Millennia NSEQ-2 EQ

Millennia NSEQ-2 EQ

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Millennia NSEQ-2 EQ

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D. Gillis

November 27, 2014

Great EQ!!!

I own the real hardware version of this EQ and it's strength lies in the realm of manipulating frequencies usefully in a crystal clear and tactile delivery. Excellent fine tuning and accuracy with or without colouring the signal. The guys at Millennia Media have always been very helpful even to a luddite like myself. If they say the plug-in sounds the same, I gotta believe them.
The only shitty thing is the promo video... the background music. Nothing to me is more annoying than hearing background music when someone is talking. UAD is supposed to be promoting the science of conquering sonic challenges utilizing the skill-set of aural discernment and focus. Clutter sucks – you should know this.

D. Powell

November 6, 2014

great EQ, really perfect highs

I remember the first time I heard Millennia hardware in action... I learned something about color and warmth in that moment. What has more color or warmth than the accurately captured sound of an instrument in a room? Don't get me wrong, I love a lot of "warm" sounding audio gear, and consider many pieces of gear that give things that vibe as instruments in themselves. But Millennia has a knack for somehow improving things in a very neutral and subtle way. This EQ is no exception. I tired the demo when mastering a project that needed more highs. Within a few minutes of using the plug I had dialed in exactly what I needed, and the project instantly sounded finished and perfect, just enhanced, not altered. I recommend it highly...

S. Berujanyan

November 4, 2014

Millennia NSEQ-2

UAD Millennia NSEQ-2 is really good. I love the high and high midband on this, great on vocals going into a fatso.

C. E

September 11, 2014

This is real.

UAD Millennia NSEQ-2 is really good.
Sweet Highs and add roundness likes Hardware.
Sound is Awesome!!
I like it.

A. Schinoff

July 22, 2014

wow! I can believe how it´s sounds!

I have a lot Eqs, but this is the one! Great on Pianos, Vocals, and Master buss, just try it and prepare the money...
Thanks UAD!

D. Van

June 16, 2014

For Mastering and More!!!

On the main bus it gives you that polished sound. You get that mid-side option which makes a classic mastering tool! I always try to sneak it in on the main vocal track as well when I need big and round with a nice presence. It somehow gives that 'quality'! Just try it and you'll find many uses for it :-)

D. Tartar

May 20, 2014

High Brow

I'm demo-ing this eq right now and was pleased the moment I began auditioning it. I mix the audio for the Pure Momentum Network so I'm doing everything from music to telephone calls and trying to glue it all together in a pleasing way. I'm a huge Manley Massive Passive fan and have never used anything from Millenia period. I know they are an ultra respected manufacturer but it's difficult to hear everything until Universal Audio got into the game. 2 things that caught my attention after hearing it was the ability to adjust the gain of the hi and low pass filters which allows for meticulous sculpting of the first and last octaves. The eq itself has a silky smoothness in tube mode and a little extra punch in solid mode.

E. Andersen

May 4, 2014

great eq

I love the high and high midband on this, great on vocals going into a fatso.

J. Bacon

April 26, 2014

Superb EQ

This EQ is simply wonderful for mastering.

I mainly record classical piano, and it is a life's work to get it right. The artistic process starts in the pianist's touch and interpretive vision, coupled with the composer's original aspirations, then this interacts with the piano, the care and prep of the piano, the mics and the mic pres..... their placement.... the words of the producer... the adjustments made after test goes on and on.

When the pianist does well, and all other things being equal... this is the EQUALIZER I grab for.

It glues the sound together, it is smooth, musical, and just classic-sounding. It's totally usable, and adds fairy dust.

Big thanks to those who found a way to make this possible.

K. Udemba

April 9, 2014


The best Eq I've ever used, hands down. Wish it showed the value being boosted

J. Valentovich

March 15, 2014

Puts PRO sheen to any track

Used this at mix down on buss tracks to give a more polished sound ,vox,guitar, synth .Did a master of demo song with this EQ and everyone that heard it was impressed with sound quality , another top of line plug in from UAD

G. Claude

March 14, 2014


Belle réalisation !
Les "presets" sont également pratiques et bien pensés.
Avoir le choix entre "Tube" et "Fet" est aussi très intéressant..
Heureux de cet achat...

B. Burger

February 14, 2014

Millennia NSEQ-2

Smooth sounding and transparent, the Millennia is a great EQ and plugin. I use it all the time. It's easily one of my favorite plugins.

M. Lister

January 20, 2014

NSEQ-2 Rocks

This has so many uses, from gentle sculpting to surgical eq jobs it seems to shine in
every department.
The character comes through, maybe not everyone's cup of tea but I really like it.

I. Papagiannidis

December 23, 2013

Best Tool ! Best Sound!

Best sounding EQ, for every instrument and every application.
It's one of the most useful mixing tools for group channels etc.
other similar EQs where only taylor EQs. This one has unique character and combines all in one! tube,fet, m/s.
best for drums, bass , vox, group channels, mixing ,mastering!
a must have plugin!
Thanks a lot UAD!

I. Johansson

December 17, 2013


I demoed the plugin several months before
I bought it. Waiting for a price drop. The m/s
Feature is really cool and the transparency in
The low & high when making major boost. Compared to the MP is has
A more clinical "sound". Great tool for ITB mastering.
BW made 2 really awesome plugs in this
And the SH comp. :-)

M. Samur

December 13, 2013

10 points 5 stars

good sound, transparent eq.......................................................................:)

J. Maltais

November 21, 2013

Millenia NSEQ-2

This plugins works as a dream. Can do do anythings with it with professional results. Sound like the original eq.

100% satisfied

D. Caruso

November 13, 2013

millenia nsec-2

Best plug-in yet for Acoustic Guitars ever. I've tried everything else and man this thing is the answer. I was going to wait for the sale but you contacted you guys and made an exception for me that unlocked and set the plug I can demo without purchase. It the end it paid off and you did buy customer loyalty and a $300 sale. I realize you don't do this when I read the terms about that subject, so thank you for making the exception.

J. Cabrera

November 8, 2013

Very Transparent EQ!

This EQ is simply awesome! Compared to the Manley, I liked the top end slightly better on the Millennia. However, both EQs are great and very transparent.

61-80 of 85 Results