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Neve Complete Bundle

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R. Campbell

July 12, 2012

This is one eq that was a must-have after I demoed it. What it added to guitars, vocals, keys & drums (percussion included) are words like sheen, luster, depth, air and yes the ever popular "presence" unlike any other UA eq i've used. Granted I like the other eq's for various reasons (still learning the fine points on some) but I wouldn't swap this on for any of them.

F. Javier

June 14, 2012

If you want, accurate, warm, no other is best....
You can build also a chain with multiple plugins to get exactly the same that you can with this, but this is a hands on plugging...all you need in a chain is here.
And very DSP efficient....40 mono 88RS tracks in a session is not bad at all.
Best of all is the warm color that it gives to your tracks, even with no processing, just plug it and hear how sound changes. Delicate EQ, great Comp and awesome gate.
What more do you need eh??

R. Patel

June 1, 2012

I already have the Neve 1073 EQ, and just added the 1081 EQ to my collection. This EQ is smoother and more flexible, works great on kick drums, bass, adding some sheen to vocals, and also for adding some weight to a snare drum. The filters are great, both the low pass and high are very useful. I should add that I have a Neve Portico 5033 EQ, a Rupert Neve designed Amek channel in a box, and have used the AMS Neve 8803 EQ. I must say that UAD really have nailed the Neve sound and characteristic when boosting the low, mid and highs, The 1073 12khz is amazing, as is the 100hz and 220hz combo boost of the 1081 EQ, these are great tools for ITB mixing and tone shaping.

C. Presnell

May 21, 2012

WOW!!! Finally, a go-to 2 bus compressor. It adds a fullness to a mix. It fills and rounds out the low end without getting boomy. Great glue effect as well.

R. Rhodes

May 18, 2012

A great plugin for drums, bass, and vocals. Warms everything up very nicely; like a warm coat. I'm very happy with this purchase.

A. Kizub

May 13, 2012

For many decades as the citizens of the Soviet Union we were granted no access to the fruits of the sound recording high technologies. And even now not every citizen of the former Soviet Union can indulge themself with Neve 1073 VST plug-in version, to say nothing of the hard version of Neve1073. I can boast using VST Plug-in Neve 1073 which I use in every project of mine and almost in every track. Mainly for vocal recording, drums, guitars. All my professional life has become divided into two big periods - "before" and "after " VST Plug-in Neve 1073... Neve – the best of nothing. Alexander Kizoub "Zapoy!Record".

J. Piccione

December 23, 2011

Started using this plug in on just about every buss. The master buss the mix takes on a "sheen" and an "air" that I remember some of my favorite recordings having. This is a must have plug in for anyone looking to add the Real Glue Factor to their mixes. Thanks UA!

R. Baysinger

August 9, 2011

Great Eq I love how it sounds on Snare, Kick, Guitars, Vocals heck jsut about everything.

R. Gun

July 14, 2011

This is a lovely EQ. It works perfect on Drums. Easy to handle easy to understand.
And despite its easyness, it can tweak a lot of winding curves. I did´nt believe it first.

There is some influence of the bands. Turn one knob and it makes the other band sound slightly different. Forget that knowledge and technical perfecetness, you don´t need to know the exact db . I works fine, thats it.

Therefore i accept the large CPU ammoth it uses in non SE version.
The SE is good for all bands but not the high one.
Ah and the bell knob don´t work on 16k hi setting, its for the believers.

If you are a EQ idiot or idle, this is for you.
If you are a gourmet , this one is for you, you can hear a 0.5db changing easily.
If you make music, it´s defintively for you.

C. Hilding

June 30, 2011

An extremely good plugin with a low DSP usage, allowing you to use it on each and every track. The Neve 88RS Channel Strip provides you with a powerful toolset for shaping the sound exactly the way you'd do it if you worked on a physical mixing console. If you want an "all in one" channel strip plugin that has it all (eq, compressor/limiter, gate/expander, high/low cut filters, and gain), then this is the finest UAD has to offer. People mixing in-the-box usually forget the importance of processing and cleaning up each track in more ways than one, and that's where this channel strip comes in with its superb sounding toolset and all-in-one approach, giving your sound the sheen and polish that it needs.

