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Neve Complete Bundle

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D. Gower

January 3, 2023

My favourite unison plugin!

Love this plugin! You can put this in the unison slot and track with it, or just add it to any existing track/bus and you’ll instantly get some of that lovely vintage Neve magic happening. Even without adding any EQ, the preamp section makes everything sound more rich and lively. Top end still cuts but never sounds brittle or thin. The EQ is super musical too, in my experience it’s very easy to add extra body to guitar tracks even with just very subtle use.
Highly recommend this plugin!

J. Rincón Pérez

January 2, 2023


My guitars just leveled up with this plugin.

s. johnson

January 2, 2023

Just wow. An essential.

I’m new to the UAD ecosystem and just took advantage of the buy 3 get 3 offer. This was at the top of my list. Demoed on synth pads and staggered by the instant 3 dimensionality that the plug-in gave.

So pleased I took the plunge into UAD and Apollo!

V. Trendel

January 1, 2023

Perfect ! Nothing more to say...

Perfect !
Nothing more to say...

J. OConnor

January 1, 2023


It Gets the Job Done Instantly
Just Apply Tweak & Go!!!

A. Dangsang

December 31, 2022

Great sound

i love this product

M. Franco

December 31, 2022

Love this plugins for Vocals and Acoustic guitar

This is now my go to pluging when recording Vocals o Acoustic guitar it makes them come to life.

A. Siddiqui

December 30, 2022

Immaculate Sound

One of the best Strip you will have in your chain, you will never regret having the
Neve 88RS Channel Strip Collection. All in 1 -

A. Hain

December 30, 2022

Great sound, totally worth it. Nice deal on sale too.

I love this plugin and it is one of the main reasons I was interested in the UAD system. Only preamp I will really need from now on. Easily replaced hardware too.

V. József

December 30, 2022

the classic now runs natively

Great option the UAD X extension gives you additional native resource.

A. Hartmann

December 28, 2022

Authentic sound

Neve 1073 plugin gives a subtle but recognizable sound character of hardware units. Of course the "bite" of a good 1073 channel strip cannot be substituted by the plugin, but for mixing solutions, it seems to be perfect, and if you want more character, just duplicate it.


December 28, 2022

The Best EQ to get things to "Cut through"

I really loved how it handle the mids

c. volis

December 27, 2022

must have

must have!!!

D. Amatori

December 27, 2022

Just add life to Everything

Amazing pre, used on acoustic guitars, vocals and bass. It sound fantastic..

M. Lechner

December 27, 2022

Nice Preamp

It is my go-to preamp for bass and drums. I really like what it does.

O. Okoke

December 26, 2022


Had a hardware clone but this guys made a great job!

L. Lesniewski

December 26, 2022


33609 - Very punchy Mix Buss Compressor - the best for me!

E. D'Angelo

December 25, 2022

Warm, analog sound

UA plug-ins aren’t cheap, but surely are the best you can find without spending a small fortune on vintage hardware.

T. Aras

December 24, 2022

Must have !

Thanks UAD ! Great Plugin !!! U can hear the Difference !!
Top 5 must Have

N. Thompson

December 24, 2022

Just brilliant!

Absolutely brilliant emulation of this must have classic hardware unit, simply put a must have!

61-80 of 3095 Results