January 4, 2017


I'm not a guitar player, but this is by far the best guitar sim I've heard. I love the micing options, as well as the overdrive/heavy rock sound it brings. It's very "life-like" instead of sounding "solid-state" like most of the competition. It really gives me nice options in the mix.

M. Daley

December 29, 2016

Awesome sound!

Great tone great amp!

A. Thapar

December 29, 2016

So so easy.

Brilliant amp model i usually don't get on with V amps but this is easy to use and dial in. Also the mice are great, set the room mics L and R and pull them up for a super roomy and really convincing sound. Lush

G. Gaia

December 25, 2016

Uad got high gain right with this pluggin

My favorite go to Marshall amp plugin. I went to the music store and played the real amp and I like the plugin better. It's miked up amazingly and so clean. The break up feels right when you dig in on the guitar also. This plugin is the best Christmas gift I got this year. Thanks Uad guys and girls.

G. Gaia

December 17, 2016

Marshall sim rocks!

I have owned Marshall combos, but they never sounded this good and so easy to use. Love it and recommend it to all Marshall lovers.


December 13, 2016

Marshall® Legends Bundle

Super cool, un vrai retour dans les années 70 notament, Marshall une vraie legende dans un Bundle complet, ne pas hésiter!

a. Cox

December 6, 2016


just so you know, Im not a guitarist but I recognise a good sounding virtual amp when I hear one.
I've gone back to some tracks, which some live guitar was played on, and the transformation the Bluesbreaker delivered, was incredible. It brought body, and a richness I would have found hard to get any other way. Also It's great with a Rhodes through it.
Highly recommend it.

A. Mokrov

December 4, 2016


I like it. It's really good job! Thank you UA.

G. Hout

December 4, 2016

Favourite Marshall sound

I'm not a big fan of the Marshall guitar sound (as opposed to Fender or Vox) but made an exception for the Silver Jubilee. It's great when I just want... a Marshall sound for a change. For pop music, in my opinion definitely better than the other UAD Marshalls that I demoed.

181-200 of 342 Results