C. Hilding

June 30, 2011

Incredible equalizer which really opens up the sound without sounding harsh. The parameters are very musical. If you suffer from dull audio, Dr. Neve has the prescription for you! Use this when you need a bit more control than the Neve 1073.

N. Anderson

June 22, 2011

The Neve 88RS is my most frequently used plugin. The simplicity of the design allows quick, high-quality tonal shaping and compression to your track. It's light on your processor, and even the UAD2-Solo can host enough instances to put on virtually all of your tracks and still leaves room for other plugins. If I had to pick one improvement, I would like to see a "undo" or A/B compare functionality within the 88RS. However, as-is it's still my favorite and most-used Universal Audio Plugin. Highly recommended.

S. Mikolai

June 18, 2011

It's a nice tool to simulate a Neve Desk. Compressor, Gate and EQ within it. Like them all but since I have the SSL Channelstrip the Neve on gets a little dustiness in my plugin rack... I just have the feeling to get faster better results with SSL. Can't really explain why.

M. Schrimpf

June 17, 2011

After using the demo version of all the NEVE EQ's I chose the 31102. It can sound like the 1073, but is more versatile. I wish I could have all of the NEVE products... but for now the 31102 is my first choice!
Also, the LA2A is great (As I knew it would be) I have used it on every session since my initial purchase of the UA card.

P. Vargas

June 17, 2011

This plug-in changed the way I record.

Let me disclose: I am not a professional recording engineer with a multi-million studio partnership; I am just your average guy with a passion for good sounding recordings.

When you hear Neve, you think quality and clarity. In that sense this plug-in delivers in spades. The gate is responsive and accurate, the compressor is clear and musical (although not as musical as the LA-2A plug-in), the EQ took some getting used to but it is now one of my favorites, and the master controls give you that little bit of freedom you need.

I had a problem with the hi-pass filter going bananas when I activated it, after a software update it went away.

I love this plug-in in acoustic guitars but its versatility goes way beyond that – If you cannot afford a LA-2A (You should, is one of the most affordable plug-ins from UA) or a Neve 33609, a Manley or a Neve 1081 this is the plug-in you should get. I promise it makes all the difference!


C. Denham

June 17, 2011


Even now, all these years later, this compressor still holds it's own above any plug in compressor I have heard.

It's not hardware - but it somehow wraps the signal in a way all other plugin compressors seem incapable of managing.

Perfect for natural instruments such as Piano or Strings - but also great on the drum bus - this plugin is one of a kind (and, unlike some other UA compressors there is simply no peer at the moment).


T. Sunmo

June 17, 2011

I use this one exclusively on drums, I prefer the 1072 and 1081. I find the compressor a bit hard to work with, it is not as inituitive as the 1176, LA3 and so on.
It simply takes me a bit too long to get the compressor to do what I want it to do, so many times I end up using the noisegate and the EQ only.

S. Gora

June 16, 2011

Best on drums and vocals. More surgical than its little brother the Neve 1073 _

H. Fearman

August 26, 2009

This is the best eq plugin Uad has developed!!! Nobody's talking about it, No reviews, No video, Am I the only one lov'in this plug!!!

S. San

March 25, 2008

In my subjective A/B comparison of the Neve 33609 and the Fairchild plug-ins, the Fairchild has a ton of features that allow you to add dimensionality (sense of space) and all the harmonic warmth you could hope for. While it allows for some psychedelic coloration of your sounds, it can never tone down the palette enough (for my taste) to invisibly bind a mix together.

The Neve 33609 is a near-perfect stereo mix compressor plug-in. It allows me to finally relax and achieve the sonic results I hear in my head. Warmth, air, cohesion, sculpting, all subtly and artfully splayed into a unified whole - the Neve makes it happen. The Pultec-Pro, Neve 1081, and the 33609 on the Master channel bring the solid shore to light through the audio fog.

61-80 of 2266 Results