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Neve Complete Bundle

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M. Boccaccio

June 2, 2006

It took just under 1.4 miiliseconds- the time it took for my Genelec monitor's suddenly awake and happy soundwaves to hit me.....and my ears felt like they belonged to a bright young curious boy all over again.

It took me just under a minute to get on the web and buy it. Didn't even eek out the free demo period. For what? If you love sound, have I got a girl for you!!

Simply put, the Neve is now trapped in my studio, and Im never letting her out.
Well....maybe, but just a CD at a time

Masterful Job, Ladies and Gents at UA. You put the O-m-g in WOW!!

Grokking hard in the A.M.-


R. Bogdanovic

May 7, 2015

Outstanding Strip - unfair upgrade price

Sounds fantastic and provides an outstanding value to all of us running in the box workflow. Preamps are just phenomenal! Output fader provides for additional analogue desk, "Neve" feel, which is seriously a nice, if not key, feature. Although, heavy on DSP as all the other Unison technology, but worth it. My new go to Strip!
However, as already expressed by other users, REALLY UNFAIR upgrade pricing for all of us existing UAD supporters and strip owners.

D. Schenk

May 28, 2015

I Did Extensive Testing and Posted Tests At The UA Forum

Before buying, I ran extensive tests on this new 88RS, comparing it to UA's original 88RS (which I bought a year ago), and to UA's API Vision, SSL-E, and 610B.

I also ran comparison tracks with 2 outboard channel strips - an Avalon 737sp, and a Focusrite ISA430 MkII.

When I heard the difference, I immediately bought the new 88RS. And I posted 20 comparison tracks on the UAD forum for everyone to listen to these tests.

I couldn't imagine why others gave it only 1-star. Then I read through all of the "bad" reviews. It had nothing to do with quality of sound! Nothing. They all complained about price, without ever trying the new plug-in. How crazy is that?

With discounts and coupons, I only paid $74 for this excellent 88RS MkII.

M. Bram

May 21, 2015

Best Uad Console...Ever

I LOVE the new 88RS. I thought UAD out did themselves with the API Vision, but this blows it away. I own almost all of the UAD plugins, but I find my self using just the 88RS and very little else. I had previously mixed a project with the Vision, Slate VCC and VMR (with some Altiverb, Vertigo, Variable Mu, LA2, etc), but I took everything off and I'm just using the 88RS as a VCC (except on the busses), which, to me, always made everything sound like it was going through a real console, but now the 88RS does it all. What a gorgeous analog sound...without the mud. The EQ is so musical. I feel like I'm back in the 80s working on a large console, dialing in just the right frequency. It's awesome! All I need is the 88RS, the Vertigo compressor, the Variable Mu and the LA2 (Love that fat sound), and of course some verbs and delays. Pushing either the line or mic pre (no unison...don't have an Apollo) and the fader, really fattens things up. This is an incredible tool. I highly recommend it.

T. Newsom

May 8, 2015

Excellent Channel Strip but costly for legacy users

The Neve 88RS has been an excellent Channel Strip but has also taken more time effectively using the Gate/ Expander controls which can be confusing when setting the two threshold levels. Not enough video examples are available from UA. The overall sound is classic neve analog but for us legacy users (over three years) the price of update should be no more than $50.00. Coupons that are issued to regular customers should not have a quick expiration date since building up studio equipment requires setting priorites each month which seldom work for the coupons.

J. Lawrence

May 16, 2015

It really is a lot better

I too am really quite frustrated at having to pay $150 for an upgrade and do wish that UA was a bit more merciful with their customers regarding this.

But that said, the quality of this new plugin is incredible. I have been AB-ing it on a master channel with the old plugin using the exact settings and the difference really is night and day. The old Neve 88RS (now Legacy) really sounds flat, muddy and lifeless compared to the new one.

The new 88RS plug-in has a clarity to it that is outstanding. The EQ brings out a pristine quality to the sound and a presence that the old plug-in just can't match and I even detected a more pleasant dynamic range let through.

Note: the new plug now uses 12% of DSP resources on a UAD-2 quad.

M. Mekonen

May 13, 2015

my thoughts exactly

i read almost all the bad or low star reviews, all of which say plug-in sounds great! but price suck...plug-in sounds great! price suck....etc.
Look, the review page is for how the plug-in sounds and fits into ur work flow. Does it sound like garbage, does it sound like neve gold... get it, got it Good. keep'em coming UA, awesome work. O yeah the neve 88 sounds great....Lol. No really it does. on Hip Hop VOX...A+

C. Simpson

June 14, 2015

And Now For Something Completely Different...

