Marshall Legends Bundle

Marshall Legends Bundle

Unison Enabled

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Marshall® Legends Bundle

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UAD User

August 11, 2016

excellent amp sims as expected from UAD

as someone who has used the real version of these Marshall amp sims , I am really impressed with all 3 amp models

M. Rott

July 21, 2016

The Best Out there

Simply put, theese simulations are the best sounding and most fun to play with so far. Once in use, there is no way back (to competing products I've used before). I'd just wished, ua could reduce the price of the bundle by the percentage amount of previously bought products of the bundle...

T. Benjamin

July 20, 2016

Le vrai son du Plexi

Pour moi tout simplement la meilleure simulation d'ampli. Il sonne vraiment « Marshall » !!!
Je n'est jamais entendu de simulation aussi convaincante. J'ai adopté les simulations depuis le POD et utilisé toutes les versions d' Amplitube, GuitarRig, BiasFX … Rien n'arrive à ce niveau de réalisme. Merci Softube et Merci UAD.

J. Andersson

July 16, 2016

Rock on...

All you need if you wanna rock...:)

T. Høirup

July 14, 2016

Hands down great tones!

Very life like and accurate emulation. Beats any other non-Unison plugin I have used. The sound can feel a bit withdrawn used with a strat but with a bit of EQ it cuts through better. The tremolo is quite subtle – but that is how it is on a real Bluesbreaker, too... All in all a very cool and versatile amp.

H. Ahmad Rashidi

July 13, 2016

Very believable!

Look, it's not going to feel exactly like you're playing a real Bluesbreaker but once tracked and tweaked, it sounds veeerrry believable. I did a rough track just to test it out and sent it over to my bandmates for a lark. I have bandmates who are quite honest and harsh with comments and the fact that my recording of a guitar part using this plugin gets past them is a personal testament to how real it can sound.

Other positive findings include the ability to choose different mics which affect different tones achievable, the ability to jump the channels for more tones... And the biggest advantage of all- to achieve these tones at room volume. All-in-all, a great plugin. Can't wait for the Fender '55 Tweed Deluxe to go on sale.

M. Niemczyk

July 12, 2016


I tried for so long to get a sound close to Jimi with my MESA/BOOGIE until i realized its not possible.
Than i tried this plug and bang here it was. Its actually the only simulation on earth that i enjoy to play with as much (maybe even more) than thru a real valve amp.
Serenely when it comes to specific sound, I´ll still like to see a simulation of Mesa/Boogies Stereo Simul-Class 2:Ninet or 50/50 power amp (and use TriAxis as preamp) along with some of their great EV and Celestion Cabinets, but thats more something for a humbucker based Guitar.
This plug and a Stratocaster and you are in heaven!

D. Bose

July 10, 2016

Amazing Amp Emulation

I already got the Friedmann collection which I love and was waiting for the sale to pick this one up because I had demo'd it a while ago

Needless to say it's the first thing I got during the sale.

I love the sound of this thing so much damnit!! I have a dual humbucker semi-hollow guitar as well as a heavily modified maple neck strat. Both guitars sound amazing through this and I had tons of fun dialing in the mic levels.

I'm planning on using this and the Friedmanns as a live guitar laptop rig without hesitation

Highly recommended for rock, shoegaze and probably a ton of other different styles

D. Brown

July 10, 2016


I tend to try many of these guitar sims before i buy.Not sure about what the original sounds like but this one was very impressive.
So realistic above the others.At least to me.I have never used a Jubilee but it did not matter with this one.

K. Miller

July 8, 2016

Goodbye AmpliTude.........

This is my new go-to amp sim , UA you have done it again !!

S. Basham

July 5, 2016

Best Amp Simulation So Far

For many years I've used Line6 emulations, VOX Tonelab EX, Fender Mustang, and more recently a Kemper Profiler, but this model is the best sounding and most inspiring to play. Partly this is due to the Unison technology. I tried the demo of all the Marshall UAD models and this one was easily the best according to my own taste. At a fairly clean setting (which always seems to be a big challenge for software models) it's very good indeed. I think the different microphone options really add a lot of variety and flexibility to the sound, without overly complicating the interface. I still prefer to use real overdrive/fuzz pedals in combination with a modelled amp. I'd really like UAD to work on more amps at this level of realism. Superb.

H. Hansson

July 4, 2016

Strange "undertones"

The core sound of this amp is really good, but once you start playing single notes and solo stuff, the strange things start to happen. Undertones that makes this plugin not that very useful to me. Too bad. Could have been a great one!

P. Martinez

July 4, 2016

Best Amp Sim

I have tried a bunch of amp sims, and I love this one because of the bass response. I always feel like other amp sims always lack bass.
Thank you UA and Softube for making this available!

P. Matthews

July 3, 2016

The heart & soul of my new blues project

Started playing with this plug and before I knew it I was writing new stuff, and the time flew by. It was like arriving at the studio to find your assistant had been up all night perfectly placing microphones for your session. When a friend (and fellow guitarist) came over I jokingly told him I had an amp set up in the spare room. All he said was "sounds sweet can I go see". I told him sure, and when he returned he asked if I had rooms in my apartment he wasn't aware of. Took me slightly longer to explain how I was getting that sound with a plugin! Unlike a lot of plugs that are complicated and things can go horribly wrong, this one makes a ton of great sounds and you just have to audition them and pick which great sound works best.

H. Zwarts

June 30, 2016

Fijne sounds mee te maken

Hele fijne sound. Ik kan het niet met een origineel vergelijken maar ik kan hier hele gave sound mee creëren. Absoluut een aanrader.

J. Toy

June 27, 2016

Marshall Bluesbreaker sim

I have been finding this amp sim the most useable so far. Sounds great for jazz style, grant green / kenny burrell tones and works really well for lower gain rock stuff. It does seem a little dull to my ears but this can be worked around and maybe it is just me getting used to the tone controls a bit more. The room verb is really nice and sounds great when the guitars are in the track. I really want a Fender Deluxe Reverb Custom now please!

UAD User

June 25, 2016

Very Good!

My favorite of the Marshall amp bundle. Really versatile,you can get anything from clean to heavy distortion.It feels real, too. Sadly it is not only heavy sounding but also heavy on DSP resource.

UAD User

June 22, 2016


Great tone just as a real Marshall, but most of all, it feels like a real amp when playing. I can say my tracks are much more expressive and tighter recorded now. Before I sometimes used non UAD amp sims to monitor and that always meant dealing with latency issues. No more!

N. Christie

June 21, 2016

Definitely one of my favourite from the Marshall series of plugins.

Just like the Blues breaker this is a amazing recreation of the original that puts the Marshall tone at a price point we can all reach.
It sounds great and importantly it feels and reacts like playing through a real amp.
A joy for writing, just practice and serious recording !

N. Christie

June 21, 2016

Classic Marshall Tone ITB

This is a amazing recreation of the original that puts the Marshall Tone at a price point we can all reach.
It sounds great and importantly it feels and reacts like playing through a real amp.

181-200 of 307 Results