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Customer Reviews

Neve Complete Bundle

Overall Rating

61-80 of 2939 Results

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b. cheung

January 9, 2024

Amazing channel strip.

I just love it for my pianos. The preamps on this isnt bad either. With all due respect to the 1073, this adds another tool box in my studio flow.

D. Hansen

January 9, 2024

Bought it for live use

I bought this to use as an EQ and noise gate for my vocals while playing live onstage. I like the fact that the legacy version has low DSP usage so I can use it on multiple vocal channels

L. Martella

January 9, 2024

Excellent plugins

Plug ins eccellenti.
The fidelity to the original machines is truly amazing, seeing is believing!

L. Brown

January 9, 2024



L. Brown

January 9, 2024



F. Struzak

January 9, 2024

Perfect combo

I love these compressors. Drums and Mix Bus. These compressors do a great job

B. Cink

January 7, 2024


I’ve worked on a Neve console. More importantly I’ve listened to many records done on a Neve or with Neve hardware. The sound is inspiring. This is that sound.

A. Thom

January 6, 2024

Love It

Been holding out a while now. Happy I eventually gave in :D

C. Ventura

January 4, 2024


If you want the sound of a Neve preamp, this is the sound. Simple and the sound is there!

A. Bruns

January 3, 2024

It’s Neve, and it’s musical

Had a few of these, and finally just bought the bundle after trying the rest out. The sound of Neve is so rich and has a musical mechanic when using the EQ’s, each having their own character. When using the compression modules, it sounds so natural and gives a nice harmonic lift to the audio. I’m not usually looking for options that color my sound too much, but with these Neve options, the color is welcome for almost any sound I’m working with.

T. Bastien

January 2, 2024

Very good channel strip

Adds a certain type of high end sheen that can’t be achieved with other plugins even with the default settings. It is also less harsh than the neve 1073 which doesn’t always sound good on every source.

E. Zorgman

December 29, 2023

What is with all the fuss

I honestly didn't think anything of this plugin. it didn't appeal to me at all. I tried it on vocals and oops what have I been missing... the amount of rich harmonics you can add. Then came drums, them synths and well the rest is history. It has a place on every channel if you ask me. The amount of detail that comes through is excellent. I couldn't be more wrong with my initial thoughts on this. Whats the fuss... well I was the doofus in this case lol

F. Hasan

December 29, 2023

i thought i didn't need it but changes my mind!

my new favorite eq!

G. Patro

December 19, 2023

Shape your 3 Dimensional Sound

Put it on any channel to process all kind of instruments to shape the height(using Equaliser) and depth (using Dynamic Processor) of the 3 Dimensional Sound

L. Marino

December 19, 2023

UAD 1073 VS NEVE 1073 SPX

Test effettuato: Uad 1073 contro neve 1073 spx suonavano uguali...anzi preferivo il plugin uad!

s. donat

December 17, 2023

new favorite on guitars

love it on guitars for to soften when they are too aggressive, just engage it don't even have to touch the knobs.. Like it on voice too

L. Martella

December 15, 2023

Great plugin

Great plugin, perfect emulation of the 1073.
A must have plugin.

M. Fagnoul

December 15, 2023

Superb Unison préamp.

I use to rent those NEVE hardware preamps for lots of natural acoustic church recordings.
This plugin sounds the same and on every track I Choose and at home.
Nothing more to say.

J. Tillman

December 14, 2023

That classic Neve sound - with more flexibility!

Great, classic EQ - especially useful when you need more frequency options than the 1073. The higher bands are magical and full of air.

M. Ciml

December 14, 2023


Excellent, amazing Preamp. I love that sound.

61-80 of 2939 Results