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Neve Complete Bundle

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L. Liu

April 24, 2022

Makes my acoustic guitar sing

This is an incredible plugin for my acoustic guitar. It makes it sing and sounds like gold.

G. Castle

April 24, 2022

Warm and Smooth

The UA Neve 88RS Channel Strip Plug-In will warm up a mix like no other plug-in I have used.

M. McCoy

April 18, 2022

That neve sound

I have loved playing with this, I wanted that neve sound without the eq section and I got it

M. Verblakt

April 13, 2022


I used to track many sources with an 1073 and LA2A, but now I am convinced using this insane channelstrip on the tracks. Gives clarity and punch. Love it.

S. Ramsay

March 26, 2022

Amazing warm tone

Been using this on basically everything I'm recording. It's the best sounding unison pre out the lot!

D. Bojan

March 16, 2022

Too cool

Brings things to life without any harshness. Smooooooth.

a. gyutae

March 16, 2022

88RS Legacy is GOD

Demo to listen... add to cart

H. Nguyen

March 16, 2022



E. Zavala

February 22, 2022

Great Plug-In

I could tell the difference immediately when used in the Unison spot. Such warmth and clarity and boost. Great buy.

N. sveinungsen

February 21, 2022


Am using this all over, and on my masterbuss. Am mixing in the box, and this channel strip does nice sepeation and clearity. sound smooth

D. Hetzel

February 19, 2022

Lovely neve sound

Great plugin. It gives the signal more depth and at the same time more fullness. Great is also the possibility to include it in unison. The use is very simple. Adjust input until it sounds good and then output back to desired volume.

V. Baranov

February 17, 2022


Two great compressors!!! Indispensable for mixing and mastering! Used in every project!!! I recommend it!!!

B. Xenophontos

February 13, 2022

Great bundle!

Great for tracking a mixing! Easiest way to get the Neve sound you are looking for!

Y. Kim

February 12, 2022

neve 1084 is magic!!

1084 gives magical power to the vocal track.

V. German

February 1, 2022

Cool device!

Sounds great on drums! On bass too.

K. Cromwell

January 28, 2022

Neve sound!

This preamp has flavor. The default setting has a different tone to other preamps, the EQ simple yet gives your audio more texture. Glad I was able to pick this up, I would highly recommend it.

M. Blackburn

January 26, 2022


Really clean and useful EQ

N. Mendez

January 25, 2022

Neve collection to complete the chain.

It is a plus to be able to utilize neve plugins from start to finish to get that unique neve sound that has been a powerhouse in the industry..Thank You UAD to make this dream collection into a reality.

A. Leite

January 24, 2022

Best Neve Preamp

Sounds amazing on vocals and acustic guitar..

B. Gautier

January 21, 2022

Fat !

A must have ! Love it on drums, guitars ans synths !

61-80 of 1808 Results