Neve® Complete Bundle

Neve® Complete Bundle

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Neve Complete Bundle

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r. masters

December 13, 2015

Even better then the Neve 1073

I purchased UAD's Neve 1073 a few years ago and now I have the luxury of buying it again.
I guess the other 1 was half assed. Both suggested that their replicas of the original. Maybe we can buy another 1 a few years later
and that 1 will really sound like the original. Not sure why this is not a free update.

C. Soulos

May 29, 2011

I have the hardware and this is somewhat of an exaggeration labelling this an emulation of the real thing.
There is something wrong with this plugin, I'm not sure what it is. It's close but no cigar from me.
The more gentle you are the better it performs. But you can slam the hardware and it still sounds "correct". Until you can do the same with this plug in I have to be honest and say it falls way short of the mark.
I think Neve gave UAD some dodgy circuit digrams to model this.
Time will tell.
I'm sure there are users out there who worship it.
But it doesn't react like the hardware when slammed, so what's the point?
The plugin imparts a certain lifelessness that the hardware doesn't.
The UAD SSL G buss compressor is a much better emulation IMHO.

S. Kemper

May 8, 2015

Awesome and worth the money because ...

I can understand those people who like me already bought the legacy version of the plugin .. but! ... this has nothing to do with the legacy version of it! You have to understand that the legacy 88rs plugin was developed YEARS AGO and the DSP-Tech, research on emulating analog hardware, etc was not in the reach of where it is today! Just take a look at the DSP-Consumption Facts and you'll see the difference. There must and IS a huge difference if one version just takes about 5% DSP load and the new one almost 40% ... And at the time the legacy version was developed there wasn't even something like unison available!

THUMBS UP UAD! This is awesome! Thank you so much!

L. Pimentel

August 12, 2015

Outstanding Emulation - QUIT WHINING!

You people should be ashamed of yourselves by rating the product so low just because you don't wanna pay the upgrade fee. It is worth the $149. It adds new features. Why complain about it when they are adding UNISON to the Channel Strip? Same thing happened to the 1073 and the reviews weren't affected by the winners non sense. You can't be a serious professional if you refuse to understand how a company spends thousands to develop and perfect a product. Stupid, childish and amateur. Quit the "loyalty" BS. The product is worth the price and it sounds great. $149 worth of this whining??? Most of you have used plenty of coupons and vouchers that are given on a regular basis. I don't know a company that gives more vouchers than UA. GROW UP!

S. Belgrave

June 18, 2015

Update thoughts!!

I'd already reviewed this stating it was first rate and an excellent update. Literally night and day between the old and new.

After a bit of nagging to support, wondering why I was to be charged a hefty update fee to update, they sent me a bunch of coupons that helped make the update price little more than a posh bag of chips!! I have been beginning to lose faith in their customer support and to be honest, still remain a little wary. But it was a nice touch and much appreciated. Its reassuring to know that they are indeed listening. I hope they continue to remember and support their loyal customers, both Mac and PC, and we'll continue to support them!!!

C. Frazier

May 13, 2015

I'm really sad about this.

all these plug ins are great, but you can only use them 1or 2 times. feels like I wasted money buying this hardware.

J. Colmenero

December 28, 2014

They keep messing with the price

The plugin is ok. Not as much character as I wouldve hoped for out of the unison. The thing that is really annoying is they keep changing the price. It was 299, then 149, then 199 (when I bought it) now 99; and all within a few weeks. Feeling like a sucker

M. Henrique

September 13, 2014

Neve 1073 Preamp & EQ

Wonderful, I can use it with voice, drums, bass ... it's really amazing the power of pre !! I recommend !! Thanks UAd!!

S. Kim

May 27, 2014


It's deeper than old 1073 plug-in and has more open sound.

But it takes 9% of dsp power in my uad octo card.

Except dsp issue, it will be my go to eq.

J. Broeckers

September 18, 2012

Fantastic EQ

Dear Frinds,

For me the best EQ I ever heared, he works perfectly for me. Big gratulations for the Team who designed this outstanding EQ.

But not only the plugs are awsome,also the support by universal audio.

I will tell what happend:

I would like to purchase the 1073, but I did put the wrong plug and buy it...
After authorization i can't believe what happend.. the wrong eq was activated !!!

So i did use the support service and wrote him my big mistake.

After a few Day's i got a new patch and the right eq was activated. Iam very luky for the help and a big thank you to the service team.

Keep up the great work

Joachim Broeckers
CEO Pearldiver Records

D. Ralph

August 24, 2007

I don't normally write two reviews for a product, unless im really bored or i have sold it short somehow in my first review!
Well it's a bit of both this evening.