Dear Mr. UAD,

I am writing to congratulate you on your most recent channel strip release. I had previously written a one star review of the Neve 88RS channel strip re-release and have decided it was in haste. I've had all weekend to record some song ideas and much to my surprise… this plug in is an ANIMAL! It made my Rickenbacker sound like it was leaping out of the monitors at me. I've never heard or played with anything so damn inspiring. For real.

I'm sorry for my previous shitty review. Please keep up the good work and don't listen to my whining (and anybody else's).

P.S. I'm still taking off one star for charging $149/$299 for an update to a plug in I already own, no matter how awesome it is.

S. abraham

May 29, 2015

Excellent but too expensive for those who bought the legacy version

This is an excellent upgrade no doubt but still overpriced for customers who already bought the previous version. U.A you keep getting new plugins out with variable quality (some amazing some less convincing) but your prices in general have gone up and there is only so much money most customers can spend for a passion they don't earn money from. For sure it's costly to produce quality plugins and it must be worthwhile for universal audio but the price criteria is important and the competition is also getting excellently plugins out and so much cheeper. All these customers complains about the pricing of this update Reveal that customer sometime have the feeling they're being treating unfairly. 5 stars for the plugin but 1 star for the price.

V. Koenig

May 24, 2015

i can`t understand....

I can`t understand all the negativ reviews about this great channel strip. Ok it cost 149 bucks, but you get a completly new designed channel strip. This new 88rs sounds so awesome, and if you get this collection, you can use both versions of the 88rs. The legacy version can save a lots of cpu power, and you have a good sounding eq by the way. If you low on dsp power this works well. It seems the 88rs legacy works well for years, and now the new 88rs works better for the next years too :) The only channel strip you need....get it!

K. Hegyi

April 1, 2015

To the people who are giving this 1STAR!

The people who are giving this 1STAR are the idiots who don't know how to use this properly! This isn't a plugin that you want to use everywhere you go. Well not the new 1073 as it will kill your DSP resources really quickly. The reason for that is because it's SO FUCKIN WELL MODELED!

You want to use this on the way in through your Apollo for the Preamp and print it then in every other cases use the Legacy version for EQing. I have an OCTO card as well as a QUAD and I tend to do an 8 Channel summing mix after I've finished my mix. 8 Channels of this and you'll have something very very unique my friends!


H. Petersson

May 12, 2015

A bit of balance

I am throwing in a five star rating here to balance things up a bit.
Some people think it's unfair of UA to charge halt the list price for an update. I think it's unfair to give this excellent plugin one star because of that.

If you bought the original version and thought it was worth the money then be happy with that purchase. The new version is a new plugin all together, rebuilt from ground up which I'm sure took a lot of effort. It's not a minor update. If you don't think it's worth the upgrade price (which is perfectly understandable) then you don't need to pay it. It's not as if your current version will stop functioning. Take one star off the review for high pricing, but to give it one star is just as unfair.

K. Prior

December 15, 2012

Hands down winner

I've been using the SSL duende Waves SSL G series for years and never got on with the auto make up gain on the compressor.

With the Neve 88RS I can dial in what I need without any hassle.

The Eq is very smooth musical, without the top end being chintzy.

The Low end has depth just like the real thing.

If I have a foot firmly in the past and one foot in the future, with the Neve 88RS I don't dump on today.

Beat that for talking bollocks.

E. Gorski

October 13, 2011

Evil, evil people. I activated the demo of the Neve 33609. I was forced to scrape together the 249 bucks before the two weeks ran out cuz I could not work without this on the master bus. I have upgraded my studio in the past 6 months and so I am re inventing the wheel here and I have been adding more and more UAD plugs, I had been using the T-Racks matering system and this was leaving a more colored compression on the tracks, but the Neve 33609 is clean and just sits on the master bus adding shine and brightness to the master. I love this and it is just the mest master compressor that I have ever used. Thanks so much, but you are still evil, evil people.

