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Customer Reviews

Neve Complete Bundle

Overall Rating

101-120 of 3253 Results

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j. Stewart

December 8, 2023

Neve 1084

Nice & warm . Expanded eq is nice to have .

E. Lutkins

December 8, 2023

Perfect compression combo

This bundle is the perfect combo. The 2254 adds weight and smooth compression to anything you put through it and the 33609 provides the perfect glue for any bus compression. Highly recommend!

D. Hetzel

December 8, 2023

New main eq for drums

The 1081 has, in most cases, displaced the API as my previous favorite on drums. It simply sounds great and offers a few additional, very useful setting options. Now a native version and I'm completely happy.

A. Giroux

December 3, 2023

So far so good

So far i’ve only experimented with it. From what I hear from just fooling around and trying various settings I’m most certain that this will fit perfect in some of my tracks and mixes. Great add on to my plugin arsenal.

R. Solomon

December 3, 2023

Great plugin

great plugin but the 1073 preamp is a richer sound

L. Marchetti

December 1, 2023


Just get it, use it… and youll know!

C. Bors

November 30, 2023

i love it :)

silky and reach warm

F. Hasan

November 30, 2023

one of the best preamp and eq

i already have 1084 but this one also must have preamp and eq! is really powerfull in vocal chain!

E. Reynolds

November 26, 2023

Re-review after spending time with the product!

Well, I have to say that my initial review was wrong. It is and was worth the purchase price— Simply put the plugin is amazing. The legacy version is wonderful as well and is still a staple. This upgrade is a step closer and I love it. Sorry for the previous harsh review UA; I officially ate crow!

C. Nardi

November 20, 2023

My Unison preamp to go

I probably use this preamp on my Apollo Unison input more than any other preamp or amplifier. Compared to the other preamps, it is of course very DSP-friendly. I also find it more transparent and yet warm enough to give me the illusion of using a real mixing desk. I find it especially effective on percussion instruments, vocals and woodwinds. I also use on on DI bass and (less often) clean guitars. The essential user interface is another significant plus point.

罗. 罗

November 17, 2023


这个前置放大器我付费怎么不让我用我怎么写? 今天竟让是试用过期。什么意思?

J. Smith

November 16, 2023


No regrets here. LOVE this bundle!

R. Maurat

November 16, 2023


What a pre!!! Fantastic and brings so much color to any vocals or instruments.

G. Mani

November 15, 2023

Simple yet effective.

Quick and easy way to get a neve sound without thinking too much about it.

L. Kagenaar

November 13, 2023

Must have

This is a very good representation of the 1073 Preamp and Eq from Neve, having it native is a bonus well appreciated !

S. B

November 8, 2023

Must have

Great sounding preamp.

A. Giroux

November 6, 2023

Can’t wait

I tested it out and I was very impressed. Can’t wait to record a few tracks with it.

J. Smalls

November 6, 2023

One of the best Mic Pre’s UAD offers!

This mic pre is one of the best that UAD offers! Let’s disregard the brand name for a second and focus on why this pre is great! Immediately as soon as you apply it you hear this warm punch tonal characteristic to your vocals. I was blown away when I first used it because I didn’t have to do much to achieve a desired sound. Pair this with a LA-2A, now your cooking with grease! To conclude this pre is absolutely worth it and expect nothing less from Neve and Universal Audio. BUY THIS PRE!

K. Kelley

October 17, 2023

Very cool!

A sound I've been looking for! Great on my drum bus!

T. Linehan

October 17, 2023

Great peoduct

Finally i have that 3rd dimension to recording guitars in the box i was looking for!

101-120 of 3253 Results