On my last review i pretty much left it by saying the Neve isn't suitable for mastering purposes because it lacks the parameters of an eq more suited to that "like cambridge or UA mastering eq"

Well tonight i did a shoot out between the Neve 1081 and the UA mastering EQ.

I tried to replicate as many settings, it's not entirely possible because the frequency bands are not exact to one another, but i managed to get it within 10-20 hertz so over a multitude of tests i expect this hinderance to be minimal.

OK, first things i noticed with the UAD Mastering Equalizer (UAMEQ)
Firstly for my ear it seems to add too much middle freqs regardless of settings, it was getting quite annoying once i knew what to listen for.

Second, the app isn't finished! I have demoed the AU version and when i change the plug in to controls rather than editor it doesn;t let me select the gain! So i have to go via the front panel which only has increments in like 1bd (when you go past +3db of gain)
Now considering this is a mastering EQ that is just plain wrong.

Third/fourth The low end and the high end are not nearly as good as the neve 1081 (the low end of the UAMEQ sounds like a sloppy fart in comparison.

Anyway, i've drifted a little off from what i originally wanted to say, basically if you want a mastering EQ bypass the UAD Mastering EQ and get this one, it's more than up for the task.


May 8, 2015

Great plug in / bad business

Hi there Uad team,

Just wanted to drop my comment about the fact that i have baught this plug in a few years back and i think it is not normal that you are not offering an upgrade friendly price for people in my case. You consider i should buy it a second time in total ! this is just unfair.
I hope you will take this remark into account. Just have a look at others quality actors like Native Instrument and many many others in computer software business....

H. Petersson

May 12, 2015

A bit of balance

I am throwing in a five star rating here to balance things up a bit.
Some people think it's unfair of UA to charge halt the list price for an update. I think it's unfair to give this excellent plugin one star because of that.

If you bought the original version and thought it was worth the money then be happy with that purchase. The new version is a new plugin all together, rebuilt from ground up which I'm sure took a lot of effort. It's not a minor update. If you don't think it's worth the upgrade price (which is perfectly understandable) then you don't need to pay it. It's not as if your current version will stop functioning. Take one star off the review for high pricing, but to give it one star is just as unfair.

M. Brawer

May 25, 2014

great plug - dodgy pricing

picked this one up on release for 299 usd, price dropped to 150 less than 2 weeks later. come on UAD, show a little consistency here - this has happened before! don't penalize your most loyal customers... otherwise, it's a lovely sounding plug in

M. Goodwin

October 29, 2015

Sounds Great - CPU Hungry

I am a serious fan of the Legacy 88RS I do most of my mixing with it. I tried this one out and have to say that the preamp is a great addition but it puts to much strain on the card.

M. Niemczyk

May 17, 2015

its a revelation

I needed a channel strip with good preamp and was thinking about the API. But than UAD come up with this new version of Nave and i gave it a try. Ohm man, this plug is a revelation. I find myself loading old recodirngs we made in a basement of house during the studies. They was made quite ok, but never sounded that way. Its phenomena to have a possibility to mix on a 1Mio $ Desk. Well ist certainly not cheap, but compared to the original its relative. Its certanly needs a lot of DSP, but if there will be a way to provide that sound with less than all the other plugs would have to explain them self and their needs. However, after getting Lexicon 244, the Struder and the Fairchild in the first run. This one and the Vertigo VSM-3 are next!

a. morgan

May 14, 2015


I have the legacy version but when I go to buy the new one it charges me full price... any ideas?
Kindly, Anton.

A. Salganik

May 8, 2015

is good but original is better

this is definitely sounds warmer due to complicated distortion characteristics
but I think original sounds better

M. Quinn

May 23, 2014

Good eq but is it worth 1 full dsp per instance?

Ok so its a really nice sounding eq but ... Universal audio are soon going to render my €1600 octo similar to the worth of a uad-1 soon with all of the dsp these new plugins are taking up.

Its a little nicer than the original but in a mix situation it will kill your dsp with 7-8 instances and then what? More $$$!!

C. Huseyin

March 25, 2014

Sounds and Feels Better than the 1073

This unit is superior to the 1073. It's not to drag down the 1073, but the comparison is bound to made and my choice goes to this plug-in.

I own both UA 1073 and now the 31102.

This unit can do what the 1073 can't do in the lows and low-mids, while the hi-mids have their own kind of sound which is better compared to the 1073.

For Electronic Music: Choose the 31102
For Acoustic Music: Choose the 1073

Thanks UA, 5/5

81-100 of 2023 Results