R. Coulson

September 26, 2015

Emperor's new clothes

I'm a fan of UAD plug-ins. Yesterday I was mixing at Air Studios 2 Lyndhurst, where I have mixed many film scores and is my go to mix room having been at Air since 1986. So I could A/B the 'legacy' 88RS with the new 88RS. The eq and the compressor sounded pretty much the same and didn't represent a huge leap forward. They've added pre amp saturation/distortion and a fader for the upgrade price.

That doesn't bother me, what does, is that the plug-in is ridiculously dsp hungry even with deadlock off and no sections turn on it still eats away dsp which leads me to believe that what UAD are really doing is trying to sell you more hardware to run these plug-ins.

It's a shabby and cynical way to treat loyal customers. Shame

J. Harris

May 20, 2015

The plugin is great but !!

IMHO... the plugin is great. Sounds like a Neve should sound and honestly, it makes me feel good once again that I when with the UAD platform. Here is the but... as one of the first purchasers of the Apollo once again I feel slighted. First I missed out on the standard Thunderbolt option, next I messed out on the standard analog collection that now comes with Apollos. Most of those I had to buy but I still don't have the Fairchild because legacy owners didn't receive the upgrade. I also missed out on all the plug promotions after I bought mine. So IMHO this plugin is worth the money but please don't forget your first purchasers of the Apollo who have missed out on so much. (Console 2.0 also) thanks!! I appreciate coupons but another $150 ??

T. Hoogland

May 12, 2015

The best channel strip

After getting over multiple plugin instances and separate processes, I decided to try find a good overall channel strip to help simplify workflow. I was certain after tirelessly trying the API Vision, SSL, 88RS legacy and all the other big player channel strips (or things that combine to make one) the past couple of months that the API would be it and then this came along. In terms of overall quality, both sonically and features, this plugin kind of leaves everything I tried for dust. The bottom end doesn't loosen up when making excessive boosts, the mid range isn't harsh and the top end makes you feel like you're boosting off tape. The option to select line amp and mic is also something I dig quite a lot. Only bad thing is it's DSP heavy.

H. Zwarts

October 27, 2015

nice saturation

Love this plug. I own the hardware and it sounds almost like it. Awesome job UAD. I'm not a big fan of the GUI knob-controls. Why make everything exactly like the hardware? Please make it more mouse/computer friendly :-)

j. york

May 9, 2015

New 88r is too expensive and too dsp heavy...

The "legacy" neve 88rs plugin is my go to , most useful, plug in. I could mix an entire record with just that one plugin since it does it all- eq, comp, gate, gain. In fact, all of my mixes are based off this - then sometimes I add a specific comp- either an 1176 or a LA2A here and there for specific favor- maybe a pultec EQ if I need that flavor, but the foundation on track after track is the 88r. Now we've got this new version. It's supposed to be "better" - but the great thing about the "legacy" is that it uses little dsp yet sounds good. This new one uses 40%! You can't load that on every track in your mix - you're going to have to use it only here and there, and to my mind that's not what a bread and butter eq/ comp is for! Not buying!

D. Ralph

September 6, 2007

When i frst tried this on demo i must admit i wasn't all that impressed.
I bought the 1081 about 5 mins after trying it because frankly it's the finest EQ plug i have ever heard, no doubt the hardware is even nicer.

I recently received an email telling me that i had a coupon redeemable towards Neve plugs, seeing as i have all bar the 1073 it essentially boiled down to me being able to have the 1073 for $2!

So it's a no brainer, i bought it.

Things i didn't apreciate about the 1073 until now

1: the supremacy of the bass, whilst i haven't got any techn ical data to prove this i find that the bass from the 1073 really is second to none.
2: cut filter, i think this CF has the highest attenuation of all the Neves, perfect when you want all the bass gone (which is kind of a blasphemy with the 1073, but you can do it all the same)
3: simplicity

Things i don't like about the 1073

1: the lack of a band between 1.6-3.2khz, for my ear this is too high a jump.
2: middle freqs, they are good but they are not in the same universe as the middle frequencies that come out of the 1081

For the human voice though i think this is perhaps one of the most perfect eq's ever made, for me though it will most likely become my first choice for drums, but for piano, accoustic guitar NOTHING and i mean NOTHING even comes close to the 1081.

All in all i'm glad i got the chance to buy it at the price i did because otherwise i would never have bothered with it!

Well Done UAD on another great emulation.

Look forward to more! (perhaps tube-techs! :D)

81-100 of 2266 Results