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Neve® Complete Bundle


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Neve Complete Bundle

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J. Mensah

November 28, 2019

Not Bad

It's working well

A. Adams

November 27, 2019


Sounds just like the real thing. A must have.

J. Hoon

November 27, 2019

The All-round plugin

This is a plugin that has a lot of use and expresses Neve's unique features.
The only downside is that it uses a lot of DSP. If you are hesitant to buy, try demo mode and you will see yourself buying.

P. Choudhury

November 26, 2019


Just one Word. AWESOME!!!! You can trust this plugin blindly. Goes with anything.

M. Sudhakar

November 24, 2019

Analog/ Digital

The handling is like the real Hardware. I Love the Sound That the Plugin Makes.
Always a good choice for a EQ!

E. Varghese

November 22, 2019

Clean and Warm Sounding

A must plugin for those who love the warmth of Neve. Clean and warm sounding. Less DSP usage. Loved it...❤️


November 19, 2019

can't be better

this preamp is clean, powerful, and comes with the original sound of Neve. It consumes less power than the 1073.

P. Birladeanu

November 17, 2019

Perfect for rap vocals

1073 is the best preamp for tracking rap vocals and guitars. I love how good the EQ is and the analog vibe of it. It will be my choice from now on for tracking vocals.

C. DaPonte

November 15, 2019


Not only does this plug sound great, it inspires better performances.

r. niwa

November 15, 2019

Excellent 素晴らしい

Sounds great for vocal recording and easy to use, doesn't use too much DSP. DSPをあまり消費せず使い方も簡単、ボーカル録音に使ってます。

D. Ellenberg

November 15, 2019

Debated this but so happy now!

Got this last month when there were deals on.. and had a few in contention but tracking through the unison and being able to whack it on a channel to improve the sound won out! Such a flexible plugin..

P. Giacalone

November 14, 2019

Amended Review

in 2015 when this plug was first released I was upset about the pricing, and frankly I still think the way UA structures their pricing and resale ability is terrible for their customers, but I waited and eventually got this plugin as part of some deal. So let's put price aside for the moment:

This is an amazing piece of software. Hands down my favorite channel strip by this or any other company. I particularly feel like it tames vocals better than any other. It's not my choice when I need something to sound aggressive, but it's my first choice for vocals and guitars. The mic pre transformer doesn't have as obvious a positive effect as the one in the SSL 4k, but its still nice.

The next step is to get truly modular and be able to swap in the pre/eq/comps from any of the channel strips "build a strip"

A. Gilligan

November 14, 2019

Astonishingly Accurate

I have two 1081 Hardware units in my setup and have a good 20 years of exposure to how they sound. UA's 1081 emulations are dead nuts accurate....Such a pleasure to use - Incredible quality...Maybe the GUI could do with an update as its graphics are a little granular plus its kinda small in appearence on Hi Res displays....However; aside from that its truly wonderful!

T. Lockett

November 13, 2019

Does The Job

Nothing fancy,I'm sure anyone who has used a Neve will get it, I like it because I just can run almost any mic threw this on a unison mic pre, and it will sound good, and it couldn't be easier to use

C. Kiraly

November 12, 2019

Great EQ

Sounds great! Simple frequency selection that covers common “musical” frequencies.

N. Carver

November 8, 2019

Simple and amazing

These are great, both on the console, and on a drum bus or track to liven things up once you’ve already EQ’d

A. de David-Beauregard

November 4, 2019

Small but beautiful

Looking for that "in the box" Neve tone (warmth, fuzz, fullness)?
You just found yourself a winner.
Great on pretty much anything, works wonders in Unison.

N. Kobierowski

November 1, 2019

Simple and musical

My go to EQ. Does exactly what it says on the tin!

V. Volchenko

October 29, 2019

Neve 88RS

Плагин работает великолепно. Очень управляемая секция динамической обработки. Эквалайзер вносит в сигнал очень яркие краски.

G. Strickland

October 26, 2019


This thing works better the harder you push it. Smooth and shiny is what I would call it. I have had it for a year and I don't always have a need for such power but when I do it is incredible. I can only imagine what the hardware must be like... but maybe I don't have to?

81-100 of 2430 Results